Woman’s murderers turned on grave digger

September 28, 2010

Cody Lane Miller

The alleged murderers of the woman whose charred remains were found in Santa Margarita on Sunday turned on one another while trying to dispose of her body.

Sources tell CalCoastNews that Cody Lane Miller, 20, of Fresno was digging a grave to place the body of the unnamed woman when his former cohorts turned on him and began beating him in the face with the shovel. Miller escaped and was taken to a local hospital where he received facial surgery and had his jaw wired shut.

He remained in the hospital under guard until his release and subsequent arrest on Monday afternoon.

Shortly after 5 a.m. on Sunday, firefighters responding to a vegetation fire near Park Hill Road discovered the body in a shallow grave.

Investigators were able to trace a vehicle from the scene to a home in Nipomo where they arrested three of the alleged murderers on Sunday.The deputies investigation led to the arrests of 20-year-old Jason Greenwell of Nipomo, 47-year-old Rhonda Wisto of Nipomo, 28-year-old Ty Hill of Santa Maria, 19-year-old Frank York of Nipomo and Miller.

All five have been booked into San Luis Obispo County jail on murder charges.


I am very saddened to read this story. It digusts me to read such a horrible event happen. But what is disgusting is the fact that a 47 year old woman would take part in this. I know of 2 of the boys, but dont know them personally, so I am not going to judge anyone. As a matter of fact, there is no need of judgment here. It is plain and simple that these people are twisted and sick. And from the info above it really makes me sick to know that this 19 year old BOY is a father to 3 children. I honestly feel sorry for them. Only part of this story has been revealed and I’m honestly concerned on whats more to come. I seriously cant believe that anyone can defend a murderer. Stop being naive and indenial your “fiancee” or whatever these people were to otheres, are murderers and did a horrendous act. I hope they deserve what they get for their actios.

Oh and btw “ilovemylilfamily” is jacobs fiancee, its pretty obvious.


This whole story is scary.

I do know the “fiancé'” of Jake and her family and they are very NICE people! Her father does try hard (Her Mom passed away) and even got them a house for her and her kids and the “fiancé” to live in. But guess what? They THRASHED the house beyond thrashed!! It was left SO filthy and gross inside. He was a complete LAZY thing, Partied ALL THE TIME and didn’t do a damn thing but have questionable people inside around his “kids that he LOVES and PROTECTS” – any “Dad who wouldn’t let ANYONE HURT THEM” (as the previous posts say) would NEVER allow these types of people around his kids. YES I do know this FOR A FACT – it is NOT hearsay – One more thing for her poor Dad to deal with.

One more thing…….VOTE JOE CORTEZ!


Yeah, the story just got more scary. According to KSBY, it was a 15 year old girl those scumbags killed, buried and torched.

RIP young lady what ever your connection to these animals you did not deserve this, and bring back the death penalty…


Yes, bring back the death penalty. This poor young girl was only 15 years old. It’s beyond me that these guy’s along with a 47 year old woman and mother would take the life of a near child. My heart breaks for this young girls family.

Wicker Man

Wow, evil stuff brewing here. I wonder what kind of coercion/drug use/rage required such collusion to propel five people to murder another. CCN better follow up on motive.


Facial surgery, jaws wired shut, hospital stay….probably at least $50,000.00 ………Guess who’ll end up paying for that? Hope you all worked hard and enjoyed your job this week cause that’s where our hard earned money went. And they say we needed health care reform so the needy can get medical care……


It gets worse. A family member left a post here saying “Jacob has been with his Fiancée for 4 years and have 3 BEAUTIFUL kids together!!”

Looks like the public has 3 kids to support.


He is 19 years old with 3 babies! I’d say we have been supporting them since the prenatal day’s. That’s nothing for a family member to be bragging about.


Know the facts:

You make some interesting points but you begin to minimize your argument with a subtle attack on citizens who may leave “negative comments” on this site.

