School chief’s wife defends contracts with district

December 23, 2011

Julie Adams


Rancorous relations among factions in the Coast Unified School District (CUSD) fester after the wife of district Superintendent Chris Adams angrily and publicly derided “lies and accusations about our family that pervade our district and community and affect my daughters.”

Julie Adams made her comments in a blistering, 3,200-word email received late last week by CUSD parents and other Cambria-area residents. In it, she addressed allegations that Chris Adams has been funneling district funds to her and her father-in-law through contracts for electrical work and educational consulting.

She singled out people she believes to be responsible for “making time-consuming claims” about her and her husband at school board meetings. She said those people “are involved in PTA, Site Council, Boosters, etc….”

Also, the Adams were investigated recently by district-retained attorneys after the Adams’ children’s names showed up on a list of free lunch recipients. The form filled out by Julie Adams reported their combined monthly income to be more than $26,000, but the subsequent investigation revealed no purposeful wrongdoing.

The probe was conducted by attorney Roman Munoz of the Sacramento law firm Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard, which has represented the district since 2007.

In her tersely-worded email, Julie Adams wrote, “A small group of people who have nothing better to do on Thursday evenings, at least until karaoke starts, have made it their entertainment fodder to attend board meetings and make time-consuming claims and then perpetuate the falsities at school events or elsewhere.”

Julie Adams noted in the communication that she wrote and distributed the email without her husband’s prior knowledge or approval.

While turmoil between parents and school officials is hardly uncommon, the current atmosphere at CUSD — which one parent described as “fetid” —  may have been preordained from the start of her husband’s tenure as superintendent. Julie Adams wrote in her email, “When I moved to Cambria three years ago, many told me… to be careful in my dealings with a few people.”

Speakers at board meetings have complained that Julie Adams has been profiting from the school district through her educational consulting firm. Others pointed out that Larry’s Lighting, owned by Chris Adams’ father and located in Redding, has been receiving no-bid contract work from the CUSD since 2009.

Asked about these family-related deals, both Chris and Julie Adams referred CalCoastNews to attorney Munoz.

In response to Public Records Act requests spanning three months, Munoz eventually provided documentation showing that both Julie Adams and Larry Adams have received payments from the district.

According to those documents, Larry’s Lighting was paid $21,479.09 from 2009-2011. During the same period, payments to each of the other electrical companies previously used by the district either stopped or steadily declined after 2009.

Gary Gowdy’s company was one of those; contracts from the district for his electrical services totaled $10,787.28 during the same period but decreased to virtually zero once Larry’s Lighting made the CUSD payroll.

At one meeting in 2010, district trustees agreed they had no problem with the Adams-to-Adams arrangement, that Larry’s Lighting was “saving” them money, that his work was satisfactory, and that they did not perceive nepotism to be a factor in any way.

Julie Adams owns Adams Educational Consulting. In 2009, just months after her husband was hired as superintendent, a group called the California League of High Schools (CLHS) contracted with the CUSD to conduct a three-day “Content Area Literacy Boot Camp” and several other teachers’ seminars for $21,900.

Munoz said the services provided by Julie Adams to the district “on behalf of the California League of High Schools… are considered a ‘remote interest’ under California’s conflict of interest statute.” Therefore, he added, the district “is permitted to contract for services with… Julie Adams.”

Callers to the telephone number in Long Beach provided by CLHS are informed by recorded message that they have reached “Julie Adams with Adams Educational Consulting.”

Munoz said no additional district funds have been paid to Julie Adams or to groups associated with her or her consulting company since last year.

“Our office is informed that the district has not made payments to CLMS for consulting services since early 2010,” wrote Munoz in an email.

But despite her reluctance to talk to reporters about her district business, Julie Adams did discuss the issue… briefly… in her widely-distributed email.

“Another misconception I would like to address,” she wrote, “is that I am on the district’s payroll and that my firm, Adams Educational Consulting, has made over $100,000 in consulting fees over the past three years from Coast Unified. Not true. I have gladly donated over $40,000 to CUSD in teacher trainings, materials, instructional coaching, and curriculum development and taught a portion of summer school for free.”

Then there is the curious case of the letter to the editor that appeared in The Cambrian earlier this month, ostensibly from a man named “Pedro Garcia.”

At least, that is the name that appeared in the newspaper under a letter containing naked praise for the district’s superintendent, Chris Adams.

