Pedestrian hit, injured in San Luis Obispo Costco parking lot

April 23, 2024

Photo by Dave Congalton


A car crashed into and injured a pedestrian in the Costco parking lot in San Luis Obispo on Monday afternoon.

Shortly before 4 p.m., a car hit a person walking in the parking lot. Emergency medical personnel transported the victim to a local hospital. Their condition is not being released at this time.

Photo by Dave Congalton

Officers closed a portion of the parking lot as they investigated the crash.


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Hello everyone, unfortunately the man that was hit by an suv at the Costco parking lot has passed away. He suffered severe fracture to the back of the skull and was bleeding in the brain. There was not much the doctors could do or would be willing to do. He was taken Off life support Thursday …if you could find it in your heart to help the family please see the link below. The world lost a loving brother, father and grandfather.

Question: When is it OK to park on a RED fire lane curb? Answer: When it is by Costco snack bar and you’re in a hurry to get your pizza. The lack of enforcement of by either SLOPD, the Fire Marshall, or Costco amazes me. People parking at this curb cause traffic congestion; block the view of drivers and pedestrians alike. WAKE UP Costco!!!