Former Meg Whitman’s housekeeper goes to the press

September 29, 2010

The former housekeeper for California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is expected to hold a press conference Wednesday, offering what sources say are “controversial and explosive allegations.” [TMZ]

Whitman’s campaign chairman, former governor Pete Wilson said he is unaware of any claim against Whitman by the former housekeeper. Wilson also said “The timing of this is highly suspect.”

The Latina housekeeper and her Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred are having a press conference Wednesday at 11 a.m. The housekeeper will make allegations about “how she suffered as an employee of Whitman’s.”

A lawsuit is also expected to be filed.

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LOL. Game over. Still, these knee jerk and instant defense responses are revelatory. Shows how the right wing has latched onto comments sections. If one of their candidates is found MAKING A MISTAKE, blame and vilification must be placed on the victim and/or reporter, instantly. Sort out the facts later. Immigration isn’t a simple issue for patricians like, say, guns or abortion or waste in the school district. Likewise, becoming a Republican candidate doesn’t render one “white as snow”.

By ‘mistake’ I presume you mean the housekeeper who fraudulently represented herself? Ms. Whitman did exactly what she had to under the law. Now the real query is thus: Will the elected official responsible for enforcing the state’s immigration laws – I.e. The attorney general – take action against this housekeeper?

Ms. Whitman did nothing more than show compassion for this person by simply dismissing her. Now the Brown campaign has called her out and she’s an INS target. Nice job Gloria Allred!

“You don’t know me. I don’t know you.” is compassionate? And, we both know she said it. The maid gave herself up. Let he who is without sin deport her. Whitman could have used this as an effective campaign issue if she had not tried to cover it up. Watergate, anyone?

I do wonder if Meg ever paid payroll taxes to the government for this ladies services? If she didn’t, doesn’t that make her a tax cheat? Is it possible that Meg paid the woman in cash, “under the table” so to speak, to avoid reporting and paying taxes? And for someone touting their “C.E.O.” experience, how is that she couldn’t be bothered to make sure her employee had “real” papers? Was this Meg’s version of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”? As for the $23 an hour wage, remember that Meg is a BILLIONAIRE, so 15 hours a week at $23 an hour certainly wasn’t going to break her bank. How do you know when a Republican is being a hypocrite? When they open their mouths to speak …..

Yes Whitman was paying payroll taxes. Whitman not only hired Diaz through an employment agency but also had this woman fill out the appropriate paperwork including I-9 forms that require two sources of ID. Diaz provided a current drivers license and a SS card which are both accepted forms of ID. Diaz also signed a sworn statement under penalty of law that she was working in this country legally. I don’t care if Whitman is wealthy, $23.00 an hour is a very high pay for a housekeeper.

This Diaz woman is a disgusting little wench who is out to get all that she can at any cost and is angry because she was terminated when Whitman learned that she was an illegal. Diaz rather thought that Whitman should hire her an immigration attorney! Now she is being used as a pawn and a distraction in our elections, she should be embarrassed but not for the reasons she say’s she is. If it were up to me I would deport her idiot ass as soon as this is over with. As for Allred, she is an irritating comedian and always has been. She did make me laugh when I watched her hugging the crying Diaz.

Let’s see here: Diaz was abused but continued to work for 9 yrs for this abusive household. Diaz was paid $23 for a housekeeping job (lots of folks would love that job right about now). Diaz is illegal. Diaz falsified her verification papers. Diaz lied on her paperwork for a driver’s license. Diaz has children going to our schools, receiving food stamps and housing provided by AMERICAN taxpayers (Like President Obama’s auntie received as an illegal after being ordered out of this country TWICE by immigration judges only to receive citizenship after Obama became President). Diaz is said to have hired Allred to defend her. Allred has contributed to Brown’s campaign and is a friend. Didn’t Allred pull a similiar act against Arnold for groping a woman when he ran for office only to drop those charges. Send Diaz back to Mexico and she should take Allred with her.

Meg was presented documents that “proved” the housekeeper was legally authorized to work in the US. If Meg had asked for more proof at that time, she could have been sued for discrimination.

There are still lots of questions, though. Was Meg really notified by the IRS that the housekeeper’s SSN didn’t match her name as alleged by Allred? If not, why didn’t the IRS catch on? How could the fraud go on for nine years?

It is true that the State of California does notify employers when the quarterly DE7 forms they file reflect a SS# that does not match a name. It doesn’t usually take very long for them to notice. One thing I know is that there is no way that this can go on for years. The state will start fining the employer if the problem isn’t corrected. Not sure if Diaz might have been using a relatives SS# that was close enough to her own name to get by with it or not. That is the part that we will have to wait and see about. I doubt Whitman knowingly hired an illegal or kept her working knowing about it. What reason would Whitman have to do so? It’s not as if Whitman was getting a deal. She was paying top wages and then some for that position.

She was paying top wages and then some for that position 345.00 a week

$23.00 an hour plus payroll taxes and WC Insurance equates to $28.00 an hour for an uneducated person to do housecleaning 2 days a week. Whitman exploited herself in my opinion as the average pay for housecleaning is $12 – $15 an hour.

For less than part time work, you bet! $345 for 15 hours, not bad… There are a lot of folks that want that job right now…

Large copy and paste press release article deleted, lacked attribute to author, a short quote from and link to the article is better than wholesale copy and paste of entire articles from other sources ??? email

I just watched the video. Diaz is crying on Allreds shoulder and saying that she was abused financially and made to feel ashamed blah blah blah. She is also upset because she expected Whitman to hire her an immigration attorney when she found out that Diaz was an illegal. I can’t stop shaking my head with complete disgust. This is going to back fire on the Brown committee. Can’t blame Diaz for crying though, who else is going to pay a house keeper $23.00 an hour?

Someone feels VERY threatened by the outcome of the debate. I smell stink…