Supervisors plan to tackle big issues

January 5, 2011

San Luis Obispo County supervisors listened Tuesday as several speakers voiced their concerns about controversial issues including recent medical marijuana arrests, SmartMeters and flooding in Oceano and signaled that they plan to deal with these issues. [Tribune]

Several people spoke out about the recent arrest of 15 people who ran medical marijuana delivery services. Many voiced their concerns over the alleged aggressive and humiliating actions of some law enforcement personnel.

Pat Hedges, a fierce opponent of medical marijuana, was still in office during the raids. Organized by the San Luis Obispo County Narcotics Task Force, six law enforcement agencies and at least 50 agents participated in the arrests.

The supervisors said they plan to meet with new county Sheriff Ian Parkinson to discuss a rational approach in dealing with medical marijuana.

Residents also questioned whether the recent flooding in Oceano could have been prevented and demanded to know what action the government plans to take to prevent it from happening again.

Supervisors Paul Teixeira and Adam  Hill said they intend to speak with South County residents and leaders to assess the situation.

Several people voiced their opposition to SmartMeters and asked the board to place a halt on instillations because of growing concerns about the PG&E meters. Currently, PG&E is installing the controversial meters in the North County and plans on moving south over the next year.

Opponents cited concerns over radiation, privacy, cost, security and lost jobs as the meters readers are replaced by technology. PG&E representatives said they have already found jobs for 80 percent of their former meter readers.

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Final comment:

You CEO at PGE see your sucess which enables you to place your children in a priviledge class but you see not the world you place your children into, you lack the guts and dilligence to to make a better model to be great!

Shit can this Smartmeter project for the few extra bucks and come up with a better model, you can!

Smart Meter

PGE is not giving any one any thing tangible to go on until they finish what they intend to do, its no different than some one not telling you where you are going until you get there!

Every residents with an independant transmitter is way too much, the more the numbers greater likeliness of transfer or transmission errors!

Does anyone know the frequency and power output (range) for each unit (this really matters!)?

What matrix i.e. the number of different channels per frequency or group of meters?

If 100 residents are using 100 diferent channels, and the neighboring group uses another 100 differnt channels, and the third neighboring group “out of transmission range” from the first group uses similar channels, then this logistic is not fool proof i.e. the range of the “out of range” third group could “cross talk (causing over charge)” or spike with the first “out of range first group merely by weather change!

No one can rule out that EMF radiation (especially at higer frequencies in the GHZ) has some affect on humans cells and other conditions unless paid to do otherwise. I’m more concerned of the frequency being used, next the power output!

For sure (unlike cigarettes) with the existing EMF and the Smart Meter added no one and it would be impossible to link Which hair broke (chronically contributed) the camel’s back!

I prefer analog over digital, each and every household (way too too much EMF) having an unknown or secret frequency (I suspect square wave and micicroware frequency – dangerious long term) and power output is pure insanity.

PGE CEO has no Bio-Techical insight, and PGE Engineers are loyal to their network lacking Bio-Engineering foresight.

Gentlemen, CEO and Engineers of PGE (When one of your reps said on 920 Radio stated that the frequencby was simular to the cordless phone I knew at that time he had no technological knowledge and was shaky!) the thumbs down button is on the lower right.

All and all gentleman and ladies ther is in fact a better model that can work! The Engineers should be the CEO’s!

This reminds me of the movie Training Day

I listened to public comment. It was early in the BOS meeting and is well worth listening to. This was Adam Hill’s first time as chair and he was a tad prickly.

One of the speakers corrected a statement that Wallace had made about being on site an observing why the creek over flowed. Wallace was never there and admitted it to the speaker when confronted.

Rachael Tagamani (sp) said she told one of the arresting officers that they had complied with all the Attorney General’s requirements and the officer said he didn’t give s……. what the AG said. Supervisor Hill told her she ws not to use profanity! Guess we can’t hear how the sheriffis officers talk.

And I agree 1000 % with what WiseGuy just said.

