Grover Beach property owners may foot bill for road repair

June 23, 2014

grover beachThe Grover Beach City Council will hold a special meeting Wednesday to discuss placing a bond measure on the November ballot to fund street repairs.

City staff is recommending an initiative to issue a bond ranging from $27 million to $48 million. The measure will require a two-thirds majority in order to pass.

Issuing a $27 million bond would require Grover Beach property owners to make annual payments of $102 per $100,000 of assessed value, according to a staff report.

City staff justifies the bond measure based on a study conducted by a street engineering firm. Pavement Engineering Inc. analyzed the city’s roads and concluded that the street system will fail in six to 10 years if major rehabilitation does not occur.

Pavement Engineering Inc. rated 71 percent of Grover Beach’s residential streets and 58 percent of its major streets as poor or failing.


I’m not usually for tax increases, but GB must start fixing the streets. A lot of people like to compare AG and GB, they are about the same size with about the same population. But AG has a much greater tax base with all the commercial it has.


A lotta sweat about nothing. A 2/3 majority needed to pass? Forget it — not going to happen. But, if it does, that, not these comments, demonstrates democracy in action. Can hardly wait for the replies !!! :-)


The street system will fail in six to ten years? Do they get a passing grade now with all the pot holes?


What is the difference between PRINTING money and issuing BONDS? Bonds cost more and harm the economy worse.


Digging deeper into the empty pockets of constituents is effortless, futile, ineffectual and counter productive.


…and yet they constantly do. Why? Because you, me and everyone else will just sit down, shut up, and take it.


Additionally, we all would love to own our homes free and clear. When they pass a bond issue you are just increasing your “rent” to the county. They claim they need money for fire,police, roads and sewer. Then we trust them with our hard earned money and they fund their pet projects.


Your comment reminds me of a friend who lives in New Jersey… they have paid their home off, but (as they put it) are in “Perpetual mortgage to the school district” – their property taxes were higher than our mortgage. Per month. Insane.


All government is out of control. Are property owners the only ones that use the roads? Paso let their roads get so bad through lack of maintenance that the people were almost forced to vote for a tax increase. It is a tactic, just like when they throw public safety under the bus every time they desire more money. It needs to stop and we need to start electing people who know how to govern.


$66 flat rate for fire protection sounds like a drop in the bucket now…


To any new tax “NO”.


“NO” to maintaining or improving property values. “NO” to improving the property owners’ quality of life. “No” to improved safety. “No” to responsibly maintaining infrastructure now to offset a many times greater cost later when the deterioration of the roads gets past the point of easy repair.

I generally vote against tax increases, but in some cases they make sense. The mechanism that funds Roads in cities and counties–mainly gas tax–is insufficient to properly maintain roads and make safety improvements. It’s easy to always say “NO.” It’s actually hard to analyze the facts of a situation and make tough choices on a case by case basis.

If this measure passes, it will be because a great majority of property owners want it. If it fails, they had their say and made the decision for their community–as it should be.


No to more mismanagement of existing funds…..

No to more government waste…..

No to more outrageous salaries and pensions….

No to a complete lack to control costs………

No to government pet projects with unreasonable costs…..

Enough taxes are paid already, let those in charge show us they know how to properly manage current taxes before we give them more.

And as was not the case in the recent fire bond vote, those property owners who do not pay taxes should not have a vote to raise other peoples taxes……


Arroyo Grande has a deal in its general plan to repave all streets in the city every 5 years, and they are doing this without asking us to pay money out of our pockets.

Grover Beach has not repaved its roads in the last 14 years that I am aware of, yet they spend a ton of money down by hwy 1 to put blue and green substance on the sidewalks. And it greatly affected the businesses along that stretch of road for many months.

IMO Grover Beach needs to re- think how they spend money and prioritize those funds.

I don’t go to Grover Beach much because of the poor conditions of the roadways, why do I want to tear up my car when I can go elsewhere to buy things. GB seems to think about the tourist money more than what the locals bring to their town.


I would sincerely hope that these anti-civilizationalists would do all of us ( including them ) a big favor by voting with their feet.


I did not see where the vote is only limited to property owners. According to Wikipedia the renters to owners is roughly 50% each. So your statement does not compute.