Another body found in San Luis Obispo

January 4, 2020


The San Luis Obispo Police Department is investigating the death of a person whose body was found on a city sidewalk Saturday morning.

Shortly after 6 a.m., a caller reported a body on the 4400 block of Poinsettia Street near Lilly Lane. Detectives are at the scene investigating the death.

Officials are not releasing the name of the deceased pending notification of their next of kin.

A week ago, the body of 60-year-old Norman Bispo was found in Perfumo Creek. His cause of death has not yet been determined.

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We once had vagrancy laws…people did away with them because they thought it was mean to lock up vagrants…but we didn’t do it to be mean…we did it to protect the homeless and the society they live in…letting people live and die in the streets?…now that’s mean…..the damage done by bleeding hearts in this regard is incalculable….

Listen to the podcast “Your own back yard” to learn about Kristin Smart disappearing from Cal Poly SLO. Paul Flores is creepy and you will learn all about his involvement in her murder.

What will it take to wake up these folks at City Hall? Number one issue are the sad state of these homeless, mentally ill folks now dying around us? Hit by a car early in the morning on LOVR, dying alone in a creek and now dead on the street… three all in the same area within a month. Harmon, it’s NOT straws, styrofoam, plastic bags and fossil fuels …it’s homelessness that can immediately kill.

Definitely sad for a person to die on a sidewalk or creekbed and their body have to be found. However, the result of these peoples lives are the sum product of all of their choices including alienation of every person who has ever loved them. Government can’t fix that.

Agree completely CH, but there are steps that can be taken to assist those who are a threat to themselves. We are better than to see these dying on the streets.