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Police admit error, dismiss citation against SLO County Observer

By KAREN VELIE Following allegations of retaliation, the San Luis Obispo Police Department dropped a traffic citation given to a man who had previously video taped an officer hitting a suspect in the head. The tape led to a use-of-force... (Continue reading)

SLO County upstarts grab a slice of cannabis kingpin’s empire

By KAREN VELIE When San Luis Obispo picked the people who would operate three marijuana retail shops in the city, they selected Helios Dayspring and his Natural Healing Center. They also got a group of people who were behind Megan’s... (Continue reading)

Unsealed documents reveal discrepancies in Paul Flores’ story

By KAREN VELIE Unsealed court documents in the Kristin Smart murder case, including a 1996 interview with Flores, reveal the suspect’s repeated attempts to deceive investigators. Lies a judge considered when placing the case over for trial. Flores is charged... (Continue reading)

SLO County fails to provide adequate mental health services, Grand Jury finds

By KAREN VELIE A resent Grand Jury investigation determined San Luis Obispo County has failed to create and maintain a safe, orderly, effective and efficient means for ensuring that people suffering from mental health issues receive the care they need,... (Continue reading)

Friends of Oceano Dunes accuses Tribune of defamation, demands retraction

By KAREN VELIE Friends of Oceano Dunes has told the SLO Tribune that it wants a retraction and apology for an article accusing the group of conducting an illegal fundraiser. The group sent a letter demanding the retraction and notifying... (Continue reading)

SLO County sold water outside the county, residents foot the bill

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo County began selling water purchased by county residents to out of county water purveyors in 2008 and 2013, without returning the funds to local property owners as required by law, according to a recent... (Continue reading)

Pismo Beach City Council votes for a 20% pay increase

By KAREN VELIE The Pismo Beach City Council voted 3-2 on July 19 to give themselves a 20 percent increase in pay, with Mayor Ed Waage and Councilwoman Sheila Blake dissenting. Council members Marci Guthrie, Mary Ann Reiss and Scott... (Continue reading)

SLO officers accused of targeting a witness to a use of force incident

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo Police Chief Rick Scott says it might just be coincidence that officers in two police cars followed a videographer who is known as the “SLO County Observer” for seven minutes a few days ago.... (Continue reading)

SLO Tribune changes article, apologizes for defamation

By BILL LOVING The San Luis Obispo Tribune has changed a portion of a July 17 article that libeled CalCoastNews and reporter Karen Velie. CalCoastNews and Velie demanded the retraction on July 19 after the Tribune alleged that Velie had... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo police officer accused of brutality during arrest

By BEN DI GUGLIELMO A video of an officer hitting a man repeatedly on the temple in San Luis Obispo during an arrest on Sunday has gone viral, leading to accusations of excessive force. “SLO County Observer” live streamed and... (Continue reading)