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You want plain English?

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Please remember commenting here is all or nothing, so if your 75 word Shakespearean soliloquy of political logic has a personal attack at the end, it risks deletion (we don’t edit comments as a rule but we will fix broken links, trim large blocks of text. Embarrassing typos fixed by request)

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Note: After more than 100,000  comments have been published here, some detractors claim that CCN has submitted commenter email address’s to spam blacklists spamhaus etc, No this never happened. Any claim’s of such activity are false, no matter how many  time’s this and other ridiculous things are posted on facebook, craigslist or topix.

The last word is not available, so please don’t reply to your comment nemesis in every thread on a post just because you are sure someone is wrong on the internet.

It is not OK to attack someone’s appearance, name, race, economic status etc.

Comment authors who post personal information to expose the real names of any anonymous commenter or otherwise attempt to expose the real names of any anonymous commenter  will have their comments deleted and risk account deletion and user banning. (you have a 1 in 80 chance of being correct if 5 years of guesses are any indication)

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Our writers and moderators alike love your thoughtful responses to less well-informed commenters.

We really dislike whining on a thread, like, ‘This isn’t news’ or ‘Where’s the meat?’ or ‘Why aren’t you writing something important?’ ‘ Learn to spell’ The editors care what you think, but only to a point.

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Repeated violations of our policy can result in the violators comments going to the moderation queue or comment, account deletion and user banning.

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The editors decide what stories are written. For the most part, commenting is an opportunity for readers to quickly react to our stories via a community conversation.

The investigative nature of our stories inspires some and anger others which, of course, is echoed in the  comments that accompany our stories. In fact, in the  years since the debut of, we celebrate the  community, the commenting  has grown in a way we never anticipated. is not a free-for-all, nor is it a democracy. If you would like to comment without restraint in whatever form you wish, we respectfully suggest you start your own website or blog.

The majority of our investigative news stories and news briefs are the result of tips from our readers, posted comments, and/or information we find through acquaintances we run into at the best cheese and wine shops in town. Oh, and saloons, yes, the saloons. Please remember to tip your editors at or contact the moderator at