Pro-Arroyo Grande mayor group slams police

October 27, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrara

Mayor Tony Ferrara


The new internet site “Free the AG Council”  says the Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association has “issued a unanimous vote of no-confidence in Mayor Ferrara and City Manager Steve Adams and has focused relentlessly on a fiction perpetuated by a stridently vocal group over the last few weeks.”

A fiction? This statement directly pertains to each of the five police officers who were called on the evening of July 3 to find City Manager Steve Adams and Teresa McClish, director of community development, at City Hall.

The police officers documented their visits as directed. They have stood as one body through its organization, the AGPOA, saying, in a spirit of political discretion, all was not told.

The new site alleges the police report of the incident is a fiction, a story that is untrue, a malicious yarn spun “by a stridently vocal group” concerned about the Adams/McClish matter.

While asserting the fiction, the site also claims the AGPOA uses “any means available to attempt to intimidate and humiliate the mayor and members of the council,” and that they are intimidated by this fiction, a fiction authored by the AGPOA.

The site then contradicts itself and admits “genuinely appreciating the service of uniformed police officers,” those intimidating the mayor and council by their fiction.

There is no fiction here. The matter of the “fiction” is now subject to a controversial reexamination by a retired police officer of the Sintra Group.

But there are no sworn depositions and no list of deponents that should include other city management and the council as insisted on by citizens testifying in public comment and in writings to the council.

The site appears to represent a cadre of citizens who wish to dismiss the reality of the present scandal, a congregation ignoring the witness and evidence provided by the five courageous police officers. They seem to want to believe the police officers lied.

Now, this is not fiction: It is a fact that in an attempt to keep the matter closed from the public scrutiny, a cover up, was administered from the time of the incident on July 3 until a disclosure by CalCoastNews on Aug. 19 — a period approximating one month and a half.

Pivotal in this matter may be the testimony of at least one person who was allegedly pressured to keep the matter quiet. There hangs in the arena of political and legal probability a profound matter of denying the truth by intimidation to sustain the cover up.

Again, the site in characterizing the matter insists it is “a fiction perpetuated by a stridently vocal group.” This disparages those citizens who were told on Aug. 26 that a “process” and “transparency” would prevail to reveal the facts.

Process and transparency? The whole matter has been secretly managed in the confines of “closed meetings,” suggesting political issues were not considered — it was only a personnel matter. Talk about fiction.

The site obviously intends to offend the many citizens who are rightfully concerned about this matter and its obvious cover up. In doing so it ignores the truth here: For the police officers have not lied.

The site has disparaged the witness of the honored members of AGPOA who dedicate their lives to protect the citizens.


A search of the United States Copyright Office shows nothing for “Free AG Council” or anything approaching it.

More lies from King Tony and his cronies???


Clearly, it is an ad-hoc organization which will disappear after the election.


There is no compromise when it comes to corruption. You have to fight it.

A. K. Antony


I am sure they felt it was necessary to add the Copyrights so no one would take their idea—yes, because there are lines of people in AG wanting to bash their police department…really? A copyright, that isn’t really a copyright??????

Just another smoke and mirrors—makes it appear to be official, without too much backing. And truly, how many people have even read this? I couldn’t even find it–which show how unimportant the site is—


A society that makes war with its police, had better make friends with the criminals.


I’d say you’ve got that covered.


Now, now, Ish, that’s not very nice!


The ones that make the bullets always hedge their bets.


QUOTING TOPPER: “A society that makes war with its police, had better make friends with the criminals.”


It looks like the “Free AG Council” fantasy group has already done that.


Why does the city have a payable of $2700 to a Villa Los Berros HOA???


It is for a turf replacement program rebate. I know because I consulted with the HOA on the project.

Mr. Holly

Ferrara 0

Adams 0


I know who I believe.


It is time to get out the Vote Time. Make sure you Vote, return those Mail Ballots, encourage others to Vote, if needed, help provide transportation to the Polls for others , Call others before election and encourage citizens to Vote !

Do not become distracted or complacent. It is about” One Person and One Vote”

So much more here than just the Mayor and City Manager !

