“Online rumors” caused chief’s departure?

March 28, 2012

John Hamon

Two Paso Robles city council members have penned a “viewpoint” in The Tribune shoveling praise on fallen police chief Lisa Solomon, slamming county residents who have commented on her public behavior and sexual conduct, and criticizing news reports for causing her downfall.

Nick Gilman and John Hamon signed the commentary, in which they said “online rumors” were the cause of Solomon’s “voluntary” departure.

Hamon said “Lisa is a trusted friend and I will always support her.”

Gilman also said he supports and respects Solomon.

“The atmosphere caused by the online attacks was making it extraordinarily difficult for Lisa, and I was being sympathetic,” Gilman said. “I have had, and still have, the utmost respect for Lisa and the way she ran the department.”

Nick Gilman

The council members’ comments fly in the face of accusations by numerous former and current police officers and department personnel about her on- and off-duty behavior.

Both men said they could “see the toll the rumors and mean-spirited attacks on her character — the majority of them from anonymous bloggers and other online sources — were taking on her.”

They added that they “accepted her resignation with regret.”

The council then unanimously voted to hand her a $250,000 walk-away package and not to challenge her recent disability benefits filing slated to allow her to start receiving benefits before she turns 50. In addition, if her disability is approved, a portion of her retirement will no longer be taxable, increasing her monthly payments.


Hamon, Gilman, Don’t let the the door hit your ass on the way out. You guys are retarded.


I cannot believe what I just read in the Tribune, Viewpoint, page B5. I almost sprewed my coffee across the room and then my stomach shurned. Are you guys idiots??? You have just confirmed exactly why you must be replaced in the next election – or why you should not run. Obviously, you think spying on your employees in negotiations along with arm binding is acceptable, false reports given to DOJ/State are acceptable although your darling legal staff IRIS YANG says it was the new computer’s fault, shoving your officer’s face into your boobs – in first of a room of people is acceptable behavior for a Police Chief, grabbing penis’ is acceptable behavior for a Police Chief, taking officers off the street, not responding to local crims and then saying crime is down etc etc. etc. is acceptable to your boneheads. WHAT ARE YOU GOOD OLE’ BOYS SMOKING! You think she is a “trusted friend”, you were “being sympathetic”, etc. et.c etc. You are crazy fools and Jim Apps will be gone next but not by you – JOIN CPRN2012 NOW AND DEFEAT THESE IDIOTS!!!!!


If all of this is just a “rumor”, why did she not stand up, declare she did not do these things, have her lawyer immediately quash the source of the “gossip” and get on with business. No, she didn’t do that. Why because there is some truth there. She did some of these things, things Police Chief’s should not be doing.

I see celebrities on TV and gossip papers get criticized all the time. Do they fold up and go away under pressure expecting their bosses to pay them handsomely for it? No.


I didn’t see/hear her say she would file a lawsuit for false information. I didn’t hear her say anything in defense of any of these misdeeds she is either supporting or creating. She is a loser as is APPS, YANG, SANDERS and THE ENTIRE COUNCIL ESPECIALLY AFTER READING THE VIEWPOINT ARTICLE IN THE TRIBUNE TODAY! Cronyism at it’s best…


They also didn’t release the investigator’s report.

Make the city council pay for the report they won’t let the taxpayers see.

And if the city council thinks solomon is such a fine piece of work, then they can just pay for her dammed hush-money “retirement” settlement themselves.


I guess Hamon and Gilman peg the Paso citizens for fools as they run to the hide under the skirt of Mommy Tribune, which they know is a relatively safe refuge.

If the critisims by citizens were unjustified, then simply release the report summary of the investigator that you hired to look into the matter. And by the way, how much city money did you spend for the investigation? Presumably you received a preliminary summation.

If the allegations were false then the report would indicate such. Right?

You Mr. Hamon and Mr. Gilman appear as culpable as Soloman in breaching your duties to the public and you should follow Soloman out the door along with App and your other three amigos!!!


Wow! What arrogance! According to these two guys, the fault for this entire mess lies with anyone and everyone who contributes to CCN. As many have said, if Solomon was innocent, all this would have blown over. In the end, try not to laugh; we have a county full of administrators who know better than we do and who probably wonder why CCN keeps getting in the way of their plans by publishing the truth.


Well here are the first two that won’t get my vote the next time. If it was all just conjecture as these two have alluded to, then WHY was she under investigation? Hmm.


Holy cow! This is almost too amazing to even get the thought processes started. Were Solomon’s boobs in your faces too! Any chance we can get you to resign because of online rumors! You are a joke!!


Apparently the council thinks it appropriate to spit in the faces of the fine police officers who showed the spine to report her outrageous behavior. Astounding!


Thank you. You are so correct. Can you imagine what could happen if these Officers did not come forward?


Wow. Do these guys have any idea how stupid they sound?

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