Undocumented immigrants march for citizenship in Santa Maria

May 2, 2013

santa maria immiAbout 80 protesters marched in Santa Maria Wednesday, calling for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. [KCOY]

The protesters marched to the corner of Main St. and Broadway, where they held signs, many of which saying, “The time is Now!”

According to the North County Coalition, which works to keep undocumented families together, there are more than 23,000 undocumented immigrants in Santa Barbara County.

Former undocumented immigrant Rosa Coronado said parents come to the United States to provide better futures for their families.

“I don’t think it’s fair for families to be separated because the parents want the best for their kids,” Coronado said.

Coronado, who is now a citizen, said she came to California from Mexico in 1978 to work in the fields, but authorities deported her mother and older brothers.

Wednesday was International Workers’ Day. Some of the Santa Maria protesters carried signs saying, “Power to the workers.”



Most of them are decent hard working people, the real problem with immigration is the lying stealing cheating asskissing politicians doing the biddings of their bog money corporate bosses giving away that which is not theirs to give


How refreshingly true yet gets plenty of downvotes.

This is exactly why we can’t have nice things.

The people argue over the scraps left, as the corps pay less and less of there share.

Anyone ever see a fed x tractor trailer with california plates? Nope. Yet they are on our roads every day not paying there share. One example among millions.


They want their paths and as liberal as California is, they’ll get their citizenship as sad as it is. As they are already sucking up the free health, section 8 housing, financial aid and anything they can get here, target the social programs left and right with 2,000 illegals crossing our borders daily in California alone, not including Arizona and other states. Sending the American’s that are working now will be the next homeless walking the streets lost by illegal immigrant workers.

Then they want rights, discrimination, color of authority and etc when they are illegal here to begin with, they demand rights, how pathetic is that.

Second, they know the magic word to get citizenship, vote democrat and here’s your green card.

Then work here and send there money back to Mexico.

Looks like the democrats are counting on their political position like Obama did to get reelected when he announced his executive order 4 months for elections last year to allow illegals to live here.

10 years from now, we’ll be up again with the same problem, you’ll see illegal immigrants down the streets, demanding green cards and paths to citizenship but instead of 11 million illegals now, they’ll will be 30 million demanding the same paths to citizenship.

And in 10 years we’ll be the next socialist state like Demark, France, and European countries paying the highest in taxes to cover all of these social programs.


leatherpink says:”and as liberal as California is, they’ll get their citizenship”

So California issues passports now? No. But don’t let facts get in the way of a rant.

Next immigration article there will be the same confused comments, how pathetic is that.


At least they didn’t come here under the auspices of Political Asylum, live off the taxpayers to the tune of over $100,000 over ten years, then repay our kindness by blowing innocent people up in a marathon…

I mean, we’re so concerned about who enters our country and who gets our confiscated wealth redistributed to them, completely free, I don’t see what the problem could ever be!



A shitty anonymous propaganda video and a opinion piece at the WSJ.

If that is what you read and watch then yes “We’re so doomed.”


Yes, allowing Andy Stern to speak for any length is a shitty propaganda video. Then again, you probably think they put those words in his mouth that he is on camera (and record) as saying. OK.


It is time for America to take over Mexico and make it our 51st state. Send in the military and clean out the cartels, the environment, the wages, and since we are sending billions and billions dollars down there for support, food stamps, kids are crossing our borders daily and going to our schools, we operating this whole thing backwards. Our factories have moved there and if so many illegals want to live in America, get our services and benefits, let’s do it. We get the oil, start collecting their taxes, and the love of the people who want to be Americans, and open the borders saving all that money. A win for everyone. If the people don’t want this, then go back to Mexico, DONE!

The Gimlet Eye

SLOBIRD, you mean you haven’t heard? We already have!

Also, we have already been operating our economy “backwards” for a long, long time. It’s current nomenclature is “crony collectivism.” We are more “Soviets” than the Soviets were! Everybody’s on the dole!

I doubt that the feds will ever give these people what they are asking for because this gives the feds leverage over them, i.e., it makes it easier to control them and keep them in their place.

I presume that the main reason that the feds are letting them into this country instead of throwing them out is to displace the American middle class, a class that is, by nature, difficult to control.

If you were a big government official, a bankster, or a scalawag of the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex), which population would you prefer to have to deal with, i.e., which would be easier to control?

A……an educated, politically active, middle class?


B…… a poor, uneducated, ignorant, destitute lower class?




Agreed, factless pointless makes no sense and not true.

This is the ditto echo, you know it by it’s call.


Just keep on marching south all the way back to where you came from.


Don’t hire them.

I don’t.


Don’t hire housekeepers, carpet cleaners, cleaning companies, gardeners, landscapers unless their are citizens. See what companies come forward, might be less than 5%.

We live in a society of cheap labor and business owners are hiring illegal immigrants to do the work.

It’s allover the State.

So just demand US citizen workers.


Always ask for union labor, as in the big ole union, USA!


leatherpink says:”See what companies come forward, might be less than 5%.”


Just demand facts and the world will be a better place.


How ironic that those who have chosen to live here illegally, are indeed exercising the rights of American’s to protest.

Yes, “The time is now” and “Power to the workers” for those who are here LEGALLY.


Why not use the more accurate term “illegal immigrants?”


and i think there is eben a more PC term. i heard it on an LA radio station. something like “unauthorized citizen”

The Gimlet Eye

You mean “illegal alien,” don’t you?