Bystander arrested following fight in Paso Robles

April 24, 2024


A 13-year-old bystander was arrested on Wednesday afternoon following a altercation between two teenagers in Paso Robles.

Shortly after 4 p.m., a teenager was walking on San Carlos Drive when another teen pulled up in a car, and the two entered into a physical altercation. Officers arrived and attempted to calm the situation.

However, a 13-year-old bystander began berating an officer, repeatedly calling him fat. The teen then closed in on the officer, who put up his hands to protect his space, which the teen swatted away.

Officers arrested the teen and transported him to juvenile hall.


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The kid’s not wrong. There are a lot of fat active duty cops on the central coast. It’s embarrassing.

Sticks and stones officer HD.

Sounds like that kid could use some better parenting…

The young man is just preparing himself to be admitted to one of our prestigious universities one day.

Hmmm. Doubt it. More likely the cop did most or all of the closing in. We’ll have to wait for the movie,