Democracy, Free Speech , Charter City Powers, South County Sanitation, Automatic Water Rate Increases, Sales Tax Extension , Budget Priorities , Cuesta Building Tax , Structural Budget Problems , County Supervisor Election.

South County Voters are Independent Voters !

Vote #


The website Otis referrs to makes me sad and outraged at the same time. I cannot believe this anonymous group, who is not so anonymous if you attend the last council meeting, insists on perpetuating the fiction that the police are lying.

The group also misses the issues at hand most fundamentally—they are turning a blind eye to the corruption and the croyism our current mayor and current council perpetuate. They onlyfocus on the incidenty of July 3rd and the subsequent police reports and oh, yes the playbook supposedly used by the attorney of the AGPOA—then again, many of them have probably benefitted from the very corruption they are turning a blind eye to—convenient.

This group has also missed the point that there is a growing number of people in AG who are concerned about the inner workings of our city government and this is what they are missing—WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE CONCERNED as well as openly voice those concerns.

There has been no transparency with the current crisis just has there been no transparency with other politcal manuvering, disguised as the business of the City of Arroyo Grande. The issues are far sweeping, they are not relegated to the two issues identifed by the group.

Keep in mind how much is at stake during this election. If Ferrara is not replaced, think aobut the political and business climate which will exist in AG. Think about how the APGOA will be treated. Think about all the city employees, who, must have opinions about what has transpired, but are forced into slience. Think about the lack of clear policies and procedures in place for this council and city government. How are they going to treat the general public? Will it better or worse than the treatment we are receiving now?

It is time to change our leadership. Write in Jim Hill and fill in the bubble.


That website is one of the worst I have ever seen. I shouldn’t assume

because we know where assumptions can lead sometimes, but did Chuck

Fellows set it up? I ask this in complete seriousness.

I’m in shock, and I know I shouldn’t be, at the childishness writing

of this political website.


It was Chuck Fellows who announced the Web site at the last City Council meeting, stating there were about 25 people who want the mob tactics based on unproven facts (according to Fellows) to stop. He with a proxy statement from a Ross Congable supports the council and staff completely and wants the City Council to quit being “hijacked” by a vocal group, this website was established to aid in their cause.


I thought that is what he said at the last meeting. The whole website

comes across as desperate and somewhat childish. I agree that all

parties should have the ability to express their views and concerns,

but its almost embarrassing to see this.

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s meeting and seeing what

new tactical playbook play the city council, mayor, city manager,

city attorney and city police chief will play tomorrow. Maybe take

out another row of chairs, recruit more out of town supporters, and ask the

boarder patrol to attend the meeting.


A PLAYBOOK EXPOSED?? You rotten suckers. Way to p*ss many more NEW Jim Hill supporters. Remember to darken the box and write in Jim Hill or it won’t count!


*off* ugh!


I see that this anonymous group has a “c” for copyright under the site. Would be interesting to see who paid for this. I still want to know what Tony, Steve and “The Dish were doing at city hall for three days after the “tea party”, while city hall was closed for the holiday? These three were able to utilize the offices at city hall for three days, for personal reasons, to do whatever cover up story and maybe destroy any previous signs of an affair. Steve was proven to have been tinkering with the alarm system without explanation. Someone needs to step up this circus and get evidence before Tony and company destroy computer records and emails. That is if Steve hasn’t already done this in his three days of having the entire city hall office to himself, to do whatever he wanted. CCN or someone should request the video from those three days. While the two sides battle, the evidence can be removed. I believe video from inside city hall, following the drunken lust fest for the three days following would be enlightening. Why was Steve at city hall for three days after, if nothing was amiss? What was Steve doing? Why was Tony there? This is very important yet has been forgotten in the muck. Keep digging and the truth will prevail.


Most telling to me is that there are no names attached to the web site. Completely anonymous. What does that suggest?


Great piece Otis.

They City has done everything to undermine the authority of the POLICE and every opportunity. STOP THIS NOW! The POLICE MUST ATTEND on TUESDAY and STAND up to this FRAUD..

If this City is fractured, as I believe it to be,THE CITY COUNCIL and MAYOR are at the heart of the TROUBLE and the SOLUTION.

IT is TIME for a Council person to STEP UP and PUT MR. ADAMS on LEAVE and then TERMINATE his SERVICES.