Let me begin by praising the law enforcement personnel involved in this investigation for it does appear that some good police work was conducted. Please also allow me to make some observations.

Most of the law enforcement personnel I have known in my 33 years in the profession of law enforcement are honorable public employees, but like other professions, there will always be some whose behavior is less than honorable and they make it difficult on the others.

When certain leaders and managers tolerate cheating and fail to instill honesty and integrity in their organizations, morale begins to break down and the public is ill served. I saw this occur in my own Department and noted that it began to affect the line level employees and led to a perception of two standards of ethics, one for line and one for management.

When cheating and cutting corners are allowed by management then the agency reputation and its effectiveness suffers. When an organization tolerates blatant violations of a citizen’s constitutional rights then ultimately, we all suffer, law enforcement personnel as well as the public.

So I would suggest that sometimes a citizens negative comments are deserved and sometimes such public scrutiny serves to promote organizational reflection and needed corrections.

Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of leadership and the foundation of ethical organizations and it is in this vein that I support Joe Cortez for Sheriff.


All of that just to plug your vote for Joe Cortez for Sheriff??? Nothing you have said deflects the negative press given to the SLO Sheriff’s Dept., IMO. There are good and bad in all occupations, true. When it comes to LEO’s, there should be ZERO tolerance toward the bad. ZERO.


I don’t think Mike B wrote all of that just to plug a vote for Joe Cortez. Mike is a retired LEO. He respects the profession and the men he served with. His post was honest and from the heart.


Their mug shots definitely look like that of meth heads. Paranoia running rampant and now they all face murder charges. Wow! Just sick. Especially the older woman. What is she doing hanging out with such young guys? Sick, sick, sick. Jacob York’s Facebook page shows him with two toddler girls. Hope they aren’t his. Meth, try it once and it’s all over. Very, very few people can stay clean from that crap.

As for Rob Bryn, I will say it again, he needs to go. Oh and by the way VOTE JOE CORTEZ!!!!!!!!!!


check it out. first of all when u go and talk shit… get ur facts straight. its a boy and a girl toddler in Jake’s picture… and for your information they are his, he also has a 3month old daughter. obviously you dont know him or his REAL family. Jacob has been with his Fiancée for 4 years and have 3 BEAUTIFUL kids together!!! He was (and still is) a great dad & would never let any harm come NEAR ANY OF THEM!!! jake was made to play into his moms (Rhonda Wisto-in custody) and her newest sack buddy Tys (or Mike to most ppl-in custody) sick head games. I dont consider his mother part of his family cause she’s f***ing sick in the head… I’ve known the guy Jason for a long time & honestly I think the two older ppl in custody were the masterminds. Personally i dont know that Cody kid besides he came down here with a buddy from fresno. Just remember when posting comments on any website weather it be about murder or rape or fires or burgerlys…. the “suspects” have family too just like the victims.


Well I for one can’t speak for others but as for myself I do understand that both sides have families but I am going to side with the family of the victims in my support. This kid Jake has priors and doesn’t sound quite the angel you are portraying him to be. I’m sure like all the other people that ALWAYS seem to have problems with the law, that the cops are picking on this poor individual.

Hell he just had a bench warrant put out for his failure to appear in court for sentencing last week!! Give me a break.


Not only does he have a rap sheet but this person is claiming that this is all Jacobs mothers fault while they tell us that he is the unmarried father of 3 children. What a man. Yeah, give me a break.


The facts are facts. Not married, 3 kids (yea, great dad). Hanging with these thugs (yea, great citizen). Participates in a murder (yea, great character and upstanding person). GIVE ME A BREAK! What about the victim, next you will tell us it was his/her fault… Where’s the death penalty…


He is an adult and had a choice not to go along with his mom. If he was able to be a man and father 3 children, then obviously he should have been a man and known wrong from right. No excuses for this guy. Sorry, but in this case he is just as guilty and thanks be to God he won’t be a part of his childrens lives. And the mother of these three innocent children should be looked at as well. Jake obviously has some major drug issue’s. These children could possibly be affected mentally and no one will know until they are older. So it is ok for murder and the burning of a 15 year old young girl and yet you say he would never let harm come anywhere near his three? Sorry, but he needs to go away. No riding the, My parents were horrible and I was abused BS.


