California to give $600 stimulus checks to low earners, immigrants

February 19, 2021

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a deal with legislators on a plan to issue $600 stimulus checks to low-income state residents, including illegal immigrants. [LA Times]

The “Golden State Stimulus” is expected to be a one-time $600 payment to approximately 5.7 million low-earners in California. The payments would total about $2.3 billion.

Recipients of the stimulus payments would include residents receiving the California earned income tax credit for 2020, which is given to individuals who earn less than $30,000 a year. Also, taxpayers with individual tax identification numbers who did not receive federal stimulus payments and whose income is below $75,000 would be eligible to receive the $600 payments.

Taxpayers who did not receive the federal stimulus and who also qualify for the California earned income tax credit would receive a total of $1,200.

Illegal immigrants who file tax forms would be eligible to receive Golden State Stimulus payments.

The state stimulus plan is expected to be expedited for legislative approval next week. The plan is part of a $9.6 billion economic recovery package that is funded by state taxpayer money, with the exception of federal funds for child care assistance.

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First, just because someone is low income doesn’t mean they don’t work hard, and that the work isn’t of value to society. Second, illegal workers are taxpayers too unless they don’t report earnings. What we should be ticked off about is workers and employers who don’t report income and earnings. Those are the folks who should be criticized. Third, all work and workers should be respected, as should be all small businesses. People trying to succeed. Isn’t this what we want to encourage? What the country is about?

Finally, this $600 refund gives those whose filing status is single, making less than $31T, zero income tax for 2021. Joint filers making less than $62T the same. The question is, is this too generous? I think everybody should pay something, even if only a small amount.

I have no problem with people immigrating to this nation. Just do it the legal way and follow the rule of law. My family on both sides, immigrated here four generations ago and did it the right way. Is that too much to ask? I thought those of your ilk were all about rule of law? Or is it like it so often is, you recognize it or reject the “rule of law” and Constitution when needed to meet your desired narrative. It amazes me how so many have spread the lies and deceit, while purposely combining legal immigration and illegal immigration to promote the lies and deceit. It appears now they’re all “refugees”. Our government at all levels have failed us on legal immigration.

I work for a small company that employ several that came to this nation legally, and followed the rule of law regarding it. All of them, again, all of them are against illegal immigration. They came for better life and opportunity from Mexico. But did it legally. No problem with that at all. It should be that way for all who desire to come here.

By all means if you want to pay more, get out your checkbook and give it to our hapless state governor.

Please read into the bill and its entirety as it finds SOO much, not just this tiny part noted to cause a stir; and what it funds Vs making this a political, religious or feeling based determination to reinforce a bias self actualization. all social programs, as a poor folk serving my community as a health care worker, I benefit, so do you. You need your EMS making 15.50 an hour working for San Luis Ambulance, they need this 600. You like your Albertsons and Vons, thank a bill like this. Look at Texas right now, seriously, falling apart! Leave Jesus, the bible, faith, out of a Free America. There is no one God here, just God, democracy, social welfare, lord have mercy Commonsense, way to make a mole hill of a mountain with hate!

Actually, agree with strong borders. Why? Potential terrorist attacks, smuggling.

But if someone has migrated, works hard, has been paying taxes, doesn’t have a criminal history. Why not have a reasonably easy path to citizenship or easy seasonal passage across the border? Why force these folks to live in the shadows? Why not include them in a stimulus tax refund? These folks are not vermin. They are workers and taxpayers, our brothers and sisters. Maybe an example for us to follow. We treat our pets better than we treat human beings.

In migrated, do you mean legal or illegal? There’s a big difference between the two. There is already a path to citizenship for all who want to come. Many of those who come chose to not follow the legal path. Could this be why they have forced themselves to live in the shadows? So whos fault is it?

I have no problem with them receiving stimulus check as long as they have meet the legal citizen status per rule of law. By the way, this isn’t a “tax refund” by any means. It’s unearned money given out by our government as aide. I think eventually with this new administration we will all someday be taxed for it.

I never referred to or insinuated that illegal immigrants were vermin. Very inappropriate to suggest that.

As for treating pets better than human beings, I would agree. Look what we’ve done to the innocent unborn life of a child. What does Jesus say about that, and those that bring harm to his children. You like quoting scripture?, then please share what it says about harming a child.

Good job in my eyes. The poorest are factually most affected by this pandemic, the backbone of America, including our hard working immigrants. Social welfare is my priority in life.

Good for you. Move to Canada.

Why, Canada has a crooked Gov? not Mine in America. Who’s a patriot now. I support Gavin, Democracy, and Freedom of Religion, Social Welfare, And speech. We have the most SECURE election in THE WORLD, this election proved it, so strong, it fought off a terrorist attack during a Presidential Transistion!

There you have the heart of this type of thinking. Others? Who cares? I got mine. Dedicate yourself? Move to Canada.

Now for the opposite, Matthew 25:37-40 ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

‘Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Thanks for the input. I am part of our church ministry that provides food, clothing, blankets, tents, toiletries, and most importantly the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, prayer and a listening ear. We do this biweekly and with God’s grace and mercy and try to meet their needs per Gods will. This ministry has served many in our community and beyond for 11 years now. It’s been a complete blessing to serve and share with them.

California isn’t giving shit, hard working tax payers are being robbed to buy votes for idiot Newsome.

Using gov’t revenues and expenditures to court favor with voters, now there is an idea no one has thought of. Yeah, it’s appalling, but it is also common place.

I thought the state was broke. Bidum’s stimulus plan needs to send billions to CA due to covid cash flow problems.

No, it’s to extend BART south and other Bay Area transit projects. Relatively little to do with COVID.

I thought it was illegal to offer cash for votes. This isn’t Chicago, right?

Gavin is buying votes to forstall his recall lol

True. But he does not need to spend money to forestall recall. The Dems control the voting process. These millions of petition signatures will fall short of required number when hundreds of thousands of signatures will be declared invalid. The validation process will have zero transparency.

I guess the state is flush with cash after losing $12 billion last year to Unemployment Fraud. It’s the least we can do for illegal immigrants (excuse me, undocumented workers).

I believe it may be over $30 Billion in lost funds this year.

Now there is a reason to change administrations, incompetence. Maybe if Newsome is brought down by this massive unemployment fraud, the rest of the politicians in this county would get the point! You’re incompetent, you’re out.