The letter, in part, read: “The Hispanic community respects and appreciates all that Superintendent Adams, the school board, the principals, counselors and teachers do to meet our students’ and families’ needs. Coast Unified does far more for our children than other districts our families have been a part of.”

Efforts by parents of school children in the CUSD to locate anyone in the area named “Pedro Garcia” bore no fruit. The typed and faxed letter was sent to the newspaper without an address or contact telephone number, but was published nonetheless.

The telephone number from which the fax originated was imprinted on the transmission copy: it’s a Redding number last assigned to Chris Adams.

The “Garcia letter” took to task a parent who has criticized district administration, Lee Chamberlain.

Coincidentally, Chamberlain’s name came up in the Julie Adams email, too, when she detailed what she called his “inaccuracies” in a recent newspaper opinion piece. In her email commentary, Julie Adams mentioned the very same program praised by “Pedro Garcia” in the letter to The Cambrian, ELAC/DELAC (which provides for second language parent advocacy meetings).

Document: Julie Adams  Subject: A Parent’s Perspective
JulieAdams Letter Sd


In my opinion, the Adams’ have done nothing but stir up controversy in our community. Is it beneficial to our children or our schools to be represented by someone with such an immense negativity following their name? It seems to me that every time something comes up with our so-called “praised superintendant” and his family, it is followed by the most hair-brained cover-ups imaginable!

What happened to transparency?! If there is no wrong doing and the sole purpose of the choices Chris Adams makes is for the direct benefit of our school district, then what’s with all of the smoke screens?

In 1993, a Cambria resident was accused of 13 FELONY counts of sexual abuse against children. But because he had some money and a sleazy lawyer, he got no more than a slap on the hand and a small fine. He did a few years probation and to this day, freely walks the streets of this town.

After the required amount of time passed, the lawyer went back to the D.A. and requested that his client’s record be expunged. And they cleared this man’s name.

How do I know this? I was one of those 13 children. When I looked into it years later to see why this man was not on the list of registered sexual offenders, I found out that this disgustuing creature was never punished nor held responsible for his actions. And that the D.A., who is supposed to protect our communities and it’s citizens, cleared the record of a violent sexual predator.

Why is this relevant? It just goes to show what some funding and the right lawyer can do for someone in a sticky situation.

The only difference between Adams & any criminal is that he is contracted to make decisions that he believes benefit our children. But look at the mess we have before us! Funding wasted on covering up and clearing his name and his family’s name. Money that could have been used for so many wonderful programs that have been taken from our schools because the district could no longer afford them.


in the past 10 years how many lawsuits have been filed against this district.? How many lawsuits has this district filed against others? How many workers Comp claims have been filed. ? How many civil claims been resolved?. How many personnel complaints have been filed? How much in attorney fees have been spent? Someone needs to do a record request and provide the community with the findings. This school board needs to be held accountable for all the legal messes that their Superintendents , and their administrators have gotten this district into. Does this district really need a assistant superintendent? come on ? PUT the money in the classrooms. Stop with the attorney expenses for every call they make they are billed for every paper clip these attorney use they are billed – Maybe this district needs to be under a receivership – how about the grand jury doing an investigation . will the real Pedro please stand up.


Witch hunt? It’s hard to believe you really believe what you are saying. I suggest you stand back and listen to yourself.


I am truly sorry for your experience. I still haven’t heard any credible proof that Mr. Adams has done anything wrong. I am not defending him per say but anyone like him that is a target of this kind of harassment. How you can equate his actions to what happened to you is beyond belief. If I suspected any wrong doing I would join you in the crusade. All I have heard are made up stories that I know for a fact are not true. If you are accusing, the burden of proof is your responsibility.

I have focused on the effects of his management of the district. They are measurable, proven facts. What your group is relying on are a lot of fabrications that so far have been proven to be incorrect. Then if someone points it out the inaccuracies you assume they are in on the the conspiracy and you attack them as well. I am on the side of the children and anyone who is doing their job to benefit the educational system. The money wasted is from you and others bringing up false accusations. If you really believe any of what you are spouting, do your research and bring a case forward that has actual validity.


ignorance is bliss


You must be very happy


If you think that I am comparing my specific situation to that of Chris Adams, then I am afraid you have missed the boat. What I am implying is that with a big enough tractor, you can bury anything. The fact that something as formidable as my situation can just be wiped clean leaves no doubt in my mind that the same can’t be (or has not been) done in this case.

