Grover Beach voters want judge to order city to accept recall petitions

OPINION by DEBBIE PETERSON On Thursday, May 23, at 9 a.m., Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen will be asked by a grassroots volunteer group of Grover Beach voters to uphold U.S. and California election laws and order Grover Beach... (Continue reading)

Congressman Salud Carbajal’s bounced check to Santa Barbara County

OPINION by ANDY CALDWELL Santa Barbara County supervisors recently congratulated themselves for putting a dent in the homeless population, albeit they were forced to admit that, after spending some $130 million over the last couple of years, the homeless population... (Continue reading)

A cautionary tale revisited

Opinion by Kenny Enney, a Paso Robles School board trustee The people of California were still being told that the state government was enjoying a $100 billion surplus in May 2023. But by May 2024, that surplus has become a... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay’s Embarcadero is not suitable for a battery storage facility

OPINION by GAIL JOHNSON An open letter to my neighbors in Morro Bay: You have accused me of being a NIMBY, which I do not deny. However, many sound planning decisions started with people like me. I’ll start by telling... (Continue reading)

The life and perils of a Central Coast farmer

OPINION by ANDY CALDWELL Family farms are disappearing across America including here on the Central Coast. That is because farming is subject to more risk than virtually any other sector of our economy. Nonetheless, two organizations have published a “study,”... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles needs to put paid parking on the ballot

Opinion by proponents of the Paso Robles paid parking referendum To the 2,426 Paso Roblans who signed the referendum petition to place paid parking on the ballot, bravo and thank you for participating in the referendum process! The referendum was... (Continue reading)

Free press group files public records lawsuit against Cal Poly

OPINION by ANNIE CAPPETTA Delay, delay, delay. That seems to be the tactic administrators at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) have taken when it comes to three public records requests filed by Elizabeth Wilson, a student... (Continue reading)

Mismanagement of California and your canceled insurance policy

OPINION by STACY KORSGADEN As policy holders are receiving cancellation notices in the mail, the insurance industry is struggling to survive. Industry leaders are grappling with massive fire losses, increased claims payout, inflation, and an actuarial system that did not... (Continue reading)

SLO County’s unequal enforcement leaves farmer fighting corporation

OPINION by CLAIRE MAMAKOS Unequal enforcement is alive and well in San Luis Obispo county, especially now with the ongoing influx of corporations and big money into the Paso Robles and Templeton areas. My family has a small farm and... (Continue reading)

Is San Simeon’s end game a county service area?

OPINION by HENRY KRZCIUK The district board proposes dissolving San Simeon Community Services District and transferring services and governance to the San Luis Obispo county. If the dissolution is approved by LAFCO and the County Board of Supervisors, a county... (Continue reading)