NRC tags PG&E with Diablo Canyon safety breach

February 13, 2015

diabloThe Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a violation, but no fine, to Pacific Gas & Electric for maintaining a faulty warning system for a potential radioactive emergency at Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

In 2005, PG&E removed a section of its emergency plan that deals with notifying boats that are within 10 miles of Diablo Canyon’s nuclear reactors. PG&E did so without the NRC’s permission and did not restore the missing instructions to its emergency plan until 2013.

The NRC notified PG&E in December that it was aware of the emergency plan omission. The regulatory agency did not issue a violation, though, until Thursday.

Regulators said that despite PG&E having an inadequate plan, the Coast Guard and local government agencies could have safely directed ocean traffic in the event of a nuclear emergency.