The little people don’t matter here, because at the end of the day, whoever has the right resources and the money to back it all up will win the race. It’s one less stack of papers for the D.A. and administrators to deal with.

There have been issues from the second Chris Adams stepped into our district. This is a small community with small town values. Adams is shoving his big city tactics down our throats whether we agree with them or not.

And if we are manifesting so many “false accusations”, as you call them, then please explain the extensive effort by the Adams’ & their representatives to conceal it all? Isn’t it interesting that these issues are justified in every possible way to the point that we are all left wondering what the issue was in the first place?

I understand that someone in his position must make decisions based on the information and experience he has… But are EVERYONE’S best interests reflected in these decisions? Or are we being manipulated into believing some insiduous theory? It is only a matter of time before we are facing yet another scandal.


If you look at the financials every month that are published with the board agenda packet, you will see that our district averages at least $5000 per month in legal fees…this has been going on long before the free lunch ordeal and the Pedro “editorial”. Many months it has been over $10k between the 2 law firms. I would like to know if the Adams use the district lawyers as their personal “in house” counsel. Speaking of money that is wastefully spent, how about the district email? My understanding is that it was over $35k and dumped after only 1.5 years because it didn’t work. Here is another question truthiness142 can hopefully answer…why does CUSD charge the highest rent in the county for our adult ELL classes? Why was it moved from Leffingwell to the DO? If you are truly concerned for the Hispanic community wouldn’t you make it as easy as possible for the parents/adults to learn English…doesn’t that benefit everyone??


What are they spending the money on? Is this like the $16 muffins the white house staff was eating?


Let me get this right. Mrs. Adams fills out a form that is sent home to each and every child in the district. She fills it out with 100% correct information (the way it’s done in many other districts). This form somehow (if is an employee and they are found out, they will be more than out of a job) gets into the hands of Jude and Steve who should know this it is illegal for them to possess this document. They don’t have the smarts or decency to find out what the form really says. Instead they spread it to Cal Coast News and Julian Crocker. When it is investigated (by people that actually do know what they are looking for) there has been no, none, nada wrong doing on Adams part. But you and other continue to claim they were trying to get a free lunch. I find this amazing. This in only one example of what you are all about. This is wrong on so many levels. I challenge you again to find something of substance in your accusations. Stating the lawyers, investigators, board members, staff, supportive community members are all is cohoots with a conspiracy is really moronic and childish. This whole campaign is mean spirited and destructive. One again find something positive to put your efforts into. Trust that your board members are in fact decent, well meaning citizens that are doing great things for this district. Look at the facts, test scores, attendance and other measures of the health of the district. If there is a problem dig in and find a positive way to help out.

involved in cambria


Why is it that you don’t get it? This document WAS STOLEN FROM WITHIN THE DISTRICT OFFICE, CHRIS ADAMS OWN PEOPLE. (cause they knew he was a snake) where it went after that or who’s hands touched it, is irrelevant. They need to focus on th inside job, that is who they should be worried about. Steve and Jude have nothing to do with it.

Now, that was so yesterday’s news. Why is it that you seem to keep avoiding the question about the next new lie that the Adams came up with, Pedro Garcia. Why are you avoiding to give your opinion on that. This IS wrong in so many levels. I challenge you to answer to it. We are digging in and helping to reveal that these people, board and superintend are really not doing their job sincerely, honestly and with integrity. So, give me your thoughts on this bogus, fictitious, character that the Adams made up and it’s backed up by their names on the fax header. Oh, and it must be difficult for Adams to go to work everyday and sit there and wondering which one of his personal is watching, listening, to his every move. Who could he really trust? Humm…


The employees of the district are not “Chris Adam’s own people”. You do a dis-service to them all by that characterization. They are all independent and all have their own opinions, values and points of views. One employee has made a big mistake. If they are caught it won’t be pretty. It is relevant who ended up with the document and what they did with it. A good honest law abiding citizen would have instantly delivered the document back to where it came and spoke up and identified the person that committed the crime. Instead they spread the information around, jeopardizing the funding for the lunch program and didn’t have the brains to find out that it didn’t incriminate anyone but themselves and the person that stole the document.

