Gearhart gone, not forgotten

January 5, 2011

Disgraced land developer Kelly Gearhart’s well-funded stranglehold on San Luis Obispo county planning officials, and the financial havoc he visited on unsuspecting investors, is the subject of’s newest offering, “A County Corrupted.”

Part One of the multi-part series features an interview with Marion Warner, a woman who has known Gearhart most of his life.

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She is kind of cute, wonder what she married him for maybe $, just a thought or the promise of it.

One things for sure I bet he lied to her too. Fraud never sleeps!

Curious that two of those couples in the picture have the female taller than the male; do those males who have taller mates feel some sort of sub-conscience need to “compensate” with their behavior towards other people in their lives? Something that could lead to “taking advantage of people”?

That is a very Keen observation or insight and some probability to it.

With all the wealth status they flash, the choice or decision was more so that of the men with the power or gold.

What a lovely photo of the rich and powerful.

Is he going to pay some of the money back?

I know none of his past buddies will chip or lend $ to help pay back!

I know for sure his lovely wife ain’t gona let loose a single cent to pay back your own $!

Those investors with default judgement have a difficult job taking or collecting and don’t believe the BS his attorney gives you, he and his wife ain’t about to go homeless by giving you your own $ back!

He will look for new territory and do the same thing again, its easy big money .

He’ll say that your invested $ is his $, and what he has left is his $ and you don’t touch!