Market plunge darkens taxpayers’ pension obligation

By DANIEL BLACKBURN San Luis Obispo County taxpayers are looking down the black hole of a swelling, multi-million-dollar deficit of the county workers’ pension plan that poses a monumental problem with few real solutions, complicated by Monday’s record-breaking 500-point plummet of... (Continue reading)

BULLETIN: Gearhart crashing, burning

By THE EDITORS Attorneys for North County developer Kelly Gearhart, the darling of Atascadero city officials, hard-money lenders, and local banks, encountered Judge Charles S. Crandall Tuesday morning. The San Luis Obispo County Superior Court jurist took position and control from... (Continue reading)

Local group trying to buy The Tribune

A group of county investors, hoping to keep The Tribune locally owned, is making an attempt to purchase the struggling daily from its parent McClatchy Newspapers. Both Publisher Chip Visci and McClatchy treasurer Elaine Lintecum declined comment. The investment group advocates a... (Continue reading)

COMMENTARY: Girl chief gone wild?

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Lisa Solomon, chief of the Paso Robles Police Department, just loves to dance. But is she dancing with the stars? Or dancing on the bars? Dancing is what she does whenever she’s asked if she thinks there... (Continue reading)

Woman attacked, gang connection alleged

By DANIEL BLACKBURN and KAREN VELIE A Paso Robles woman was sexually assaulted shortly after midnight Tuesday in her own front yard by three Hispanic men who shouted racially-charged slurs. The woman, in her mid-20s, was attacked from behind as she parked... (Continue reading)

DUMPSTER CHRONICLES: Lender Hurst in a can

FIRST IN A SERIES By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Atascadero lender Hurst Financial Corp. (HFC) is fielding accusations of fraud from a second state agency, but the company’s bigger problem might already be in the bag. Hurst’s president, James Hurst Miller Jr.,... (Continue reading)

Commentary: Marijuana and the badge

By STACEY WARD When the sheriff came to town, backed by countless federal agents, to bust a legitimate, city-approved business, we could all breathe ahuge sigh of relief. No more squirrelly riff-raff posing as patients to get theirmarijuana fix. No more “medical”... (Continue reading)

EFI trustees: Piggys at the trough?

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Trustees working the Estate Financial Inc. (EFI) collapse – including a pair retained by the failed lender – want nearly a quarter-million dollars for their efforts during the past month and a half. That includes $10,400... (Continue reading)

National Obama campaign launches from SLO

By DANIEL BLACKBURN and KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County may play a significant role in the upcoming presidential election. This summer, two former California Polytechnic State University students, marketing whiz Cliff Branch and film director David Riordan, conceived and executed a... (Continue reading)

Bigger, better… UncoveredSLO’S new horizons

By THE EDITORS UncoveredSLO is expanding. In a world where it’s grow, or go away, we are redesigning our Web site; adding a host of new attractions like the county‘s best activities calendar (currently under construction); and broadening our news coverage... (Continue reading)