Video of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Board coup

February 4, 2015


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Chairman Frank Mecham steps down, offers the board’s leadership to colleague Debbie Arnold, and the vice-chair to new supervisor Lynn Compton.

Mecham’s unexpected move is not appreciated by fellow board members Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson, both of whom deliver angry comments before voting against the motion — which passes 3-2.

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


I am not a friend or supporter of Adam Hill. I didn’t vote for him. How utterly rude and shallow of the people on this board to make fun of somebody for what they look like. What do you call somebody who was born with only one arm? How about somebody with a birth defect? What about somebody with a distorted nose or eyes?

Is this board made up of a bunch of professionals with common sense or is this board made up of bullies who do not work and just make fun of people.

Hard to take anything on this board seriously. I am looking for a news source to balance what I see in the Tribune and this isn’t it. Atleast the Tribune isn’t slanting one way or the other or making fun of people.

Conserve your water, keep your eyes on your trio because there is going to be some pay offs coming to some big dollar campaign supporters.


I don’t believe you’re not a supporter of Adam Hill or else your eyes would be open and you would see the obvious: Adam Hill is the bully. Don’t forget Jan 2014 when his op-ed pretty much spelled out his opinion of anyone who disagree with him:

“… the superficially educated and narrow-minded, not only bumpkins with bad breath and worse teeth, not only the gullible and aggrieved, not only those who are nostalgic for a past that never was…”

Adam Hill doesn’t have a “distorted nose or eyes;” he has an egotistical, condescending attitude on the inside that visibly shows on his outside. (Ditto for his pal Bruce Gibson.)


Don’t confuse the reporting by CalCoast with the Comments board. Two separate items. If you’re offended, skip the Comments and just read the articles.

Rich in MB

“At least the Tribune isn’t Slanting one way or the other”

Ha ha ha ….What….are you smoking Medical Pot? The Trip has been Hill and Gibson’s version of Pravda!


A bad day for Gibson and Hill is a good day for everybody else.


When, if ever, was a bulldog elected to the BOS?


Now that is really rude. From the picture of Adam, someone obviously crapped in his Wheaties. What a shame, he is usually such a pleasant and jovial human being.


3:20-3:22 With his glasses removed, poor Adam heaves a deep sigh. I -almost- feel sorry for him at this point

3:23-3:28 Adam puts his glasses back on and takes the comment cards from Frank

*** 3:29*** After Mecham hands him the yellow comment cards, it sure looks like Adam’s flipping off the crowd. I watched it three times to make sure.


This is the Frank Mecham I voted for as Paso mayor: well-spoken, concise, humble and straight-forward. Good job, Frank!

As for Adam–yipes. I’ll seriously chip in five bucks to send him to a barber asap.


Class act, Frank is and always been a man of the people. Always willing to listen and serve the people, no personal agenda.


Adam Hill was surprisingly poised. Unshaven and conspiracy-theorizing, but he seemed in control of himself. His pharmacist deserves a pat on the back.


I had to vote down your post because, if he is on psychotropic meds, he’s not on any that are addressing his delusions.


It’s about time…


Video: Clear. Concise. Comprehensive. Compelling.

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