Come on “ilovemyfamily” tell the truth, has this loving father ever lived with this 3 month old baby of his? No Why? This loving father and his future bride would rather run around doing drugs. The fact of the matter is, that baby has never lived aday with either parents and the two toddlers they had before that were living with a friend, not the druggie parents. Give me a break, what loving parents give thier neighbors just to sit around sniffing smoking or shooting up? You comments would be better served offering prayers for that girls family. You tait her death by defending Jacob, you are no better than him. Try tellng the truth before you waste your time saying what a great “father” he is. Thank God Jacob will never be around his children, same goes for the loser he made those babies with!


If this group of MORON’S is found guilty of murder, they should eliminate them from the gene pool. What a bunch of cold blooded assholes.


I hope this is an “Eye Opener” to all that live in San Luis Obispo County, this place isn’t as safe as you think it is. Additionally, if you don’t think the Deputies, Detectives, CSI earned their money this last week you’re wrong. Remember Law Enforcement gets paid for what might happen, and this is one of those times you could pay me $200/hr and I still wouldn’t want to see a burned up body, then have to explain to the Victims NEXT OF KIN what happened.

I know for a fact 90% of the people that leave negative comments on this site regarding L.E. would change their perception, if they had to witness this horrific Crime scene that these L.E. officers had to investigate.

Thanks to all Law Enforcement Employee’s this includes the Dispatchers because it wouldn’t be possible without them.



Guess what knowtheFACTS, I’d say that many of the deputies find these incidents interesting and are curious enough to go out of their way to view some of these scenes. I base this opinion on my observations 2 weekends ago when my neighbor was found deceased in his home after a week (or longer). He was also a hoarder so you can just imagine the scene. Well I can tell you that I have never seen so many “looky loo” deputies, including the females as I saw on my street through out that day and night. The black&white cars never stopped rolling in and out of my street. They would show up and park next to one of the other 5 or 6 cars, go look and then leave! IT WAS BIZARRE, so was the God awful stench in the neighborhood. Poor man, God Bless him. Take my word for it, the deputies went out of their way to get an eye (and nose) full.


Based on the reporting it sounds like Cody Miller went to the hospital seeking medical help for a undisclosed assault that would require the ER to report it to law enforcement. Then a burned body shows up shortly afterward. Dose not take a genius to figure out 2+2=4.

I could be wrong but I highly suspect the perpetrators made this a very easy case to break in so little time, giving the sheriffs department a easy slam dunk.

“I know for a fact 90% of the people that leave negative comments on this site regarding L.E. would change their perception, if they had to witness this horrific Crime scene that these L.E. officers had to investigate.”

Your above statement dose not excuse the sheriffs department or it’s deputies from maintaining professional and ethical standards and behavior, leading by example and not the too often “do as I say and not as I do”.

They voluntarily choose their employment and are paid handsomely by the tax payers to do their jobs. The job comes with it’s hazards and exposures, and when done right it has it’s rewards and respect of the community.

Stop the Shenanigans, restore public trust and respectability. Vote Cortez !


I am a big critic of L.E. when they do not perform professionally, effeciently or ethically and their behavior is unacceptable; BUT, let’s give credit where it is due, They did solve this within hours so I say “Kudos”, job will done. Give em a break on this!


Your facts are not factual.


It was a woman that they killed? Everyone was saying it was an unidentified male.

What a sad thing. Hard to believe that 5 guys would kill a woman and burn her. I wonder if she knew something that she shouldn’t? Must have been drug related? So sad.


Rumor is that they were all crazed on Meth and they sexually assaulted her, killed her and then turned on the guy from Fresno. Sick Stuff


I heard the same rumor. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it comes out that this young girl was sexually assaulted before she was killed!