Obama protester is former San Luis Obispo County employee

June 5, 2013

michelle ObamaFirst Lady Michelle Obama confronted a protester Tuesday night during a Democratic Party fundraiser at a private home in Washington, D.C. The protester, lesbian activist Ellen Sturtz, is a former San Luis Obispo County employee who served as the local cable franchise coordinator during the 1990’s.

According to press pool reports, Sturtz, 56, interrupted Obama repeatedly during the First Lady’s remarks to demand that President Obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order. Obama showed her displeasure by pausing to confront Sturtz eye to eye. [WashingtonPost]

“One of the things that I don’t do well is this,” Obama said to applause from most of the guests, according to a White House transcript. “Do you understand?”

Obama left the lectern and moved directly in front of Sturtz, who had paid $500 to attend the event.

“Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving,” Obama said. “You all decide. You have one choice.”

The audience responded by asking Obama to remain and a woman next to Sturtz told her, “You need to go.”

Sturtz was escorted out of the room. She said later in an interview she was stunned by Obama’s response.

“She came right down in my face,” Sturtz said. “I was taken aback.”

The proposed executive order that prompted Sturtz’s outburst would prohibit federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Sturtz, originally from New York, lived in Sacramento before moving to the Central Coast in 1993 to become the county cable franchise coordinator. Her primary job was to provide oversight for all issues relating to cable television in the county, a job that eventually led to repeated clashes between her and Charter Communications. The position was abolished in the early 2000’s and Sturtz left Los Osos for Los Angeles before eventually moving to Washington, D.C.



Heckler should get an IRS audit.


Not a very good heckler … as hecklers go.

Is this the best that the San Luis Obispo left can offer to Washington??


LGBT. Wondering if they will ever be happy. I like what Michelle my Belle said, to paraphrase; that’s not what we’re talking about here, stay on point.

Could we stay on point and not regress to donkey vs elephant? I like them both.


Progressives will never be happy; that is the true irony in their lives, and why they are consumed with finding that “utopia” they dream about – they look for utopia, whereas freedom-loving people struggle to maintain their utopias.


a scientist ran into an AA meeting announcing that he had developed a pill; you take one and you don’t have the urge to drink. a guy in the back stood up and asked “what if i take two?”. think you’re right, won’t be happy.


Give us an example


A couple of points about this incident: First, the protestor was idiotic in choosing to confront the First Lady in this manner, in a private setting, in a very face-to-face manner. When one has a huge amount of zeal in pursuing their agenda to the point of overriding normal decency, one can be categorized as a “zealot”. As was suggested in a previous comment, had she been protesting outside the event and possibly had the ability to offer a signed petition urging the President to take the action she wanted, she probably would have been much more effective and much less of a rude interruption.

Second point, Michele Obama’s reaction was very astute; don’t immediately call for your Secret Service detail to detain the woman and appear to be the bully who cannot stand up to a heckling, but present to the audience that paid to attend the event the choice of listening to who they paid to hear, or have the heckler continue to interrupt and have the speaker leave. My assertion is that most times in the past, administration officials including former first ladies would have simply had their protection detail remove the protestor, possibly have them arrested and be done with the interruption, a somewhat heavy-handed solution. I think Mrs. Obama handled this with grace and fairness if all the reports are accurate.


Nah, I think Obama did what came natural to her. Getting in someone’s face is not graceful. Using the Secret Service detail is the appropriate and dignified thing to do. Getting in someone’s face is a Chicago bully thing to do.


agree, would have done same.


This protester Sturtz sounds like a real loser – she can’t even keep a cushy SLO County job! Good to know we’ll be paying her retirement soon (if we aren’t already). What did she expect when she disrupted the meeting? But I do think Michelle Obama could have handled it better. “I’ll take questions afterwards, thank you” or “I can see you are very passionate about this but in the interest of everyone else here, let’s hold that thought for now,” or something else. Question – did Michelle have a teleprompter?

Sarah Bellum

What’s all this about teleprompters? Ronald Reagan used one. George Bush used index cards. Michele Bachmann used an iPad. Only a fool would give a speech without mnemonics of some kind. You’re not a fool, are you?

Spirit Filled

Biggest difference is Ronald Reagan could carry on even if his telepromter failed. Even in his later years when he slowed down he could and would handle it with intelligence and grace.

God Bless


You mean while telling Iran he could sell them parts and weapons if thy held the Hostages and trying to start WWIIi in Central America and got busted.. Reagan was a Dick. Crazy Ronnie. Used astrology to run America.


Most of us would love to have Ronald Reagan back these days; I miss having a President who doesn’t think the U.S. is the root of all the world’s problems. Was he perfect? No, of course not. But the growth and optimism of the 1980s is in stark contrast to today. Then we led the world, now we announce we’re retiring. We built the space shuttle and now we pay the Russians to take us into space. You keep on worshipping at the altar of your dimestore Chicago Messiah, it suits you.