They wanted tea after wine? They did not want to go home to their families to start a 3- day weekend? Dana McClish wanted to catch them. They did not hear the POLICE when they banged at the door and windows? They thought they were under a threat ( at AG; are you kidding? )

And lastly, why go to Rooster Creek after Roberts? Needed some alone time?

How many people lied for you Mr. Adams?

BELIEVE THE POLICE looking for someone ILL, NOT ADAMS with too many glasses of WINE unexpectedly CAUGHT.



It suggests that people who exercise the same rights you all do – but from the opposite side of the issue – get slandered and insulted and subjected to all manner of personal scrutiny and attack. Nothing more.

Anyone should be able to speak without fear of recrimination


Let’s be real clear here…NO ONE has intimidated or prevented ANYONE from exercising the same rights we ALL possess.

If you can show or tell of ONE INSTANCE please do so, if you can’t, quit lying and complaining that somehow, someone is doing something to these intimidated people. It’s not the fault of the vocal public to cushion their opinion for the ignorant and speechless sheeple that mindlessly support something because they have been told to do so and find now how ridiculous they look.


Nobody said “intimidated.” Many of us would gladly debate if we could get at the issues at hand without having to defend ourselves against words like “lying” and “complaining” and “ignorant” and “speechless” and “sheeple” and “mindless” and “ridiculous.” That’s just one post. You don’t want informed discourse. You convene a shit slinging party every time anyone begins an intelligent conversation from a perspective with which you do not agree.


Fear of recrimination comes pretty close to intimidation if you ask me. I was referring to the comments in general that you were commenting on. As for intelligent conversation, I just call it like I see it. I sling nothing but facts, the problem is you perceive the truth as shit.

I am always open to legitimate debate, just bring facts and a bit of intelligence.


The words you used, “lying”, etc… all the insults – this is the “truth” I have issues with. If I have to regard your “opinions” as “truths” in order to coherently debate, then I respectfully decline. You’ll find that any middle school debate club member has been taught to do the same.


Yes, well, those are words they used to describe the current group working to elect a new mayor. Uninformed discourse happens when people choose to look the other way when wrongs are committed or choose not to accept the facts as they are—no one is slinging poop in anyone’s direction—and if you haven’t seen the website, you should visit—it is quite a shit-slinging fest in and of itself—no one said politics was a clean business and if that is what you are looking for, something squeaky clean, where everyone’s opinion is respected, you are asking for something which is a utopian concept—it is an ideal, which means it something to work towards, but not necessarily something which will be achieved. And lies have happened Ish, whether you want to believe it or not. And, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people on the otherside, like cowtipper, have been less than kind.

Please don’t come here hoping to have people respond to you positively when your basic point repeatedly has been, people haven’t been nice and you need to be—the main issue at hand is how the council and the mayor handle the business of AG—not if they are nice people, which has yet to be determined.


Very well said LeAnn. It seems Ishmeal feels the need

to attempt some shit stirring. Thank you and everyone else

who has supported this whole change and request for

transparency in their government.

3 putt

World class run-on sentence!


Ish, believe me, we welcome informed discourse! But first you need to get informed.

You think we’re way off base? Start talking to people who work for the city—-Steve and Teresa’s affair was NO secret!

If the city is watching out for our best interests, they should not have allowed the relationship between a manager and a subordinate to continue ONE MINUTE after learning of it years ago.

Think it’s none of our business? Let’s see if you change your mind after the lawsuits start rolling in!

There’s a reason the city employee manual prohibits manager/subordinate relationships…THE CITY EXPOSES ITSELF TO LITIGATION when they do not handle it appropriately.

It’s the duty of the city attorney, our Mayor and council to limit our exposure to litigation. They’re grade for this? F——

They have failed to do their duty by turning a blind eye to this, they know it and now we know too.

Don’t kid yourself, we’re not the only one’s paying attention to this.

The league of California Cities, of which our Mayor was just elected President, is keeping their eye on this too.

And it’s not because a few crazies are makin’ a stink, it’s because something in AG REALLY STINKS, and they can smell trouble all the way up in Sacramento!