Too bad she didn’t tell Adam Hill she was only repeating what the arresting officer said to her, and that if he had a problem with that language he should take it up with the officer in question. I respect Adam Hill but this NTF needs to be reined in NOW. How about a public listing of the names of all the officers on the NTF since they are not “undercover”? How about a recounting by the NTF of who was in charge, who he took his orders from and what was their motive for these arrests?

I can’t say how it is run now, but I KNOW that in the past the Narcotics Task Force in SLO County was a rogue unit, without any effective, direct supervision. That’s the problem with how the Task Force is set up, with one officer each from various law enforcement agencies.

Thus it ends up that the Task Force is more or less and independent boy’s club where they get together in their “secret” headquarters in the county government center, outside the supervision of their individual bosses. Thus there has been a tendency for Task Force members to act as if they are bunch of high school kids with “go-anywhere, do-anything” hall passes. This creates all the elements for the Task Force to act as a rogue, renegade unit whenever they want to. Throw in large amounts of non-inventoried money, drugs, and guns, and you have a recipe for trouble and abuse of power. And that is exactly what has happened.

Narcotics Task Force members have enjoyed the nickname among law enforcement as “the Cowboys” and they would take it upon themselves raid and confiscate significant amounts of drugs and money. The troubling fact is that there was very little or no oversight or auditing or any effective way for the public to know how much of that money or drugs confiscated ever made it back to the evidence locker.

We’re talking significant $$ values, with significant temptation, and very little chance of being caught if you did happen to pocket a small percentage of that recent “million dollar” drug bust.

Bottom line, from the way drugs are valued, to what makes it back to the evidence lockers and then is presumably destroyed, the accounting is very shaky and I don’t know if there is really anything the public has been able to do about it. The system seems designed to make it very easy for the NTF agents to get away with a lot.

I think it is a very dangerous situation in a lot of ways and t he public would be outraged if they really understood it.

Can anyone tell me if they believe anything has changed regarding this? Am I wrong? Or will people who don’t like me spreading TRUTH click on the “dislike” button, but never explain why?

Law enforcement everywhere seem to be out of control. Check this out:

Guilty or not, the guy had a right to a fair trial. This IS still America, right?

Whatever they can do to some body in Guantanamo they can do to you or anyone, some of the key parts seem to be missing but yeah this is America

Keep voting for your change people, surrender your fire arms and rights so only criminals and the Gov have them and your done.

If you’re counting on your guns to safeguard you from tyrannical government, you’re terribly and comically deluded. You’re never going to “out gun” the government. Even if you have machine guns and tanks in your garage, you would be crushed like an ant. The democratic process, as flawed as it might be, provides more realistic hope of protection than any cache of guns you might gather.

The democratic process was designed as an alternative to using weapons and killing to protect the rights of citizens. And, for the most part, it has been working. It’s a system worth building upon and provides more hope of positive change than a case load of AK-47s in every garage.

Lack of a strong, independent media, and the prevalence of propagandists controlling the media, is more of a threat to freedom than sensible gun control. And, for the record, President Obama does not want to confiscate your guns, so you can stop being a victim of the gun and ammunition industries’ fear mongering that is aimed at boosting corporate profits at the expense of a united, healthy community.

I have no problem with people owning guns. But when having a gun becomes a religion combined with fear, hate, prejudice and continual irrational anti-government rhetoric it DOES become a problem for me and others.

Forgive me for believing there is no way you are going to shoot your way out of your political problems.

Smart Meter

I do believe there is a smarter way to systematically rework the model and use a lot less Smartmeters with a lot less potential transfer errors.

Smart Meter

If everyone is more concerned about employment it is better for the time being to use human base job function rather than digital base operation.

If PGE save money using the Smart Meter, they for sure are not going to rebate $ back to the consumer!

PG&E is not only not going to rebate any monies they “saved” by no longer using meter readers,they are going to charge customers for the meters they have already been paid for by a Fed stimulus grant…

Is anyone surprised?