On the Pedro Garcia thing, do you actually have any proof that Mr. Adams sent it? If some of you are willing to be party to a criminal activity, don’t you think someone could get this Pedro thing going? Why didn’t the newspaper verify the identity before printing? Could it be that one of you has set this whole thing up. Not far fetched at all considering recent events.


truthiness142, you bring up a very good question! Why didn’t the Cambrian verify the identity of Pedro Gracia before printing it? By their own admission all letters to the editor must include a full name, phone number and an address! Not only is it far fetched, it’s LUDICROUS to believe that someone would fabricate a “pro Adams” letter then send it into the Cambrian with the header “Chris and Julie Adams” and expect that the Cambrian would publish it.

But that seems to be your tactic here. Put forth red herrings and elaborate conspiracy theories than spin a story of character assignation and lynch mobs. The next you’ll be saying is that Julie didn’t write this email, LOL!


Cindy you still have not produce one shred of evidence. I find it incongruous that Chris or Julie would send it. They have expressed themselves in formal letters and signed them (weren’t you the one that was offended by Julie stating the facts). Why on earth would they need to send a Pedro letter? The name and phone # can be manually changes on a fax machine. Until it is proven than Chris or Julie sent the letter I will hold my judgement.

Information to as to the health of the district can easily obtained by going to the district office and pulling for the display the documents given freely and in the spirit of full disclosure. This information has been prepared by many of the people (not minions of Chris as your conspiracy theory would have us believe) at the district to help inform the public of the budgets, programs, policies and goals of the district. These are called facts.

I do believe Julie didn’t write your e mail, I believe you did. I also believe you don’t have the substance to write a letter to the editor and publicly back up what you snipe about in private. That would be very difficult in that you would have to back up what you say with actual facts.


Not taking your bait… but I will pose this rhetorical question: If there is any “truth” to your “truthiness” let why are you using a pseudonym?


Truthiness: So much for your thoughts on my substance, my letter to the Cambrian was published today! As for your comment about me sniping in private… I have backed up my comments with my real name on this public board… Too bad I can’t say the same for you!


I haven’t heard any lies from Adams. I have however heard lots of stories circulating that are not true. Case in point: what happen with the free lunch thing? Are you not satisfied? Is it right for Steve and Jude to pass around a confidential document? Do you think this is good policy for the people who apply and rely on this service to know that their information is not confidential? That their identity can be stolen? Is it worth losing funding for this program because you and a few other vindictive people want to do harm to a public figure? What lies are you talking about? I did hear what you end game is. Is it worth destroying good programs that end up in the way of your goal?

I have read Adams letter to the editor and found nothing untrue in it. I read Mrs. Adams letter and can understand her emotion. I don’t know that any of you would be as civil if your family were attacked in the same way. I challenge you to find something other than a fabrication to bring to light. I will support the truth. I do not support a public lynching based on untrue statements.

I am not so naive to think that everything is perfect in the district. I do know there are a lot of really genuinely good board members, administrators, councilors and teachers that are being hurt by all of this. They work very hard to bring the best forward to give to your children. Is this the best we can do to be supportive of them? Once again let’s put our efforts towards positive ends. You don’t like Adams any Adams I get that. Can you find a way to improve what the school system is without causing more damage than has taken place? Can you get past the your personal issues and think about the bigger picture?


The confidential document was given to the Superintendent of education for the County! Julian Crocker…it was not passed around…it was given to the person in charge for the county! Think about it…one form was leaked (by someone in the district) not 20 or 50 forms…if you really need a free lunch, I think you are going to be OK with filling out the form with the confidence your info is not going to be leaked. Someone inside the district thought that it was wrong for the superintendent to apply for a free lunch and they let it out, just that one form. It has all been explained away by the Adams and by their lawyers…nothing illegal happened. Moving on…Pedro Garcia?? Really??? How about if one of your genuinely good board members started asking some questions?? I am thinking about the bigger picture…INTEGRITY….if the leader of our district is a liar, it needs to be exposed. Our kids deserve better in a role model. You are saying it is OK to lie and mislead if you don’t get your way or someone questions something?? The shelf live of a superintendent is about 3 years…time to move on…let’s cut our losses and call it a day.


Isn’t the Pedro thing an ethical violation? Why can’t Crocker just fire him and be done with it.


So we’re back to the lynch mob mentality again… Shannon?




Who is saying anything about the kids? Am I missing a chapter or is this more disinformation?


