Grover Beach clerk approves initiative to repeal water rate increase

April 26, 2024

Debbie Peterson


Grover Beach City Clerk Wendi Sims on Thursday certified a petition to repeal the city’s 112% water and sewer rate increase. The Measure was submitted by GroverH2O, a grassroots group of Grover Beach citizens who seek to augment the city’s water supply with socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable solutions.

At the May 13 Grover Beach City Council meetings, Sims will present the certification. The council can either adopt the repeal in its entirety, put the repeal on the Nov. 5 ballot, or send the repeal to committees for reports and then within 30 calendar days either adopt or put the repeal on the ballot.

In early January, Grover H2O filed a notice of intent to circulate a petition to repeal the water and sewer rate increase. The group, headed by former Mayor Debbie Peterson,  needed to collect 235 signature from Grover Beach residents who voted in the last election.

On March 11, Grover H2O turned in a petition signed by 1,085 voters.


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I wish Cambria would do this!