Morro Bay teacher resigns amid allegations of misconduct

February 5, 2021

Tyler Andree


Amid allegations of misconduct, Morro Bay High School chemistry teacher and girl’s swim coach Tyler Andree suddenly resigned, just two days before the start of the second semester.

A 2014 San Luis Obispo High School graduate, Andree began working at Morro Bay High School on Aug.13, 2019. He taught chemistry and also implemented an advanced placement chemistry class.

On Jan. 18, Andree submitted his resignation — effective immediately, said Christin Newlon, San Luis Coastal Unified School District human resources director. At that time, the school had not selected his replacement.

The district is not disclosing the reasons for Andree’s resignation, pending a police investigation.

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Another Proud Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Grad, another rapist. The next City Manager of SLO town.

Is this the son of the current athletic director John Andree?

Yes, this is the son of John Andree, Long time football coach and teacher at Morro Bay high and current athletic director.

Tyler was also a leader in Avila Beach Junior Lifeguards for several years. I think he also worked as a lifeguard at Sinsheimer pool. He’s very active in the SLO swim community.

As my neighbor says, he’s good people he went to Cal Poly. Another fine Cal Poly grad. Allegations existed since 2014 and the inept police did nothing because he’s good people he went to Cal Poly. More and more victims because of the inept Morro Bay Police. Fire the Chief and lead detectives. It took the FBI involvement to push this issue.

If Previous allegations do exist, the school better be prepared to write some hefty settlement checks.

They will, just like Paso Robles former Director of Public Works son. They knew and all lied to cover it up, because he was good people because he went to cal poly. Sounds like Scott Peterson all over without the murder.

Didn’t the principal just recently get the axe as well ?

My understanding is that Dr. Kyle Pruitt, MBHS principal is on sabbatical and was to return for the Spring semester, but that’s a darn good question, since I don’t think he has returned yet.

I’m quite sure why can guess!

No, not another one!!