Coronavirus cases up to 16 in SLO County

March 20, 2020

San Luis Obispo County health officials confirmed 16 cases of the coronavirus as of Friday afternoon, at a time most county residents are abiding by shelter at home rules.

Of those who have tested positive for the virus: seven live in the North County, five live in the South County, three reside on the coast and one lives in the San Luis Obispo area. Nine of the infected people are seniors and seven are non-senior adults.

All of the infected individuals are recovering at home.

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered the state’s 40 million residents to stay home, except for essential activities. These are the most sweeping restrictions in the United States, where more than 15,000 people have tested positive for the virus and 201 have died.

As of March 19, there are a total of 1,006 positive cases and 19 deaths in California.

Ages of positive cases in California:

  • Age 0-17: 18 cases
  • Age 18-64: 711 cases
  • Age 65+: 273 cases
  • Unknown: 4 cases

The number of worldwide cases continues to jump: more than 230,000 cases with more than 9,840 dead.


I just want to know if they’re going to start limping people staying people at hotels? I work at one and still see a lot of people checking in.Its just little confusing because this is a nation wide pandemic and people aren’t taking it seriously.


SLO County’s two largest employers are CMC and ASH. ASH has over 2100 employees that care for apprx. 1200 male patients that have committed violent felonies and and have serious mental disorders. During any given 24 hour period more than more than 600 Level of Care staff care for patients who are sometimes violent and some who cannot maintain basic hygienic practices such as showering and hand washing and are frequently incontinent. THESE ARE PSYCHIATRIC TECHNICIANS AND RN’S WHO HAVE DIRECT CONTACT WITH the MOST VULNERABLE YET DANGEROUS POPULATION. CMC has over 6000 inmates in a facility built for under 3400. It employs appr. 1800 staff. COVID-19 will spread like wild fire when it is introduced to these facilities. Once staff starts to be put on quarantine and test positive, the staffing shortages will cause already dangerous environments to become UNMANAGEABLE. What is Gov. Newsom’s plan for managing State Prisons and State Hospitals during this crisis?

If SLO County who has TWO of these facilities is not asking this question, who will???? SLO COUNTY MEDIA, GET ON THIS. We are talking about 4000 of your residents who are working the front lines of this crisis as ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL.