SLO County Board of Supervisors to discuss sexually perverse emails

February 5, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday announced plans to discuss a series of threatening and vulgar emails sent from Supervisor Adam Hill’s home in a future closed session meeting.

On Sunday, CalCoastNews exclusively reported that in July 2016, someone created a Facebook account and a false persona, “Sal Krill.” The impersonator then sent a half-dozen messages to Dave Congalton, a KVEC radio icon who has been critical of Hill, mocking Congalton over the suicide of one of his friends, and his divorce.

The emails also made sexual comments about two CalCoastNews reporters and an activist who have also been critical of Hill.

On Tuesday, former Santa Barbara County administrator Mike Brown asked the board to order an investigation into Hill’s behavior and the emails. Brown reminded supervisors that when former county administrator David Edge sent inappropriate but consensual emails to a coworker, the county conducted an investigation before terminating Edge.

“This is yet another incident that’s been disclosed of threats, midnight phone calls, attempts at false impersonations,” Brown said during public comment. “These emails were directed at two local media commentators and some others who have repeatedly criticized supervisor Hill for the very behavior which is now the subject of this issue.

“The emails are so reprehensible and nasty that they can’t be read in the public forum,” Brown added. “They in fact accuse the subjects of sodomy and bestiality. They are so filthily misogynistic, you cannot read them in here.”

Supervisor John Peschong asked County Counsel Rita Neal if they could discuss Brown’s request for an investigation into the emails at a future closed session meeting. Neal agreed.


How is Adam Hill going to save the planet (and make SLO county an inclusive, TOLERANT and progressive paradise along the way) if he continues to be held to standards of decency that only apply to serfs?

He’s above us. He shouldn’t be held to standards of decency. Whoever leaked these emails needs to be arrested.

Jorge Estrada

Most employers would remove first then put the burden on the accused, (to not be a party of this behavior). Bullying and defamation of character via well documented correspondence is over the top for a public employee. Salaried employees don’t get a pass for being offsite, the County of San Luis Obispo can call this politics or some other eye rolling excuse but good luck on that if in court. This could evolve into a much greater public liability than one person with a personal issue.


The idiot voters of his district will still reelect him.


Adam’s day of reckoning will come. There is much more that hasn’t been revealed. He’s a sick man. I hope he’s shaking.


Uh, we’ve been through this once before….


Adam Hill threatens members of the media, a violation of the First Amendment. He regularly sexually degrades and harasses women. He uses his position to force people to give him money. And he never faces any charges. Hopefully the board will take action.


If only you could hold people on the federal leval accountable to this degree for the exact same behavior. Just have to wait for the second coming I guess. Adam should loose his job and face the music, as we all should for bad behavior. Amen to Romney also, he knows, as do I, and follow under the will of the Lord.

a view from the oaks

Supervisor Hill: You are a smart man, and a clever man. You are the supervisor for District 3, but you do not represent the rest of the county. Your constituents may support you and tolerate your behavior, but no amount of spin can explain away this type of crazy. You do not deserve to serve as chairman of the board of supervisors. Please, take the proper action and, at the very least, resign as chairman. We do not deserve the shame you bring us, NOR the cost of an investigation.


Resign from Chairman, with all that this wack job has said and done and all you can think of is for him to do at the very least is to resign, maybe you should go read TKG’s post on all this nutball has done and then ask him to resign completly. If I as a private citizen did all of this some badge heavy cop and DA would have my butt in the mental ward.


Great! It’s about time. Wish they could have done it before he became Chairman of the Board…


Remember, it’s always a better story when the feds cuff the chairman of the board, not just a run-of-the-mill member.

George Garrigues

Odd remark.

Kevin Rice

The Board can remove him as Chair


The Board MUST remove him as chair.

coronet blue

Well if they don’t its the perfect time for the voters to do so.

I dont know much about his opponent but Im thinking anybody but Hill.