Video of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Board coup

February 4, 2015


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Chairman Frank Mecham steps down, offers the board’s leadership to colleague Debbie Arnold, and the vice-chair to new supervisor Lynn Compton.

Mecham’s unexpected move is not appreciated by fellow board members Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson, both of whom deliver angry comments before voting against the motion — which passes 3-2.

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


Supervisor Adam Hill is an odious little gnome. His claims of residents’ anger at his actions being a “partisan” issue are bogus.

I am a life-long Democrat, and I think he (and Gibson) are (outside of the City of Bell) the worst representatives of the people I have ever heard of.

I have friends who are Democrats, and they speak more harshly of Hill and Gibson than I do.

The fact that he continues to blame all of his problems on constituents who don’t appreciate his multiple scandals and slick deals is but one of many issues that make Hill’s time as county supervisor one giant FAIL.


Ignorance is always afraid of change.


Bruce and Adam got their first political experience while members of Delta House.


As evidenced by this video, the comments from Frank Mecham indicate that he was bullied by, and capitulated to, a small faction consisting of a disgruntled, white ( only ) mob.

This disruption of the regular order was done in a snap decision, without notice or adequate, full public comment allowed. This is not democratic and certainly not the way things have been done in the past.

It was an unelected and unrepresented ‘coup’, done in a blatantly partisan manner.

The ‘problem’ was that Mecham could not stand up to his more vocal partisan base, and so he pulled this CYA move.



“…and certainly not the way things have been done in the past…”

This is why what occurred is so refreshing! It is not how things have been done in the past.

Changes all around.


The small faction of disgruntled whites here is Hill/Gibson, the terrible two.


Omg, now it’s a race issue? Of course it is.

How did that get overlooked? It’s all so clear now.

It wasn’t a matter of rotation, doing the right thing, or anything so obvious at all! Anyone who disagrees with Hill or Gibson MUST be racist.

Thank you slower faster for playing the race card, just wouldn’t have been a good left wing argument without it.


Take a good look at the lynch mob audience.

To quote James Baldwin, white isn’t a color, it’s an attitude.

Rich in MB

To a Liberal…”The Mod” is a nice way to say “The Voters”.

But we have to give the libs a little break lately, they just can’t imagine that Conservatives now control the SLO County Board and they can’t sleep at night…what Next The Tea Party running the town? Ah…we can only wish and then we can get the union thug pensions finally under control!


The audience members came from the community. Anyone, regardless of color, who wanted to attend was free to do so.

Sorry if you don’t like the make up of the folks who live in the county.

You are always free to move.


Not “left wing.” Just “stupid.”


What Meacham pulled here may not have been “normal procedure” but it was no worse than what Gibson pulled in appointing Hill as Vice-Chair before ceding the Chairman position to Meacham. Turn-about is fair play here. Maybe now that it has happened, the Board can get back to running things with a more civil and less politically-manipulative manner of conducting business.

My political leanings probably align more frequently with Gibson/Hill than Arnold/Compton (and I wish Meacham were my supervisor.) However, I can’t support either Gibson or Hill due to their arrogant, manipulative, hypocritical and disingenuous behavior. If I move back to District 3 before Hill runs again, I will actively work against him if the SLO Democrat Party machine can’t field a better candidate.


Bully #1, and bully #2 are upset at having lost the bully pulpit.

JB Bronson

Having watched the clip and Gibson’s and Hill skewed rhetoric, I believe Mecham understands the need to repair the foundation before building on it. Hill and Gibson are taking the self-centered view of what suits them in the short run.

I think that’s what this is about, not gender bias or party affiliation.

mb business owner

it is good to see this change and hats off to mr mecham. certain members of the democratic party at both the county level, in morro bay and perhaps in other communities has worked on the “wining at any cost” and bullying theme for the last few years. it is good to see the public coming out in opposition of this. perhaps other members of the public will take off the blinders, see what kinds of antics their public officials are up to and make changes.

Rich in MB

But….we all know that the Leftists go nuts when out of power….so now watching Hill and Gibson should be a blast being outvoted 3-2!

Extremely Stoic

Good vs Evil at its best.


Yeah, just observe the body language.

Very telling.


The good guys always win in the end….well played Chairman Frank Mecham. Big thumbs up sir.


If the good guys win explain Obama please!


Always an exception to every rule….

Rich in MB

Good one!


The GOP won’t nominate any “good guys” to oppose him. At best it has been a choice between 2 equal evils.