Morro Bay teacher sentenced to jail for sex offenses

July 23, 2021

Tyler Andree


A San Luis Obispo judge sentenced a former Morro Bay High School teacher teacher on Wednesday to four months in jail for having sex with a 17-year-old student and sending sexually explicit messages to another underage student.

Tyler Andree, now 25, was a chemistry teacher and girls’ swimming coach at Morro Bay High School. He began working at the school on Aug. 13, 2019 and resigned on Jan. 18, 2021.

Andree had sexual intercourse on at least one occasion sometime in 2020 with one of his female students who, at the time, was 17 years old. The student was in the last semester of her senior year in high school, and she turned 18 in April of 2020, prior to the end of the semester.

Later in 2020, Andree sent messages communicating explicit sexual intent with another 17-year-old female student.

Morro Bay police officers arrested Andree in February.

On June 9, Andree pleaded no contest to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and contact with a minor for a sexual offense. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors dismissed two counts of child molestation and one count of contact with a minor for a sexual offense.

Then on Wednesday, a judge sentenced Andree to 120 days in jail, as well as two years of supervised felony probation. Andree must also register as a sex offender. Andree’s sex offender status will require him to register with law enforcement in the city where he resides every year on his birthday for 20 years.

The plea agreement ensures Andree would be held accountable for his actions without subjecting the two victims to testifying in court and enduring mental anguish from cross-examination by a defense attorney, the SLO County District Attorney’s Office stated in a press release.

“There is no safe haven in San Luis Obispo County for people in positions of trust who take advantage of those who they are responsible to protect,” District Attorney Dan Dow said in a statement. “This conviction will rightly ensure that Tyler Andree is never again allowed to coach, teach or be in a position of care for children.”


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Wait, why is Pruitt on paid admin leave?


Cal Coast news reporting other shenanigans at Morro Bay high school where no one gets in trouble. The former auto shop teacher at Morro Bay High School allegedly sold vehicles repaired by students without depositing funds from the sales back into a school account. [Tribune] teacher claims he just didn’t know how to keep books. He did However get a nice hefty pension as a deterrent. It was straight up embezzlement. Oh yeah, The principal was also involved. Also no punishment. And of course Morro Bay police department only investigate Crimes against Giovanni‘s

Additionally, ex-automotive technology teacher James Bueno used school club funds to purchase car parts for personal use, regularly spent more out of the auto club account than was budgeted and gave his mother a car that was repaired using school funds, according to the findings of a private investigations firm.

Following a decade on the Morro Bay High campus that included six years as the school’s automotive technology teacher, as well as stints as a football and a volleyball coach, Bueno resigned with a $48,000 severance package. His resignation took effect Nov. 30, 2020.

Morro Bay High’s auto shop program functioned as a club, rather than a class. However, the club did not have any student officers, as required by school rules. Bueno was the sole officer.

School Principal Kyle Pruitt, who has been on paid leave since early December, approved Bueno’s misuse of funds and may have pressured Morro Bay High’s club accountant to “take care of Mr. Bueno,” investigative documents state. When the auto shop account would run out of funds, Pruitt would allegedly tell the accountant to take care of Bueno and transfer funds from the Associated Student Body general account in order to make ends meet.

The investigation into Bueno’s alleged misuse of funds spanned late September to early October. San Luis Coastal Unified School District attorneys hired The SmithGroup, a private investigations firm, to conduct the probe.

Among the findings in the investigation, it was determined a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle was donated to the school, repaired over the course of a year and then given to Bueno’s mother at no cost.

Bueno ultimately paid $2,000 out of his initially $50,000 severance package to compensate the school for the Beetle. Still, neither Bueno, nor the school district admitted to wrongdoing related to the alleged misuse of funds.

However, the San Luis Coastal school board requested the findings of the investigation be turned over to the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to determine whether criminal prosecution would be appropriate. Officials have since referred the investigation to the Morro Bay Police Department.

In an interview, Bueno said he was never properly trained in how to do bookkeeping for the auto shop and all of the money he received from selling repaired cars went back into the program, even if the books did not indicate so. Bueno said he wholeheartedly believes everything he did put the children first, the community first and the school first.

Morro Bay High Principal Pruitt will return to his position briefly in March before transferring to a teaching position, beginning in July.


Plea Deal Dan, fighting for the rights of white rapists everywhere. Never forget Danny covering up for rapist Paso cop Christopher Maguire was so egregious he was investigated by the California Attorney General. Dow single-handedly killed prosecution of (alleged) three time rapist officer McGuire, who left a neon trail of overwhelming evidence proving sexual assault while on duty. The only thing surprising is Dan didn’t dismiss charges for Andre. Dow continually betrays his oath and the community. We need someone who represents the citizens. Dan needs to be voted out of office so he can get a real job. He is a waste of taxpayer money.


Once again, another “local” 2nd generation “employee”. This dudes dad was a coach at Morro Bay as well!


This guy has an even longer history of abusing his authority over underage girls that the police straight up ignored. A predator like him does not deserve such a light sentence!


Ok let me get this straight. A repeat sexual predator in a position of authority over children is offered a plea.

But the summer protesters, annoying as they may be to Dow, are not offered plea bargains?

Equity says make that too go away Dan.

We have suffered through that case longer than you’ve punished this creepy dude.


What is with SLO County legal system , 4 Month Good Lord, I had a contractor Take a check Never performed ANY Labor for $6,500 and I do not even think the DA even sent the guy a letter, What a County.. It Is Sick ..


Thank you Dan Dow you are appreciated!


Dan Dow is literally letting this teacher have sex with students and face only a slap on the wrist.

All child predators deserve prison.

Adam Trask

While I totally agree that four months is way too lenient, the stiffest part of this sentence is that the perp will have to register as a sex offender. This will negatively affect where he lives and where, or even if, he works. It’s a moniker which will impact every aspect of his life.


stiffest part of this sentence is that the perp will have to register as a sex offender. This will negatively affect where he lives and where, or even if, he works.

Under Cal. Pen. Code § 290.46(l)(2)(E) companies can’t use sex offender registry information to make housing decisions or even hiring decisions unless “at-risk” people are involved (ex. teaching, elderly care, etc.).

That is really not much of a penalty. Sure, it shames the criminal — but it doesn’t provide anywhere near the level of punishment they would receive by spending years in prison with the ‘child molester’ target on their back.

This guy will probably move to another state, get a job where he can continue to mingle with underage kids (ex. fast food, movie theater, etc.) — make more money than a PE teacher, and continue to be a predator.

4 months in county and a “registry” is not going to reform him.


Wow, a whole 4 months in jail. LOL. Way to funny!