Chamber chair challenges Hill in SLO County District 3 race

September 17, 2019

Stacy Korsgaden


South County Chamber of Commerce Chair Stacy Korsgaden announced Monday her candidacy for the San Luis Obispo County supervisor seat currently held by Adam Hill.

Korsgaden, who currently operates a local insurance agency, has called SLO County home for more than 30 years. A moderate Republican, Korsgaden was motivated to run because she believes public officials are not listening to their constituents.

“I don’t like what I see, the lack of civility and willingness to communicate on policy issues,” Korsgaden said. “I do not feel the citizens are being heard.”

If elected, Korsgaden wants to put jobs first. And while she understands there are issues with air quality and safety, she is opposed to closing the Oceano Dunes.

“You don’t have to kill the golden goose to resolve these issues.”

Korsgaden also voiced concerns about vagrancy, public safety, and a lack of cordiality with some members of the board of supervisors.

“I want to make a clear distinction of why I would be the best choice for District 3,” Korsgaden said. “I want citizens to consider my communication style and ability to problem solve. By listening, you can get the best out of the public.”

District 3 includes Edna Valley, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach and Grover Beach, and a portion of San Luis Obispo.

Korsgagen is known for service to her community; she is currently president of the Boys and Girls Club of South San Luis Obispo County, and chairman of the South County Chambers of Commerce.

Korsgaden earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cal Poly, and a certificate in professional financial planning from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She currently resides in Grover Beach.

The California Primary is scheduled for March 3, 2020.



A Republican running in D3. Good luck. AH has a well oiled machine of aging lefties.


Yes, but Ed Waage and Debbie Peterson were in the running before the rampant Adam Hill corruption came more to light. I’d vote for Korsgaden, center-left or center-right. Hell, we already have to rely on Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold for any meaningful environmental oversight on projects bought off by well-positioned consultants in league with Hill and County staff.


Ladies & Gentlemen,

This is good news for residents of the SLO 3rd District, and all of SLO County!

I support Stacy Korsgaden because the taxpaying residents of the 3rd district deserve a credible supervisor who fights for working families, and Adam Hill is not that person. As a supervisor, Mr. Hill has cast votes to raise taxes, cut government services, legitimize marijauna dealerships, and shut down important sectors of our economy. He has betrayed common people, and his elitist attitudes DO NOT merit his return to public office.

Stacy Korsgaden has a long history of public service in SLO County, and she is not a career politician like Mr. Hill. Unlike Mr. Hill, Stacy Korsgaden has not taken special interest money from out-of-town developers and drug dealers, and she is a responsible person who would listen to all voices in our community. Mr. Hill has surrounded himself with extreme far left progressives, and he is out of touch with the working families on the Central Coast. With all due respect, leaving office would afford Mr. Hill an opportunity to deal with his mental health problems.

Let’s restore confidence in local government by electing Mrs. Stacy Korsgaden to the 3rd District seat.


At last — an intelligent, honest, concerned candidate to take on this imbecile. But make no mistake about it, Stacy; he lies, slanders, threatens, and sinks to the lowest depths to challenge his opponents. Arm yourself, and be ready to take this snake down once and for all.


Look Adam Hill, it’s Marge Gunderson from movie Fargo! She’s coming for you Adam. You betcha!


As offensive as I find clarkdsouza’s comment to be, there is a point to be made. Running for public office will subject you to the lowest and most base elements of humanity, hidden by anonymity. She should surround herself with professionals who can navigate things such as presentation, messaging and attracting voters. Hill is advantaged already (incumbency). Her opponent is paranoid, needy, insecure and prone to self destructive behaviors. If done intelligently and ruthlessly, she can win.


I vote for her just to get rid of that imbecile.


At last – an intelligent, educated, genteel businesswoman who understands that a Supervisor’s job is to listen to constituents; to put their desires and the needs of the community above personal agendas and special interests; and work to resolve problems of concern to everyone like vagrancy and crime. No doubt she will be thoroughly trashed by Adam Hill’s proxies, but she is the very kind of person we need in elective office. March 3 can’t come soon enough!


Adam Hill — bought and paid for by Big Cannabis…or anyone else with deep pockets.

coronet blue

I hope this the start of a big change. You have my vote.


You got my vote, Stacy. She’s good people! She may not remember me but I knew she and her sister back in our school days at Poly. I’m all in!

Mitch C

Someone, please provide an address where I can make a campaign contribution.