Overdose victim identified

June 20, 2013

Ashley MartelAshley Martel, the granddaughter of former KSBY anchor Rick Martel, died of an overdose Wednesday morning.

Known for her struggle with addiction problems, the 23-year-old had been working to stay clean after discovering she was pregnant several months ago, a family friend said. She died Wednesday after overdosing on drugs at a home on Longbranch Avenue in Grover Beach.

Family and friends are posting messages of sorrow and condolences on Ashley Martel’s Facebook page.




  1. Dave says:

    A fund in the name of Ashley Martel has been set up at all Rabobanks in the county to help defray funeral expenses.

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  2. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    We had a chance in CA. about eight years ago to pass a law that would help those caught with drugs (rehab) rather than send them to prison, where it isn’t going to help at all. I was astounded then, as now, that the majority of voters turned down. And the problems continue…………….

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  3. lakerhater says:

    Rest in Peace…….

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  4. ellie says:

    Two of my dear friends have lost beautiful children to drugs and I’ve seen both the long, hard struggle with addiction and the finality of death by overdose. My heart breaks for the family of this girl, and for all the families with loved ones who suffer from drug and/or alcohol addiction. May you find peace in your memories of the little girl who was taken too early from this world.

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  5. mej says:

    Heartbreaking, So sorry for the loss of this beautiful girl.

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  6. Robert1 says:

    Rick is a great guy and i feel for him and his family at this time.

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  7. LAH says:

    This is so very sad! So very sorry for your huge loss Rick!

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