Bwah! Hill loses vote; cancels trip with chamber

June 21, 2017

Supervisor Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


County supervisor Adam Hill dropped out of a planned trip to Colorado with members of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce after local business leaders failed to support Hill’s attempt to redirect county budget priorities.

Chamber officials had planned the Denver trip in conjunction with the new direct air service now being offered by United Airlines. Hill and fellow county supervisor Debbie Arnold were slated to be on the flight, as part of a strategy to build ties with the Colorado business community.

Hill’s decision to stay home followed his failed attempt, along with Supervisor Bruce Gibson, to derail a collaborative effort to implement affordable housing policies. Hill was the lone dissenting vote as the budget was approved Tuesday on a 4-1 vote.

During the meeting, Hill and Gibson again expressed their anger that the board majority did not agree to scrap long-term plans to change housing policies. They argued that spending $1 million on planning policies would have no impact on affordable housing.

“To provide the political pork has positioned us with moving ahead without an aggressive housing policy,” Hill said.

For several years, the county has participated in a collaborative effort by a group of organizations including the Board of Supervisors, the Builders Association, the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Vitality Corporation to improve accessibility of affordable and low-cost housing.

In the budget, the supervisors had set aside $250,000 to go towards farmworker housing, $500,000 for rezoning properties to residential and $250,000 to revise the county’s secondary dwelling ordinance following a state mandate requiring the change.

The group had finished the study process and is now planning to implement the changes.

On June 8, six days before the budget hearings were to begin, supervisors Hill and Gibson announced plans to divert $5 million, including the $1 million for the affordable housing policy collaboration plan, to nonprofit builders such as People’s Self-Help Housing or Habitat for Humanity.

Hill and Gibson claimed the $1 million to the collaboration effort was for studies and that by giving the money to the nonprofits, the county would be helping the poor transition into home ownership.

Shortly after the board majority voted against Hill and Gibson’s proposal, Gibson sent a letter to the San Luis Obispo Chamber and the Economic Vitality Corporation asking them to denounce the group’s collaborative low-cost housing efforts in favor of their plan.

After the letter failed to garner support for Hill and Gibson’s plan, Hill, who had RSVP’d his intention to go to Denver earlier this month, changed his mind and told chamber officials he would not be going.

Arnold still plans on making the trip.


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Aside from the story itself, I’m just pleased to see CCN back to reporting on Adam Hill, proving that they’re not intimidated in the least by the recent court decision against them. Keep it up, CCN.


No doubt there was collective sigh of relief from the remaining group, who will now be traveling without the increasingly pouty, puffy, Supervisor Hill. Here’s wishing them an enjoyable and successful trip!


Quick! some call for a whambulance…..

“I’m taking my ball and going home…so there!”

Sound familiar? It personifies Adam. He continues to spell the word team te(I)am. It’s just as well, the taxpayers won’t have to pay for a trip to Colorado.

Are bulldogs allowed on flights there days?


Hey now! My bulldog resents that comparison. Bulldogs are beautiful creatures and loving too. Well at least mine is.


Just another waste of money $1 million dollars to study what everyone has been talking about for at least 10 years. If this is really necessary then the entire Planning Staff should be replaced for being incompetent since they have not done anything.

It’s very interesting, and to put it clearly, the government wants private developers and builders to build their affordable homes, take the risks, be harassed with regulations etc. and then do it it for little no profit. I guess that would be the operation of government at its best by being so non experienced at any level of business.

If any BOS or city council ever got a majority of real business people,and I don’t mean someone selling their book from home, the entire environment of government could be corrected and might even become productive.

As a tag line might it be that Adam Hill fears getting thru the TSA security since everyone is aware of his mental condition?


And “Atlas Shrugged”.

Niles Q

The Cayucos Sanitary District is run by five local business people. They have taken a business-like approach to their new sewer project and have left Morro Bay in the dust, as far as moving their project along.

The CSD bought a piece of property, got an EIR approved, a master site plan and is already before the County on its Coastal Development Permit (likely to be the ting that slows them down).

They chose a design-build project delivery, so their designers are the same people who will build it, saving tons of money and time, too.

Meanwhile, Morro Bay city council has been bogged down in endless site investigations, paid for about a dozen “studies” from geology to hydrology to biological surveys on properties that were later abandond, and still is not sure of the newest site, which they haven’t yet purchased, and is I believe the fourth site to be seriously considered and extensively studied.

They have chosen to conduct a totally transparent project, including forming a special citizen advisory board to work on just this one thing, holding maybe a dozen and all it’s done is drag out the project and inflate the estimated costs, to the point where when it came time to vote on the rate structures needed to pay for what is now a $167 million project, the residents pitched a fit and the Council had to slam the brakes on the whole thing!

Now a new citizen’s opposition group has formed to “watch dog” this project, and the cycle starts over again and again. You’ve heard of the Twlight Zone, Morro Bay has entered “The Los Osos Sewer Zone!” And we’re doomed.

So having business people in elected positions is being done with the CSD and in this case has worked well.


Really getting tired of the whining and pouting from this dude. Amazing D3 re-elected him. But then again… D3 contains a plethora of whiners and pouters. They feed off each other.


I agree with “disclosure” but perhaps for some other reasons as well. Hill is a complete jerk and a Democrat in name only. Why does he keep getting elected? I can only figure he is a beneficiary of party loyalty on the part of his districts voters. A philosophy Republicans are so good at. Party loyalty is GARBAGE! Too bad only the people who elected him can vote for a recall. Not likely. Sad for San Luis Obispo County


As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, I’d like to see John Peschong go on this trip to represent the County of SLO.


Good riddance! Get someone on the flight who isn’t on the take.


I’m sure Hill is not worried about the flight, If he needs to fly somewhere Gary Grossman likely has access to a private jet that Hill could use.