Diablo Power Plant open house, event photos

January 4, 2011

An open house that provided attendees a chance to learn more about the Diablo Power Plant was hosted by Pacific Gas and Electric Company at its Energy Education Center in San Luis Obispo on December 16.

“For more than 25 years, Diablo Canyon has provided clean energy to PG&E’s customers and we’ve long valued our unique position within the community,” said Jim Becker, DCPP site vice president. “We’ve maintained a healthy dialogue with our neighbors and are committed to furthering the continuing conversation at this event and through similar initiatives in 2011.”

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If you would like to buy a high resolution print of any of these photos contact photographer Dennis Eamon Young at (805) 540-1271 or photodennis44@gmail.com. See more of the photographer’s work at www.DennisEamonYoungPhoto.com.

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Regarding Diablo, this thread is closed to comment:


but I would appreciate clarification: if one checks the public record it can be verified that I testified verbally in writing under letterhead of U.R.S.A. supporting the Board of Supervisors requesting a vetting of the ramifications of the “newly discovered” Shoreline Fault as a condition precedent to the granting of a renewal license. The Board made it clear that it did not comment either affirmatively or negatively on nuclear energy and in no way acceded to the agenda of those seeking to permanently shut DCPP down. As I have frequently argued before BOS in SLO and SB, the mounting evidence for global climate change is becoming more and more convincing. As a former employee of the US Weather Bureau, admittedly as a lowly meteorological observer and reporter, I have a real civic hobby interest in climate and welcome anyone to debate the issue. I get a lot of practice, as my Dad, formerly a US Navy meteorologist, is one of the doctorate signatory to the original international “scientist petition” expressing scepticism about global warming. So, like I say, if anyone thinks that global climate change is a plot by eco-crazies to take over the world, I’d feel right at home debating them,and, worst case scenario, I suppose they could come to one of our family barbecues and we can debate over a six pack. But the bottom line is that the US is shipping dirty coal to China on barges that do add GHG (green house gases) and as people in India and elsewhere crave 427 and 396 US made V-8 engines for their hotrods, it’s gonna get hot. As President Obama asserts, it is inevitable that nuclear power will play an important role, and, be that as it may, there are over 400 NPP’s today and we need viable policies to control nuclear waste. There is a need for healthy dialogue, as for instance at the NRC public meeting in SLO last November, and it seems that for the time being nobody, from any quarter, has presented a credible argument that the “newly discovered” Shoreline Fault presents a signifigant new risk profile which was not presented by the Hosgri fault to a signifigant degree. And out Board of Supervisors does not seem to have any agenda to hold up the relicensing of DCPP, despite a very small opposition which seems to be chasing its own tail most of the time. Thank you for an opportunity to dispell some misconceptions. Geof Bard Founder of Upland Research Science Action

Clean alright, and they’ve got the piles of waste to prove it!!!

As soon as PG&E cops to being a major polluter as a result of running the DCPP, then we can talk about having a “healthy dialog,” Mr. Becker.