“Online rumors” caused chief’s departure?

March 28, 2012

John Hamon

Two Paso Robles city council members have penned a “viewpoint” in The Tribune shoveling praise on fallen police chief Lisa Solomon, slamming county residents who have commented on her public behavior and sexual conduct, and criticizing news reports for causing her downfall.

Nick Gilman and John Hamon signed the commentary, in which they said “online rumors” were the cause of Solomon’s “voluntary” departure.

Hamon said “Lisa is a trusted friend and I will always support her.”

Gilman also said he supports and respects Solomon.

“The atmosphere caused by the online attacks was making it extraordinarily difficult for Lisa, and I was being sympathetic,” Gilman said. “I have had, and still have, the utmost respect for Lisa and the way she ran the department.”

Nick Gilman

The council members’ comments fly in the face of accusations by numerous former and current police officers and department personnel about her on- and off-duty behavior.

Both men said they could “see the toll the rumors and mean-spirited attacks on her character — the majority of them from anonymous bloggers and other online sources — were taking on her.”

They added that they “accepted her resignation with regret.”

The council then unanimously voted to hand her a $250,000 walk-away package and not to challenge her recent disability benefits filing slated to allow her to start receiving benefits before she turns 50. In addition, if her disability is approved, a portion of her retirement will no longer be taxable, increasing her monthly payments.

Ted Slanders


”Privacy Rights” is the new spin of the week! We couldn’t help but see through this ruse in the Tribune article link listed above!

It only took City Council members John Hamon and Nick Gilman to flip flop four days hence to change their story regarding Lisa’s untimely departure. How utterly embarrassing!

Was the City Council’s original staement a Freudian Slip? To wit: “On March 24, The Tribune published a story that stated that had Police Chief Lisa Solomon not retired, the Paso Robles City Council would have “forced her out.” However, none of the quotes directly attributed to either of us says that. In fact, the council never made any decision to terminate her, and we wish to correct any such impression that it did.”

As if these two Council members didn’t see these “alleged” misnomers at the onset, but now reveal a different “spin” four days later? Are you kidding us?

In part, with their now acquiescing stories, we further read, to wit; “What became clear over the last two months was that the allegations regarding, and especially the online rumors, speculation and attacks on Chief Solomon were making it increasingly difficult for her — as well as other city officials — to attend to the management of city business.”

Ohhhhh, poor baby Lisa. you mean the allegations that Lisa Solomon NEVER denied? Additionally, the lawsuits that have been filed against her and the city, and where more are forthcoming, and of which she NEVER denied as being frivolous in nature? Oh, but wait, they have this new process of “privacy rights” to hide behind now, albeit, to save any further embarrassment. Nonetheless, read on!

“Chief Solomon and others involved in the investigative process have privacy rights regarding their personnel matters that the city is required by law to protect.”

Whoops! Key words, and relative to Lisa too; “…. and others involved in the investigative process have privacy rights regarding their personal matters ….” Huh? We can only conclude that the City Council, City Attorney, and City Manager were involved in this investigation – it’s their job – and therefore fall under the “privacy right” doctrine to hide behind as well!

Follow this simple syllogism. This new spin doctoring scenario of “privacy rights” is stepping in the proverbial poo. It basically alludes to the fact that it’s better not to defend yourself against said allegations, as Lisa has done, but to remain silent to save any further embarrassment and lawsuits. Collect your 250K without passing “go”, and leave. (Albeit, as per her attorney’s advice)

Under these same stated and upheld protocols as stipulated by the aforementioned City Council members relating to the “privacy right” doctrine, then it’s a forgone conclusion that the rest of the City Government is to remain silent as well! Yes?

Then in turn, if substantial allegations were easily brought forth against App, the City Council, and the City Attorney, then they too would all have to follow suit in the same manner of pulling the “privacy right” card and remain silent to save face and further lawsuits. Then not to be outright hypocrites, they too would have to quit in the same manner as Lisa Solomon has done!

