Santa Barbara DA says sexual predator should live in SLO

January 21, 2013

Tibor Karsai

A sexual predator twice convicted of rape could become San Luis Obispo’s newest transient if the Santa Barbara District Attorney completes a “Hail Mary.” [Noozhawk]

The California Third District Court of Appeal will hear arguments Wednesday on the proper parole destination for Tibor Karsai. District Attorney Joyce Dudley is not optimistic that she will succeed in preventing Karsai’s release to Santa Barbara County, but she argues that the sexual predator belongs in San Luis Obispo.

“This is a Hail Mary if ever there was one,” Dudley said.

If Santa Barbara prosecutors do succeed, it would not mark the first time the state paroled Karsai, 59, to San Luis Obispo. A Santa Barbara jury convicted Karsai of rape in 1974. Three years later, he left prison on parole for San Luis Obispo.

In 1980, Karsai returned to prison on a 26-year sentence after raping a 16-year-old girl in Placer County. As his sentence drew to a close, the state designated him a sexually violent predator and transferred him to a mental hospital.

Karsai has been set for release for a year now. Liberty Healthcare Group offered Karsai residence in Santa Maria, but prosecutors blocked the parole destination because the home was within 2,000 feet of a school.

A Placer County judge then ruled that Karsai be released in Santa Barbara County as a transient, but the Court of Appeal overturned the order. But, the Supreme Court reversed the appellate court’s decision and ordered the Court of Appeal to hear Placer County’s argument as to why Karsai should return to Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara County prosecutors argue Karsai belongs in San Luis Obispo because he resided there prior to sentencing.




  1. willieslo says:

    “Santa Barbara DA says sexual predator should live in SLO”

    SLO residence would properly & fairly reply that this sexual predator should live in your house!

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  2. abigchocoholic says:

    Karsai, 59,

    way, way too young for a 2 time violent rapist to be released. He’s virtually a guarantee to commit another violent rape.

    He might even immediately try just to get back to the only life he knows—prison.

    (18) 18 Total Votes - 18 up - 0 down
  3. Pelican1 says:

    We have ENOUGH sexual predators in this county! We DON”T need any more.
    Google the web site and you will be stunned at the number of convicted sex offenders we have living among us….it’s staggering.

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  4. Pelican1 says:

    The DA in Santa Barbara county should have NO say so, or input regarding SLO county. This is absurd!
    If SLO accepts this predator, we are doing nothing more than providing a safe haven for a convicted felon, at a time when we have more than enough perversion to deal with. BAD IDEA!

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  5. Citizen says:

    I’ll bet that anyone unfortunate enough to be this guy’s future neighbor will wish they had an assault weapon loaded with more than 7 bullets.

    (42) 52 Total Votes - 47 up - 5 down
    • Ted Slanders says:


      If one needs more than 7 rounds, then their rifle of any kind should be taken away post haste! This gives gun ownership a bad name and is an embarrassment to the person that needs a 30 round magazine.

      (-3) 11 Total Votes - 4 up - 7 down
  6. euroamerican says:

    Doesn’t this guy have family. Send him to their home town. Turn Alcatraz into a housing compound
    for violent sexual predators. No guards needed, i am sure they will take care of any issues that may arise..Food and necessities delivered to them twice a month. Once you qualify for housing it’s yours for life..

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    • aft50s says:

      Better yet, remand him into the custody of the 16 year old girls family for final disposition… I’m sure they would “do the right thing”.

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      • hotdog says:

        Actually I think a lot of criminals should be remanded this way, to the vicitms. I think a bit of prison overcrowding would be alleviated.

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  7. justchuck says:

    Now that the inmates are running the asylum, maybe this “gentleman” could become the neighbor of whichever judge agrees to his release.

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  8. tomsquawk says:

    release someone as a transient? now, there’s a good start. there is more here than meets the eye?

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  9. Cindy says:

    So essentially, the DA knows he is incurable and she would prefer that he rape someone in SLO rather than Santa Barbara. This is utterly bizarre, truly bizarre. We’re dealing with people who we all know have a 95% chance of re-offending and raping another child/young woman. What is society to do about something like this? It seems to me that if they (sexual predators) offend after the first incarceration, then they should get life without parole. What’s the problem with that ?

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    • Zuma7 says:

      If I ruled the world, this man would no longer be walking on earth.
      No more raping of women or girls by this guy, and that would be a good thing.

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    • Structure says:

      I would like to know more about why he is being released and why is second offense sentence wasn’t more. As others have said, there’s really no excuse for this. Best case (for him), he gets out with close supervision and after chemical castration. Worst case (for him), he stays in until dead.

      I just hope this isn’t one of those deals where he’s being released to make room in the overloaded system.

      (23) 25 Total Votes - 24 up - 1 down
    • psychotic tech says:

      I would be interested in knowing where you are getting your information. 95% chance of reoffending? I think that’s a bit high.

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