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All 12 Doobie Dozen now free of criminal charges

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has dropped charges against all members of the so-call “Doobie Dozen” who were swept up by local law enforcement during a 2010 medical marijuana sting. [Tribune] In Dec. 2010, the SLO County... (Continue reading)

Medical marijuana returned to patients

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s officials recently were ordered by Judge John Trice to return a supply of marijuana and related products to Ethnobotonica Patients Collective after felony charges against collective driver Chance Simmons were dropped by the district attorney.... (Continue reading)

Five of SLO County’s “Doobie Dozen” sue the state

Five of the 12 medical marijuana collective operators arrested in a controversial December 2010 sweep have filed suit against the California Department of Justice. [New Times] Valerie and David Hosking, Steven Gordon and Rachel and Chip Tamagni allege that the... (Continue reading)