Ish, you need to come speak to the merchants, and business owners who, despite the recrimination they fear will be set upon them after the election, have been calling for a yellow sign to support Jim Hill.

Have you not seen all the signs, or do you not live around here?


I’ve seen the signs. I’ve driven by you all in front of the Dollar Store I don’t know how many times. You’re asking me to fault their tactics, but their tactics are just what they would be if there were no sex. Evidence of a cover-up (which would be no evidence, right?) is just exactly what you would find if there were no cover-up.

You all want a new Mayor and CM and what all, great. If you want me to go along, I need some proof of guilt.

You’ll bring up the cops now. I get that, and it’s compelling, but it has been demonstrated that the police union (not saying they did…) had a POSSIBLE reason to make things as bad as possible. The lawyer’s “playbook” does nothing to make this possibility less credible.

Feeling this way shouldn’t make a target for abuse or judgement. That it has, has alienated me (and others) from even listening to your cause. Hearing both sides of things is why I came here with the questions in the first place, and the only question I got answered was the one where I wondered if it was a bad idea posting here at all.

You’ve always been the picture of decorum, LeAnn, and I admire your gumption sometimes (like when you’re the only one holding two signs :) ). On this issue, however, you’ve got to realize that you’re getting frustrated because what’s obvious to you isn’t obvious to everyone. That leads to judgementalism, and it finds its way into your tone. (Not an attack, just what I’ve read…)

I guess my point is, and for many of us, we’d rather leave you all and them all to your Rosie vs. The Donald routines and (probably) not even vote.


Sounds like you’ll only be convinced by photos from the after hour tea party, of disheveled attendees, startled by the police.

Sorry, the cameras were not rolling…that would have made it all so undeniable.


Hi Ish, The thing is, some of us have tried to answer your questions, you are not accepting our responses, that is frustrating. I guess I feel that the only reason certain things are not obvious to you is that, while you may be very well read on this issue, have you attended council meetings, have you talked with merchants, have you done that leg work to further answer your questions. You may be looking in the wrong place for the answers you are seeking. I can also tell you that I have never meant to attack you or anyone, even with a certain tone.


Thank you both, LeAnn and Ag, for your patience, and I’ll bow out after this.

I guess I just want to be about something, for a change, and this kind of bare-knuckles politics is right up my alley. I’d love to throw in, but I could go to either side. All the proof anybody’s got of anything here (you or them) is inexistent — just some stories in a paper that plays with the rules sometimes. There’ve been alot of tactics and bold strokes employed by both sides, but they’re all just manoeuvres of the war, and say nothing to who is ultimatley on the side of the angels.

I like what you all have going, and I don’t doubt the motives most of you have, but I couldn’t become involved if there was ANY doubt at all that I was doing no wrong. It’s just me, and I’m sorry that I’ve occupied so much of your time. I just hoped this was something I could lend my voice to.

On the subject of common behavior, I’ll admit to taking a hard line against those who can’t tell the difference between thoughtful and thoughtless, and that’s a judgementalism that I freely admit posessing and am willing to own. You’ve never offended me, LeAnn. There were times I could hear you rolling your eyes (lol) and I did not take offense. Thanks again for your patience.


They don’t want to put their name behind their group.

Or it could be one of those “me, myself and I” groups.


I am sure they will tell you they want to remain anonymous because they are afraid of retribution from the other group—yes, because we have targeted people—NOT!!!!!!

The only people being called out are the ones who have made poor decisions–the mayor, the council, the city attorney, and the city manager…no one else has been called out for any reason, but again, the black shirts have been scary at the council meetings and our presence has been menacing—I understand (insert sarcasm).


Fill in the Bubble

We need change in AG! and we need it this election! Look at all the evidence, look at the actions of the council and the mayor, look at how they have treated our intelligence, and look at how they continue to make this bad situation even worse.

Please understand the current council and mayor do not care about the interests outside of their own—they are not seated to listen to you—even though they should—they do not care what we have to say. We need transparency, we need order to our city council meetings, we need to be able to truly participate in the governing of the city and to have a say in the direction it goes. Who sits on the council and who occupys the mayor’s seat on the council IS within our control—let’s take that control and use it to better AG!

Don’t let this opportunity pass us up! We, as a community, cannot afford it.

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