Supervisor Adam Hill and New Times turn on one another

June 23, 2017

SLO New Times Editor Camillia Lanham

After years of positive reporting, a New Times editorial chastised San Luis Obispo supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson for a last minute ploy to push through their plans for low-cost housing. Hill responded by sending an email to New Times Editor Camillia Lanham calling her “childish and vindictive,” and questioning why the New Times “deserves to survive,” according to the New Times.

Hill went on to attack the New Times editorial staff for not admitting they had made “a mistake” and for having a lack of “accountability.”

Even though the New Times criticized the minority supervisor’s timing, the editorial board praised Hill and Gibson’s plan to increase low cost housing. The New Times then took a swipe at the board majority claiming their plans would help “Richey Rich.”

San Luis Obispo County has one of the most unaffordable housing markets in the United States. The proposal, that passed by a 3-2 vote with Hill and Gibson dissenting, includes plans to increase farmworker housing, rewrite rules for secondary units and to rezone lands to residential to increase the housing supply.

Hill and Gibson’s proposal included scrubbing those plans in favor of giving $5 million to a nonprofit to build low-cost housing, a plan the New Times editorial staff said “sounded fantastic.”

Even so, Hill canceled a planned meeting with New Times staffers after they questioned his timing.


Where are we going with all of this? Most of us have relocated to SLO to get away from the big city environment and all of the problems that go with it. For years this has been a wonderful place to live and raise a family. But I must admit in the last few years the atmosphere that most of us came here for has changed and not for the better. When was the last time you drove a home and saw horses on the property. That was a lifestyle that has almost vanished.

All that anyone can talk about any more is affordable housing. Well when you have, maybe one of the nicest places in the country, housing becomes more expensive and consequently not affordable. For those who advocate more people, more affordable housing, more traffic, $40 parking tickets, more taxes and fees to pay for government and the profit and benefits that come with it I will blame you for taking away the nice place that I have called home while SLO just turns into just another big city with all of the problems that come with it.


Adam, you are a legend in YOUR own mind.Decades from now, you will be referred to as an urban legend that includes all the macabre aspects we’ve come to expect.

JB Bronson

And the narcissist said, “How dare you question me! Don’t you understand how almighty I am?”


I still don’t understand why everyone feels housing should be affordable just because you like it here……work for your goals this is still America.


Actually I haven’t gotten a copy of the New Times in a few years, their content became thinner and thinner and adds more and more, but I figured it was just the way it was for a free newspaper. Should they return to the days where their stories actually get my attention I may pick up a copy


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Ah…. the left is now feeding upon itself. A beautiful sight! Soon… there will be nothing “left”.


Apparently Little Napoleon specializes in sour grapes. Electorate take note.


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