“Online rumors” caused chief’s departure?

March 28, 2012

John Hamon

Two Paso Robles city council members have penned a “viewpoint” in The Tribune shoveling praise on fallen police chief Lisa Solomon, slamming county residents who have commented on her public behavior and sexual conduct, and criticizing news reports for causing her downfall.

Nick Gilman and John Hamon signed the commentary, in which they said “online rumors” were the cause of Solomon’s “voluntary” departure.

Hamon said “Lisa is a trusted friend and I will always support her.”

Gilman also said he supports and respects Solomon.

“The atmosphere caused by the online attacks was making it extraordinarily difficult for Lisa, and I was being sympathetic,” Gilman said. “I have had, and still have, the utmost respect for Lisa and the way she ran the department.”

Nick Gilman

The council members’ comments fly in the face of accusations by numerous former and current police officers and department personnel about her on- and off-duty behavior.

Both men said they could “see the toll the rumors and mean-spirited attacks on her character — the majority of them from anonymous bloggers and other online sources — were taking on her.”

They added that they “accepted her resignation with regret.”

The council then unanimously voted to hand her a $250,000 walk-away package and not to challenge her recent disability benefits filing slated to allow her to start receiving benefits before she turns 50. In addition, if her disability is approved, a portion of her retirement will no longer be taxable, increasing her monthly payments.


If Lisa was only getting the $250,000 and these bozo’s would go play in the park until they are tossed out of office (or decide to save shame and not run) this was all calm down. BUT, Lisa filed a Worker’s Comp claim and now she gets her salary until the claim is settled for something like a year to eighteen months and yes, this is costing the City because they are self insured. Which also means they can have some control over this process. Not looking good for the taxpayers but fantastic for Lisa anf her playmates. After the election and Duane and Giman are tossed we need to recall Hamon and Strong because the Council needs a sweep along with Apps. Yang, Slanders and any other employee standing in support of these idiots. One idiot at a time!


City Council MEMBERS from Paso Robles ? YIKES

Have they been INDICTED yet ?


Not yet.

But there are some lonely members, languishing outside of Chambers, now that Lisa Solomon isn’t there to hand them a hand. No one can do the job like Lisa can.


While Lisa has certain privacy rights as a peace officer her position as a chief of police makes her a public official subject to scrutiny and criticism. Her off duty antics that have been observed by many in this town brought discredit on her, the city and the law enforcement profession. That her bad behavior is being rewarded by the city council shows how out of touch with their constituents they really are. It is time for the voters to clean house.


It’s not surprising that the City paid Solomon off. Most of the time, this is exactly what happens in situations such as these. They feared she would sue the City and it would end up costing the taxpayers much more than the $250k that was paid her. Having said this, the Council & App need to go now. Why? Because if they had been on their toes and doing their jobs, they would have fired Solomon long ago and not gotten the City (and we taxpayers) into this situation in the first place. They were totally inept in their position as leadership for Paso Robles and they were also arrogant in thinking they were “above” their constituents. It’s definitely time to clean house.


Celebratepaso, please take a moment and go to http://www.CPRN2012.org and register with our organization. We plan on bringing the voice of those constituents to the City Council in an strong effort to clean house. Your words reflect exactly what we are all about.

Anyone who has an interest in helping the people of Paso Robles “clean house”, PLEASE join our group today!


Thank you, danika. My husband are signed up with CPRN2012. We wish the best to the leadership and hope the group will purpose to go forward to present the situation to the citizens of Paso Robles in a straightforward, logical & respectful manner. It is definitely time to do some Spring cleaning within the chambers of the City government.


I can’t post SLO-Shanks latest video in the Tribune. Does anybody know how to access a link to it? If so, someone should go over there and post it, its too hysterical to keep to ourselves.


Done .



My response to the Trib Viewpoint is: find a way to bag this poo and we WILL make America “green” again!




One (surprising) good thing about the Tribune…they seem to be very tolerant of criticismsof their publication, posted on the message boards.

Gotta give props where they are earned.


How about a reality check for these 2 “geniuses”? Was World War II just based on internet rumors, gentlemen?


They expect Paso Robles taxpayers to accept their version of how and why Solomon was terminated, and why she received $250,000, just based on city council rumors.

Let’s see the documentation, gentlemen, or withdraw the payout to Solomon.

If you have secret reasons, which the public can’t know, for which you believe she should be paid– for liability-inducing performance as police chief, including accusations of sexually assaulting her subordinates—then YOU can pull out your personal checkbooks and writer her checks.


Hmmmm. These two good ol’ boys sure are expressing a lot of knowledge about the rumors and allegations that they said they were ignoring because of some “judicial” role they foolishly believed they had. “They could see the toll” it was taking on poor Lisa. So they’re either lying about not reading every single word as the stories rolled out, or they just believed App’s abbreviated verbal report without question. Either way, these citizen public servants have proven they are not to be trusted with the keys to that once-fine city.


Remember…in the emails calcoastnews.com obtained from the City of Paso Robles, Solomon and App discussed between them how the city council members were “ffing morons” (except they spelled it out), and how only Solomon and App would be able to speak to outsiders about the Solomon scandal. Then it was revealed that the city council members were only to read information from the news that was provided to them by “reliable sources”–Jim App.

So there is no telling what, if anything, these two yahoos, who came groveling to the Tribune to get a retraction on quotes they said, know about ANYTHING.

The city council members seem very weak and kind of like toadies to their city manager. I thought the city manager was subordinate to the city council. Maybe clocks spin backwards in Paso-land….



I think this shows they WERE reading everything, not just what was spoon-fed to them by App and Solomon. They know too much for the kind of “selective journalism” App would have provided.


SLO shank, love your posts! The one with Carter about SLO was dynamite too.