Missing Nipomo woman found

June 5, 2010

The 70-year-old Nipomo woman, believed to have dementia symptoms, was found alive and well by a tow truck driver near the intersection of Highway 101 and Los Berros Road in Arroyo Grande Saturday morning.

Martha Henderson’s family reported her missing after she did not return home after leaving her Redberry Place home Friday morning. She was believed to be headed for either the Vons in Nipomo or the Santa Maria Mall.

She ran out of gas and was not able to find her way home.

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That is a very scary thing. Sometimes people with dementia can hide it pretty well until something like this happens. My mom got lost driving between Atascadero and Paso Robles on 101, and ended up stuck in the river bed east of the Hwy 46 west exit. We made sure she never had to drive again after that!

Please please please get this lady a project lifesaver bracelet.


Thank God she was found. The heat would surely have made things worse for her if she hadn’t been found when she was.


Hopefully her family can find help and resources to get the keys and revoke her driving.