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Paso Robles cop’s use of force: Still hurts one year later

A woman who stole a bottle of water on a hot 90-plus degree day and was thrown to the baking asphalt by a Paso Robles cop, and held there as she pleaded to be moved off the pavement, still suffers... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo leads the nation in prostate removal

San Luis Obispo doctors are pushing radical prostatectomys at a rate nearly three times the national average, according to a recently released health report. Researchers from the Dartmouth Atlas Project and the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making found that male... (Continue reading)

No buts about it: Inmate cell phone use up

By DANIEL BLACKBURN In agony from abdominal cramps, the California Men’s Colony (CMC) inmate was bent over groaning when correctional officers discovered him, and though initially reticent, the man finally confessed to smuggling. He had a contraband cell phone and its... (Continue reading)