“Most of us” No! Reagan was a joke. He was extremely incompetent. Raised Taxes 17 times, sold arms to an enemy pretended to have something to do with the Berlin Wall coming down, he made a deal with the Iranians to continue holding the Hostages until AFTR the election and he would Sell the parts for the F18 fighters. Their Military was equipped with American weapons. I was in the Military then. I voted for Reagan. My Ship was involved with the Failed Hostage Rescue attempt. Reagan ruled America using an astrologist. Reagan fired air traffic controllers that wanted better working conditions and gave Amnesty to 12 Million illegal aliens. Read “Reagan, tear down this myth” ANYONE that still believes he did something positive for America is Naive. Mayor of New York Julie Annie lost has ass in the debate because he tried to reincarnate Ronnie.


I don’t believe we ever sold F-18s to the Iranians. Under the Shah they had F-4s, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t (and don’t) have F-18s. The failed rescue attempt of the hostages was while Jimmy Carter was still president, not Reagan. I’m not thrilled about amnesty (see above where I stipulate that he wasn’t perfect) but if you’re mad about that then what do you say now that your guy is about to do Amnesty Two (Doomsday Remix)? Provide evidence that Reagan consulted an astrologist to make decisions. Lastly, I also have a service record of my own and I’m telling you that no President in the last 40 years was a better friend to the military than Ronald Reagan. You seem to devote a lot of energy to railing against a man who’s dead, rather than paying attention to what’s going on around you.


You could be right. it was F-4’s Oh, that fixes everything. Yes, the failed rescue attempt WAS Carters. i was stationed aboard CG-32. You can tell me ALL about it. Reagan was losing and it was Mandatory that Reagan strike a deal Pre election so the Americans would turn on Carter. it worked. Reagan was the ABSOLUTE most corrupt President. i do not know how anyone could ignore that. if we were learning from the Encyclopedia, maybe but try the google. Here’s ONE example. http://liberalslikechrist.org/about/Reagan.html


Agreed. Sturtz acted like a loser. Agreed Obama handled it poorly.

Ted Slanders

Where is “W” when you need him? As we all know, the Republican GOP stands “God’s Own Party.” Therefore, since Jesus is George’s favorite philosopher, and if George Bush was in this same situation where a woman that admits of being a lesbian was interrupting him, he would have advised her of the following Christian passage!

“Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. Although they know God’s righteous decree that THOSE THAT DO SUCH THINGS DESERVE DEATH, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” (Romans 1: 26-27,32)

Isn’t it truly sad that our sister Christian, Michelle Bachmann, is leaving government employment? What a sad day for Jesus because she was as anti-gay as the Hebrew-Christian God with all of His killing passages towards gays and lesbians.



What George Bush would have done is used his famous Texas humor and made everyone laugh. That was his style. He was always respectful and his wife was always gracious. Whatever his politics were you should not spread lies. You make like the Obama’s politics, but ms. Obama proved by her actions, that she is a typical Chicago thug.


“Chicago Thug” please Explain how chicago is different from any other city. she was heckled.



When you said “please Explain (sic) how chicago (sic) is different from any other city”, you revealed the astonishing breadth and depth of your ignorance of the Cook County political machine and its long history of corruption and thuggery.

Please, scottabeer, we’re trying to have an intelligent exchange of thoughts and ideas here, and you are simply an annoying distraction. Go away.


hey, hey, only two IL Governors have gone to jail recently


Please explain.. Anecdotes and vague references don’t do that. Oh wow, you’re stating Cook county. Have you seen Slo county news? This county is as rife with drama as any. In fact, spawns lesbian hecklers that confront First Ladies. You’re CLEARLY not interested in an intelligent exchange of thoughts here. You apparently want to make Your Point more valid by throwing references of another counties perceived criminal element contributing to a person (ANY) person responding to a disrespectful nuisance.


I think panfish was politely telling you that there will be no battle of the wits with an unarmed person.


Judges 15:16 Slain by the jawbone of an ass.


No, Panfish wasn’t politely telling me anything. Panfish was pretending to use the perception that the Obama’s are some sort of “Chicago style” anything. Referring to the Talking points from fox News that enjoys interjecting wordsmithed phrases to incense their mouth breathing listeners into lock stepping, torch and pitchfork bearing movements. “Chicago style politics” is a catchphrase that although misunderstood by their followers will be repeated. Name a place that has anyone in authority that doesn’t have someone accusing them of bullying, arbitrary rulings, unfair, unethical Etc. to use the term “Chicago Style politics” is insulting. BTW I’m from Chicago. It’s no better or worse than any other place. You want to see thugs? Watch Slo-span for a single day THEN tell me about “Chicago Style politics”


Gov Blago(D) and Gov Ryan(R) don’t help



Oh, OK- if you truly are “from Chicago”, and you still slavishly adhere to the dictates of the Cook County political machine, then you have just also revealed yourself to be a Chumbolone.

BTW, I didn’t use the term “Chicago style politics”- you did- several times. And also, you might want to note that I am Panflash, not “Panfish.” But, then again, little matters like accuracy and detail don’t seem to be important to you, do they?

Oh, and also, I actually really am from Chicago, so I know a Chumbolone when I see one. And you, pal, truly are a Chumbolone.

