Women killed by train

May 24, 2013

tracksA woman was struck and killed by a freight train in Pismo Beach shortly before 9 p.m. on Wednesday.

The woman was headed north when she attempted to cross the tracks near Frady Lane and the Highway 101 overpass. She died at the scene.

At this time, there is nothing to indicate foul play but there is still an ongoing investigation, police said. The woman has been identified, however her name is not being released at this time.


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Women would mean more than one…

Women killed by train


The train killed the woman? You make it sound like this train intended to kill this woman. Are you trying to say this train quietly snuck up on her and she didn’t hear it or see the train lights or feel the ground shaking until it got too close and when she realized it was a train she looked down and saw that she was standing on the track and it was just too late to react? Or what?

Anything else? Like what was she doing out there in the dark? Wash she homeless? Was she committing suicide? Was she on drugs trying to outrun a train? What?