The conclusion? Paso Robles, this is your solution in removing the rest of the Paso Gang post haste from your city government without any recalls, nor any votes being cast in November! Force the issue upon these spurious government officials in the same manner as with Lisa, and they too will have to fall like a house of cards in following their own principles! I am sure that they will stick together and have a great golden parachute set up, but, at least they’re gone!

Sally, Danika, et al, are you ready to relieve these questionable members of your City Government? Sure you are!


These two City officials have a lot of chutzpa. They are still being sniffy and disingenuous

with the citizens of Paso Robles. Hopefully, we can oust Mr.Gilman, Mr.Strong and Mayor Picanco in

the upcoming elections in November. Also, I am in favor for a two (2) year versus four(4) year term for

Mayor and I am not in favor for increasing our sale tax to 7.50% / 7.75% which might be on our local ballot in November.


I don’t live in Paso Robles, but if I did, considering the $250,000+ payout, plus the considerable potential liability the city council and city manager have brought on the city, thanks to their refusal to terminate Solomon years ago, I would be insulted they even were considering ASKING for a sales-tax hike.

They might as well come out and say, “He, folks, we think you are spineless doormats, so have no concerns whatsoever about an increased sales tax, on top of the other huge expenses our mismanagement of the city resources are forcing you to pay.”

The Gimlet Eye

Yep, MaryMalone, you have it down pat. The city council has an iron control grid set up to rule Paso Robles. Nothing can be allowed to threaten it. Nothing. That’s the way they look at it. In other words, it’s all about control.

The Paso folks need to file lawsuits and recall their entire city council. Kick them all out. Consider them and the Chief to be “co-conspirators.”


To MaryMalone ….. Too bad, you don’t reside in Paso Robles, we the citizens of Paso Robles

need more concern citizens like you to keep tabs on our arrogant City officials. I know you

related, that you would be insulted if they even consided a sale tax increase. Obviously, our City

officials don’t care. Hopefully, the citizens of Paso Robles will speak loud and clear come the November elections. We the citizens of Paso Robles want to thank you and others for your support on this latest fiasco involving our Police Chief. It’s OUTRAGEOUS!, UNBELIEVABLE!

Mr. Holly

Whoops! Possibly a violation of the confidentiality agreement? What a switch from prior statements. Sounds to me like Soloman has once again threatened the city with this violation and wants additional monies for this blunder. Looks like John and Nick have taken the advice from Iris and have dropped to their knees apologizing more than likely at the demands from Soloman to avoid another payoff. What a character check.

Truly amazing. When might this become a reality show that we all can watch and maybe someday find out the truth. After all we have paid for it. What a great show that Atascadero can sponsor at the Galaxy Theater where they have real butter on their popcorn and a wine lounge.


“attacks on her character” yeah right. If she had any character she would still be ‘serving’.


Well, I think if us “anonymous bloggers” are to blame, Solomon and Paso should start a civil suit to recover the $250,000. Maybe more. I’m sure CCN would defend our anonymity even if they had to pay damages themselves.


bloggers may not make their names known on websites like this, but we know these bloggers are supporting us at cprn2012.org.

These bloggers are the citizens of Paso Robles who want change and vote.


Some use their names.


At least Solomon had one thing right when she referenced the Council as a bunch of “fucking morons” in her email to App.

Ted Slanders


Isn’t it interesting that Nick Gilman and John Hamon knowing this fact, still uphold her spurious relationship with the city of Paso Robles? They’re candy-@sses to the point of ad nauseam!

Wow, everyone’s knees sure must be hurting because of all the loot passing under their desks to say “niceties” and “kiss-kiss” statements regarding 250KLisa!


The next time I need garage door maintenence or a purchase I will know who not to call.


I would never had called them because of the stupid jingle in his ads. Now it is obvious why the jingle is so stupid. Police Chief in a jammin’, just call Hamon.


At least the Tribune made the council members sign off on the self-serving “viewpoint.”

Usually the Tribune basically just slaps one of their reporters’ names on this kind of obvious BS and publishes it as fact.


The council member actually did some back peddling and insinuated that the Tribune misunderstood and even misquoted him!! These guys (PRCC) will never get their story straight because they haven’t told the truth …..yet.