Arroyo Grande may sell property to fund police station

January 22, 2013

arroyo grandeThe Arroyo Grande City Council will discuss selling city properties to help fund the construction of a new police station.

After Arroyo Grande voters twice rejected ballot measures to fund a new police station, the council voted last November to construct a $5.9 million station, most likely at the corner of Old Ranch Road and West Branch Street. City Manager Steven Adams says that selling three nearby residential lots on Old Ranch Road will generate $640,000 to go towards construction of the station.

Adams also plans to sell city properties owned by the dissolved Redevelopment Agency. City staff recommends that the council create a three-person committee consisting of one council member, one planning commission member and the community development director to hire a realtor and oversee the process of selling city property.

City leaders still do not know, however, if the new police station will indeed be located at Old Ranch Road and West Branch Street. The Five Cities Community Services Foundation has proposed building a recreation center at the location, but has struggled to raise enough funds. The foundation said it would provide the council a definitive answer by March.

The council will meet Tuesday evening at 6 p.m.




  1. willieslo says:

    All politicians claim that there is no price tag anyone can put on public safety
    It only takes about 2% BS to get people to believe that.

    Now, can anyone share any good ways to stop paying city, county and state taxes?
    Just want to end the lies, corruptions, and abuses.

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  2. shelworth says:

    So who’s brother-in-law gets to buy millions of dollars worth of city property for ten cents on the dollar?

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  3. mkaney says:

    I think what the voters were saying was, “we do not want to spend $5.9 million on a new police station,: and NOT “we do not approve this particular method of funding a new police station.” There is a distinct difference, but evidently the city council was not really ASKING the voters what they want, they were just fulfilling their responsibility of answering to the voters with the least sincerity allowed by law.

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  4. aft50s says:

    It will be interesting to see which one of the Mayor’s friends gets the listings.

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    • kayaknut says:

      Don’t you know it is going to be the newly started “Wallace Realty Group”

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  5. kayaknut says:

    “the council create a three-person committee consisting of one council member, one planning commission member and the community development director” let’s just hope this “new” committee doesn’t come with additional compensation for it’s members. Doesn’t the city already have people employed to do this without forming a “new” committee?

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