Paso Robles seeking 60% sewer rate increase

February 3, 2021


The city of Paso Robles is considering raising sewer rates by approximately 60 percent over the next four years.

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Paso Robles City Council will discuss multiple sewer rate hike proposals.

One proposal calls for an up-front rate hike of 50 percent that would take effect on July 1 and would be followed by a pair of 5 percent increases on April 1, 2024 and April 1, 2025. Under an alternative phased-in approach, sewer rates would increase by 24 percent on July 1 and then by 8 percent on April 1 of 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025.

If the city were to approve the phased-in approach, the average monthly residential sewer bill would rise from its current level of $46.80 to $58.20 on July 1. By April 2025, the average sewer bill in Paso Robles would rise to around $75.

City officials are also considering changing the structure of sewer rates in order to add fixed charges. Currently, Paso Robles wastewater customers only pay usage charges.

If the council endorses a rate hike and later formally approves one, ratepayers will have the opportunity to mount a majority protest in order to upend the sewer bill increases.


And the City Council will give themselves a raise for their efforts trying to balance the budget while the PEOPLE once again get the shitty end of the stick.

Jorge Estrada

What if there is very large pension liability with their funding is invested in the stock market? is it legal to gamble with tax dollars or can that color of money be changed into, “let’s see what happens”?


That’s funny, the 2021 budget had an increase of about $600,000 to the personnel cost without adding any new positions. They all get a nice fat raise then up your bill to pay for it.


A few months ago I mentioned to a friend that I might sell my properties that are tied to city water and sewer systems because new fees are coming in the future such as levys on properties of $20k to $40k to pay for newer municipal systems which would just eat up even more of my equity .The news has been spouting for quite awhile that municipal owned systems throughout USA are aging some over 100 hundered years old .The municipalities have been collecting fees for a century what did they do with a centuries worth of fees ??? and now every few years they want more money from ratepayers , a endless cycle


Morro Bay’s sewer rates are going to be around $200.00 per month, of course some of it is being hidden in the water rates by adding water recycling in the new plant’s title!!!

$75.00 per month doesn’t sound so bad when you compare it to Morro Bay or cable TV:)


Hey what about that sales tax increase? Using it for upgrades to the sewer system sounds like a much better plan than such steep rate hikes.


Truly Blessed are the folks with their own wells and septic tanks ,in just a few years they pay for themselves .Buttt as the water sharks move in and the GOV with meters for wells not good .Unfortunatley properties have become so overbuilt and crowded wells and septic tanks have become sewage recycling apparatuses .I have a city lot that has an existing well and septic but I am not allowed to use them when I develop the lot I must spend $40k to hook up to city services plus a lifelong water/sewer bill to boot

Jorge Estrada

Blessed are those who take care of their own crap. Obviously a sewer plant is costly so living within the limits of a designed septic system make good sense to never give it up.


I’m sure glad I don’t live in Paso. And the rate of inflation is what?