South County council rejects pot shop plans

February 24, 2015

potA South County advisory body declared Monday night that it does not support a Santa Cruz woman’s plan to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Nipomo. [Tribune]

The South County Advisory Council voted 9-2 against the project. However, the project does not need an endorsement from the advisory council in order to move forward.

The San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission is expected to discuss the dispensary proposal in May, and the board of supervisors could ultimately rule on the project.

Stephanie Kiel, the owner of marijuana delivery service Ethnobotanica, is proposing to build a shop at 2122 Hutton Road in Nipomo. The location is near highways 101 and 166.

Kiel estimates the Nipomo dispensary would sell between $3 million and $8 million worth of marijuana a year, depending on whether or not a competing shop opens in the area. She is suggesting that the county adopt a 5 percent sales tax on marijuana.

On Monday, advisory council vice chair Harry Walls said he was impressed with the security element of Kiel’s plan. But, Proposition 215, California’s primary medical marijuana law, is not a proper way to regulate marijuana, Walls said.

Eight years ago, the county adopted an ordinance that allows marijuana dispensaries to open if they receive approval from local officials. Since adopting the ordinance, though, the county has rejected three applications for dispensaries and approved none.

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Mr. Walls seems to think that he knows better than all the voters. This a government by the people and for the people. Not life according to some nitwit like Walls.

A million quack doctors will give anyone over 18 a medical marijuana card in California. I got one in Venice beach for $35 and a two minute consultation to see if I could.

Medical marijuana is a rouse to put in place the infrastructure for the day it is legalized, then the medical marijuana people are way ahead of the competition in turning youths minds to mush.

And your point is ?

Do you even have a small amount of knowledge from personal research about why, when and who criminalized marijuana? Or does your disdain simply come from propaganda measures like reefer madness? Knowledge is power, maybe you need a little.

Just say no and keep the black market thriving.

Well that about puts the kabosh on MJ sales in Nipomo…..said no one ever!

with the focus on wine in this county, the rejection of pot seems so much more biased and archaic! get over it, people, its gonna be legal soon enough. SLO County should get in on the tax revenues!

As long as marijuana users sign an affidavit that they will not take public handouts then legalize away.

But it’s perfectly OK to chug down a bag covered 40 under a bridge.

“sign an affidavit ” LOL

Right after prescription drug users and wine drinkers stop takeing public handouts.

So how is that double standard of hate on poor people, working out for you?

I don’t think the drunken bums should get a penny either. No double standard. Let’s just do it right this time.

Not hatred for those on the dole. More like disgust.

Way to line up the sheeple….sip the kool-aid at first…..nonsense.

The wine people and the pharmaceutical companies are just plain greedy, they don’t want anyone infringing on their profits. Too afraid people will catch on that there are no health detriments to medical marijuana and make the switch. Disgusting, that this type of discrimination is allowed against the wishes of a great many of the people.