SLO trying to phase out natural gas

August 13, 2019

The San Luis Obispo City Council is considering adopting an ordinance that would amend the building code to ban the fitting of new residential and commercial buildings with natural gas-powered appliances. [Cal Coast Times]

A proposed ordinance, which is expected to come before the city council in September, would not require the removal of natural gas appliances from existing buildings. Also, developers could still construct new buildings that would use natural gas appliances if they opt to pay in-lieu fees or retrofit existing buildings.

SLO’s proposed building code amendments are part of a city initiative to become carbon-neutral by 2035. The city cites the California Energy Commission in identifying electrification as the lowest risk pathway to decarbonization.

City staff also claim it is cheaper to construct new buildings and to operate them if they contain electric-powered appliances. Likewise, staffers say the carbon-free buildings would be healthier and safer for occupants.

But, critics say use of natural gas appliances generates cheaper utility bills and forced electrification would raise the cost of living in SLO.

On behalf of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association, attorney Charles Bell sent a letter to the SLO City Council urging it to reject the proposed ordinance. Bell’s letter states the ordinance would lead to the elimination of the use of natural gas for heating in both residential and non-residential commercial buildings, as well as apartments and hotels.

“This amendment is not required by state law, has not been evaluated in terms of its cost impact on already-impacted new housing construction or on remodeled construction, and is very likely to increase the cost of housing which the city acknowledges has become unaffordable to local families and workers. Neither the efficacy nor the energy consumption impacts of the proposal has been evaluated,” according to the letter. “The proposal appears to be another attempt by the city of San Luis Obispo to ‘burnish’ its extreme environmental credentials at the expense of residents and taxpayers.”

If approved, the ordinance is expected to take effect in 2020.


Look at gas line explosions managed by PGE, old lines dating back to the 50 ‘ s everywhere, and I know people in the industry. Natural gas leak in LA thwt went on for years. I love gas vs induction, our standards are ok, but electric is easier. Run your fan whilst cooking, gas vapor, including propane causes cancer. And responding to Charger down below, industry comes and goes, look at every industrial US city. I can counter thwt argument with no thought, but I feel your sentiment. Fracking natural gas, moving it, using it is not good for Ozone, you bring up stuff from miles down in earth, use it up here you ruin the biosphere, said and done.

Mitch C

Why do these people get to force their beliefs on me. If I agree with the all-electric concept it should be up to me to implement it, on the other hand if I disagree and prefer a gas dryer then these people should stay out of my business. What fancy will they force on me next? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a concept unknown to these liberal, left wing nut cases.


And if the United States ever goes to a major war again, we’re going to lose a big war when we got a country that doesn’t run nuclear power plants, coal plants, natural gas etc.

We need nuclear energy, we need coal plants and we need natural gas, period. These radical left Green New deal ideas that were brought on by a teenager in Congress that’s got our mayor thinking oh let’s do all these radical green idea things here in San Luis Obispo, we live in this radical island of liberals here with no concept called flower power.


And please nevermind the people who would eventually lose their businesses/jobs because of this.


And at the same time, we’re shutting down nuclear power plants and blocking dams. I see brownouts in California’s future.

And I think most of the dumb masses still feel electricity is jus magically and cleanly created.

I’m all for electrification, but only when it comes through market forces. It’s getting there, but we have a ways to go.


People are complaining about views being blocked at Hearst Castle for wind farms as an argument not to use them, Snowflakes hugely. Offshore windfarmers are lining up for us, we better take it. Wind farms DO affect many things bad and goos, including localized meteorology, yet generate shelter for marine life.


The brown out is starting next Tuesday Aug. 20 in part of the Laguna Lake area due to PG&E trimming trees for six hours. I can’t wait until this becomes the norm under our new power arrangement with Monterey Bay.


And the electricity to run these appliances comes from where? Not Diablo Cyn, not the collapsing solar industry. not the bankrupt and soon to be overtaken PG&E. And the N/G buses,trash trucks and city vehicles? Lemme guess…Harmon electric?. For years N/G has been looked at as clean energy and the future of things, so what happen? Lets see…more grid strain whats alleged to be a failing and neglected electric grid, more outages due to the weather and preemptive grid shut downs and more costs to a home buyer, makes sense.

“Calipedia” Progressivim; Where one cannot make sense or make up their minds as to which way to move forward. Logic often based off economic gains benefiting ones personal interests. Associated with ADD. That being “Adult Dumbass Disorder”.


” the collapsing solar industry.”

You have no idea what you are talking about.


Do your research. The industry in going downhill world wide. Of course commiefornia is another story when its forced upon builders and new home construction. If having things you dont necessarily want shoved down ones throat is good, then by all means drink up ;)


I have done the research, “The industry in going downhill world wide.” No not true.

“commiefornia” Lol, again you have no idea what you are talking about, but raise the red scare flag if it will make you an out of state non tax payer feel better.


Agreed. If every house had panels, we’d have a surplus, can’t cite my source, but it’s a fact. To the affect that, 1/1000 earth’s landmass had solar, we could power the world. Not talking about my lithium battery bank either.


The subsidies are being phased out. They were meant to encourage people to go solar and aid a fledgling industry. After so many years, most people have made up their minds, and solar companies are now mainstream, so why should taxpayers continue to subsidize them? But without the subsidies, many are dropping like flies. So yes, the industry is collapsing. Hope this helps.


“The U.S. installed 2.7 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV capacity in Q1 2019 to reach 67 GW of total installed capacity, enough to power 12.7 million American homes. This represents a 10% year-over-year increase. Total installed U.S. PV capacity is expected to more than double over the next five years – by 2024, more than 15 GW of PV capacity will be installed annually.”

“BOSTON Mass. and WASHINGTON D.C. (June 18, 2019) – In the first three months of the year, the U.S. installed 2.7 gigawatts of solar photovoltaics (PV), making it the most solar ever installed in the first quarter of a year. With the strong first quarter, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables forecasts 25% growth in 2019 compared to 2018, and it expects more than 13 GWdc of installations this year.” –

That’s some pretty strong growth and a pretty strong forecast for continued growth for an industry that’s, how’d you say it? Collapsing?

Jeez! Wanna stay stuck with green house gasses no matter the facts or consequences…


The solar subsidies are being phased out, tax dollar subsidies for oil are still strong. Yes everybody knew, solar gear so so affordable now we don’t need them to pay off the cost with energy savings before the warranties expire.

“After so many years, most people have made up their minds” Lol

The industry is not collapsing, sure some companies are run by idiots but that makes room for the rest of them.

Don’t let the facts of 30 years of solar here (in CA) get in the way of the fox news expert.

Ben Daho

Natural gas is cheaper than electricity. Period


Aside from the utter BS that electric appliances are less expensive to operate than the equivalent natural gas appliance, there is nothing new here.

“Electrification” has been in the works for over a decade. It’s well known that CA desires everything be electrified.

Imagine the wonderful control a government would have over their subjects if anyone’s smart meter could be shut down any time…..if their electric car could be turned off via satellite, and if their energy consumption could be ‘adjusted’ at a central location.

And that’s not even mentioning the fantastic ability to track people’s movements every time they stop for an hour to recharge the electric car. Why, if they said something naughty at work, the police could even electronically impound the car when it meets a charger.

Electrification is not just the dumbest idea every when it comes to saving energy—it will cost more to run electric appliances than to burn Natural Gas—it’s also a very, very stupid and dangerous idea that strikes at our freedom of movement; no one will get more than a few hundred miles from the charge of their car. No ability to charge= no heat, no air, no movement, no safety. Ditto at home.

Electrification=control. Period.


Doubling down on the wackiness.

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