I am hearing a lot of passion in these letters. If the controversial information was more based in fact, I could understand the outrage It’s ok to disagree on opinions, to like or dislike policies or persons. It not ok to make up make up stories and pass them off as facts. One solution to this problem is to have all of us passing the information on to be more skeptical and research the facts behind the rumors. If we can’t find the truth, then don’t pass it on. I have heard so many false stories circulating, passed on by people that seem to have good intentions. I ask them to find their own facts before passing it on. This would perhaps give the rumormongers a pause before spreading destructive gossip. I think in the long run most of us can agree we want the best for the children. Lets start with that simple common interest as a baseline then discuss the policies in a constructive and adult manner.

involved in cambria


Thank you, I see that you understand now. You are right! It is NOT ok to make up stories and pass them off to the Cambrian for publication. So, have you asked Chris why he is making up stories and passing them on as true facts when they are not. One solution to this problem is for the Adams to pack it up and leave so we could all get back to our passion- the education of our children.


If you were one of the parents targeted in Julie’s scathing letter you might come across as being passionate about this as well! Especially if you had spent the last 15 years in various organization, raising the money that paid for a lot of the supplemental programs Julie gave her husband credit for in her letter. She also revealed some private information about the district funding what some people have concluded was a paid summer vacation… In truth the money funded a program for a child that was hearing impaired! It almost sounds as though Julie thought this funding should have bought some sort of loyalty? As concerned parents and community members we feel it’s our right and responsibility to be involved in this process, this is not only my thought it’s actually written in our board bylaws! We just want a superintendent (and school board) that listens to our concerns and allows for input. We don’t feel we currently have that in Cambria. Maybe it’s time to focus on a bigger problem… our school board no longer represents the viewpoint of our community!


Cindysass, ITA with you about being targeted. She’s the wife of the superintendent? And a contractor with the school? Man, does she think her poop doesn’t stink, or what?

I hope you remember to genuflect the next time you encounter her on the street.

I think the worst part of all for you must have been having to ready that entire letter. It was pathetic, especially coming from anybody who contracts out educational services. But, since you knew you might be targeted, you probably had to REALLY pay close attention as you read it.

Props to you. Hope you can get rid of Cambria’s Wicked Witch of the West and her consort superintendent.


The thing that cracked me up was her story about the English students being tested at the beginning of the year and then her instructions to the teacher on how to teach her program and then claiming that when she asked the teacher why he thought they all did better, he said “Oh, because I did what you told me to do”. LOL LOL, What else was he going to say to the Sup’s Wifey??

Maybe they did better because they were a year older or she was the one administering and grading the final achievement tests??


Cindy, I don’t think many people took Ms. Adams’ letter seriously. Who could? She’s an education services contractor and cannot write better than that? Pedro Gomez!

And, my favorite, how everyone, including Santy Clause, is to blame for what Ms. Adams and her nitwit husband did.


controversy, facts, truth, opinion, stories, truth blah blah blah

Honestly, truthiness do you have a random word generator on your computer?


In my opinion there is a simple act that can explain the whole Pedro Garcia issue. Why don’t Chris and/or Julie Adams produce him, bring him to a board meeting, send him to a SITE council meeting, have him get in touch with concerned parents?? He is clearly a well versed and interested parent, we need him! There are many Hispanic parents who would love to meet with him and give him their ideas…since he seems to have an “in” with the district and the programs they implement.


Oh yeah, Pedro Garcia. Lol. I’ve not been here for a few days and had forgotten about him.

A five-year old could make up a more credible story than the Pedro Garcia scam.


In small communities in a tiny county such as San Luis Obispo, the slightest impression of favoritism towards vendors, especially those who live outside our communities is viewed with justifiable suspicion. Personally, I believe all of our schools should shop and contract locally when possible.

It is clear that Mrs. Adams wanted to lash out on the world of children to tell them to shut up… but this is an ineffective and futile strategy and one that seldom works in the long run. Her responses don’t shore up her defense very much and only deepen suspicions already discussed.

My advice to the Adams is to avoid anything that might resemble conflicts of interests or what might appear as profiting with the public trust.


