Nurses in SLO and Templeton planning one-day strike

September 17, 2019


Registered nurses at Tenent hospitals in San Luis Obispo and Templeton are planning to participate in a one day strike on Friday, according to the California Nurses Association.

Registered nurses at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Twin Cities Community Hospital plan to strike from 7 a.m. on Friday until 7 a.m. on Saturday. The strikes affect more than 5,500 nurses in three states.

Strike organizers want Tenet to make a greater investment in their nursing staff. Union members have also voiced concerns over nurses missing breaks and meals, and an increase in on-call nurses. Issues, they say, has led over 150,000 registered nurses to stop working as nurses.

“We believe more of those nurses would choose to work at the bedside if there were staffing and other working conditions that supported their providing optimal care to patients,” said Janice Ames, one of over 5400 RNs who work at the Tenet hospitals going out on strike in Florida, Arizona and throughout California.

Tenant administrators are in contract negotiations with union representatives.

“We have been negotiating in good faith with union representatives over the last few months in an effort to reach a new contract,” according to Tenent. “We are disappointed that the union is taking this approach. We have made progress toward a new contract and will continue to negotiate in hopes of reaching a successful resolution.”


Nurses don’t get the pay they deserve…but neither do doctors since

the affordable care act was crammed down our throats…


You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts. Actually, doctor pay has done nothing but increase under Obamacare. Why? Simply because more people are covered and doctors are in vogue, so to speak. In 2013, Forbes magazine whined that the law would decrease doctor pay, but just three years later ran a story showing that for the first time in recent history doctors in every medical specialty had shown an increase in income. Fortune chimed in with this headline, “Obamacare Isn’t Stopping Doctor’s Incomes from Soaring.” Now, last time I checked, neither Forbes nor Fortune were left-wing publications.

Another misnomer peddled by Obamacare opponents was that the nation would face a doctor shortage. Wrong again. Actually, primary care appointment availability remained largely unchanged after the implementation of Obamacare.

And, as I understand the nurses’ complaints, their issue is not so much about pay as it is primarily about how Tenet has under staffed its facilities, including Twin Cities Hospital, and provided poor working conditions for its nurses.


People like you who state feelings; not facts, are what are causing nurses to have to strike and then having your Political rhetoric drown out the root cause. When you spend 5 hours at Twin and forget to get discharged, or a loved one, you’ll cut your Political crap and BS. So stop with your non fact based statement and lies. Go read a book instead of watching the brain drain box and glean some common sense.