Pair robs Atascadero store

June 20, 2013

rob suspectsAtascadero police are seeking the identity of two men who allegedly robbed a 7-Eleven store in an early-morning invasion Thursday.

According to police officials, the men entered the store at 8000 El Camino Real just before 3 a.m. armed with a semi-automatic pistol and demanded cash from the register.

A clerk complied, and the men left with money and cigarettes, fleeing in “an unknown direction,” according to a release from police officials.

Police said one man was wearing a light-colored, pullover sweatshirt, dark blue jeans, and white and black shoes, and was armed with a black and silver-colored handgun.

The second suspect was wearing a yellow-brown ball cap with a blue brim and the word “Rams” on the front. He was also wearing a black, zip-up jacket, dark-colored long pants, and black and white shoes.  The suspect was wearing what appeared to be a white plastic bag with holes cut into it over his face.

Officers released photos of the suspects.

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Who ever they are, life is about to change for them.

They really don’t belong in civilized society.

You’re not going to be such “jaleigh crook”s when you get to Wasco…..was school so boring you couldn’t apply yourselves just a little????

Dumb and Dumber…

It is a good thing that the police does not need or want the public’s help in identifying these two. No where in the article, including the small photo, allows the opportunity to see a larger, more useful, photo.

What’s very clear is that the criminal on the right is certainly no trained marksman — let’s hope he’s not a moonlighting law enforcement officer.

He’s holding the pistol (AKA “non-normal gun” to some) sideways and racking the slide as he’s entering the store. The gun should already be cocked and only the most abject of morons holds a pistol sideways like the “gangstas” on TV.

What really riles me up is that the one robber is wearing a white plastic bag. Doesnt he reaize that this county outlawed these bags? He is supposed to buy a brown paper bag for his mask.

Love it! Post of the day award…

I know it is pure speculation on my part but the guy on the right is about the same build across the chest and height as the Paso bank robber and he covers his head and face in same mannor and this is only eighteen hours later. Coincedence??

Oh and semi auto gun again? Hmmm.

The semi auto comment is made in ref. to the fact the person in both of these cases used one, while a lot of armed robbers use a regular gun in general. I am not making a statement about guns.

Just wondering, what is a “regular gun”?

Gee I don’t know. None semi-auto???????


A semi -auto is not a “regular” gun, but a revolver is a “regular” gun?

I think that you might want to reconsider your definition of “regular gun.” I would bet that semi-auto pistols are the most common guns out there at this time.

Semi-auto pistols most definitely outsell revolvers in this day and age.

r u the only one that didn’t know what a regular gun was? I don’t know either. I prefer a bow and arrow. I can get 6 shots off before the semi-auto shoots 3. They always fall right in front of me though. But it scares the hell out of people beithng robbed. Rather be shot with a gun than poked with an arrow in the eye any day.

I think the plastic bag came from someplace out side the county. Maybe the police ought to check out people that frequent land fills to find the crooks. Thats the first place they ought to be looking. I doubt the bad guys would use the same bags twice.

Now that they have money maybe they can buy the cloth bags. The police will not have to catch them, they will self-destruct from germs in the bags. We can save a few bucks in the long run.

God Bless all

I have a semi-auto soap pump at every sink in my home and I believe that the bottle of Suave strawberry shampoo in my shower is fully automatic!

I second the comment by BTDT, same guy as the Wells Fargo job a couple of days back. I think he’s wearing the same shirt!