Having children in the school system is obviously not a requisite for understanding facts when they are presented. I have been involved with the schools in Cambria for over 20 years. I am very familiar with what goes on in the workings of the district. There are many ways to look at any information presented. You and your cohorts choose to stir up unfounded accusations. A lot of valuable time and energy is wasted trying to bring you along. I think now it’s a matter of saving face, you must find something to justify your vitriol. It is very important for parents to be involved in the education of their children. I choose to support the school system, opine constructive criticism, work with the system to make it better. Personally attacking Mr. Adams and his family is not constructive.

Do you know the nature of the work that Mr. Adam’s father did? Are you aware that some the work he did required a lift that Gowdy did not have. Did you find out if the compensation was fair? Have you ever sat in on and of Mrs. Adams presentations? Do you even know what it is she does? I thought not. I am very much in favor of what is going on in the schools. The forward thinking programs that are being implemented are critical for our children’s success. It’s a new world out there, will your children be ready?

Watch dogs are needed for sure, being involved as a parent is important for sure. Sniping is destructive. Get with the program, show your children a good example of citizenship. Pick issues that need your energy and that you can have a positive effect. Put positive energy to work and make something good happen.

involved in cambria

@Truthiness142. You sound like a piece of work, just like the Adams. You must spend a lot of time under Chris’s desk like the rest of your cohorts. Come up once in a while so you could find out the real truth of what’s going on.

As the world turns

The Superintendent’s wife’s email did not help. This action only poured fuel to the fire.


CUSD owns a lift.




Two words for you, Ms. Adams. “Pedro” and “Garcia.” LOL! OMG, that story was a knee-slapper.

I’d give up the scam-story business if I was you. I just don’t think you have the neurons necessary to carry it off.


When a complete misconception or lie is made to the public regarding the Brown Act or Ca Public records act ,one has to wonder if those two local Detritus brothers who pretend to be lawyers are their legal council.

Daniel Blackburn

I’ll discuss this fostering of dissent Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. on Dave Congalton’s Home Town radio show on 920KVEC. By then, we’ll all know what “detritus” means.


After listening to the Congalton show last night on KVEC, what struck me the most, was how both Dave and Dan were laughing at our superintendent and his wifes actions. Two comments made by Dave Congalton were telling. 1) “and this guy still has a job??” 2) great example to show the kids of CUSD.

I guess if I were not a resident of Cambria, I, too, would find the whole Pedro Garcia incident laughable. It was unfortunate that they did not take calls, maybe Pedro would have called in and set the whole thing straight.

I hope some of the board members were listening last night and heard CUSD getting laughed at and made fun of. Is this how we attract top notch families, students and faculty??

Any good that Mr. Adams has done for our district is now over-shadowed with these lies and mistruths. Happy new year!


I don’t like the way this story has been reported on as well. A lot of holes in the story, seems biased. As so often happens it has turned into lynch mob in this thread. I’m not from Cambria, I can only go by what’s reported here and when this story first came out awhile ago here it had so many holes it that it looked like Swiss cheese. In no way would I judge the Adams from this reporting, it’s very disappointing.


Biased? Holes? I recieved Julie Adams email and the one above is an exact copy… What more would you need? Maybe a copy of the questionable Pedro Garcia fax published by the Cambrian? I have that and the header clearly states “Chris and Julie Adams” along with a Redding phone number! Maybe it seems like a lynch mob to you but if you were one of the parents targeted in Julie’s scathing letter you might feel differently… Especially if you had spent the last 15 years in various organization, raising the money that paid for a lot of the supplimental programs Julie gave her husband credit for in her letter. She also revealed some private information about the district funding what some people have concluded was a paid summer vacation… In truth the money funded a program for a child that was hearing impared! It almost sounds as though Julie thought this funding should have bought some sort of loyality? As concerned parents and community members we feel it’s our right and responsibility to be involved in this process, this is not only my thought it’s actually written in our board bylaws! We just want a superintendent (and school board) that listens to our concerns and allows for input. We don’t feel we currently have that in Cambria. Furthermore, this is not personal… we are not out to ruin a person’s reputation…I feel the Adams’ are doing a good enought job of that on their own!


pay to have Pedro Garcia fax letter published showing the header. proof is in the pudding.

involved in cambria

@ Fish, I have a copy of the fax, that Bill Morem made and handed out to the parent that went in to request it. He is the editor that was at the Cambrian the day after the Pedro Garcia article came out. No need to pay anyone.


If you have it by now the School Board have also received it. I bet they do nothing. It’s business as usual just create more attorney expenses…they’re good at it……..


What are the holes?