Again, you are simply an annoying distraction to the genuine dialog here, with nothing of any credible value to contribute. So, go away- please. We’re trying to have an intelligent adult interchange of thought here.


O.k. A grammar lesson surely changes the facts.right? Name calling and pretending to be having an intelligent anything.. Oh, the Irony.. Tell us ALL how any county is different than Cook? Please. You’re obviously suffering from OCD with the Grammar Nazi behavior. Can you bypass my punctuation just this once, ignore my sentence structure and give us facts, examples or something to justify your claims? I’ll wait…


So, you have no examples, proof, evidence or reasoning. We just know it? Because you’ve heard it or read it? I’m sure you know there were WMD’s as well?


I think President Bush would duck perfectly when this woman threw her “comfortable” shoe.


OK, now THAT was funny! +1 for witty!


I am no fan of Michele Obama, the politician (I think she is a good role model for kids and family), but I do think Ms. Sturtz was wrong to go into a private setting, someone’s home, pay $500 to become disruptive and think this was not going to happen among Ms. Obama’s supporters.

She could have been much more effective outside with a big group of protestor’s but since Ms. Sturtz is a political activist she choose this route and her 5 minutes of fame.

President Obama has played the grassroots game of supporting everyone and everything with a cause to get elected and re-elected and these folks do not see the results he has promised them. He talks the talk but is not doing the walk. The supporters want him to keep his word and do what he said he would do. He promised to sign this anti-discrimination bill back in Houston in 2008. I don’t know much about it, good or bad, but it seems to me we have laws protecting everyone’s right already.


Oh, boo-hoo, cry me a river, Michelle! Go put on your big-girl pants and deal with it.

I saw the video of this and was instantly reminded of Elena Ceaușescu (former Romanian dictator’s wife); she, too thought herself holier-than-thou.

Sadly, when the brutality of their death occurred, she was found to have FAR MORE holes in her than her husband. People don’t like dictators, and often they appear to like the wives even less.


Thank you Michelle. It’s about time someone shut these “hecklers” up. it’s one thing to have Freedom of speech, but another for Everyone to suffer because someone is shouting and others aren’t impressed and can’t hear what they paid to hear. There are ways to voice your opinion, over talking whoever is at the Mic is not it. As a former “Fear of public speaking” individual I never had to worry, Once I took classes to overcome that fear and worked my way to Teaching public speaking I can tell you having a shouting match from a lecturn serves NO ONE!


…and you thought this all through Bush’s presidency, too, no doubt?


Actually No. I was upset that he ducked the shoe. I was mortified when he took us to war on lies. I was incensed when his butt buddy cheney’s old company got a no bid contract to profit off the war and believe deserter bush should be tried alongside draft dodger cheney and convicted of war crimes and be punished with solitary confinement in Gitmo without visits from their gay dom Jeff Gannon but no, I didn’t feel the same way about the hecklers during small bushes reign of terror. ya got me there.


Actually I was mortified when Obama left US citizens dying at our Embassy.

I was incensed when Obama invoked executive privilege during the ‘fast and furious’.

I believe Obama should be tried alongside administration personnel for the targeting of conservative groups.

“Oh that has nothing to do with him”…..Whats good for Obama is not good for Bush? Both sides are hypocrites.


Obama didn’t let U.S. citizens Die. Obama MUST maintain certain secrecy so “U.S. citizens in Mexico that are helping us don’t Die while working with Fast and Furious. I think Obama SHOULD target conservative groups. They have targeted him. anything from counting the rounds of golf to making pictures of him not wearing a tie as a scandal. ANYONE that understands International diplomacy might not believe Foxe’s news version. On Facebook here’s what i read on the Same screen capture about benghazi.

“he watched them die” “he slept through it” “he did Nothing” “he gave orders to Stand down” ‘he’s a socialist” “he’s a communist” “Worst presidnet ever” he’a fascist” He’s taken America down the Tubes” ‘Impeach him” ‘he’s george soros Puppet” “he’s friends with the Muslim Brotherhood” “Impeach” “we had a ship off of the coast, we could have done a low pass with a fighter jet’ “He was unprepared for a military conflict” “he’s not my president” ‘I’m ashamed of the president” ALL of this. seriously, ALL of this in about 6 inch column. I asked ANYONE to give a single shred of evidence that what they said was true. and what did i get/ silence. http://www.obamawegotyourback.com

Ted Slanders

“If you think Benghazi is worse than slavery, the Trail of Tears, Japanese internment, Tuskegee, purposefully injecting Guatemalan mental patients with syphilis, lying about WMDs, and the fact that banks today are still foreclosing on mortgages they don’t own, then your hard-on for Obama has lasted more than four hours, and you need to call a doctor.” -Bill Maher


My Biggest concern is No matter what we ask of the republicans, they have only “Talking points” as a reference. Congress is frustrated that THEY don’t have all the facts but ask anyone with a big belt buckle, a C.B radio and a bunch of missing teeth and they’ll tell you EXACTLY what happened in Benghazi and if there are 2 of them together, they’ll contradict each other and not know it and shake their heads in unison, proud that they could recite glenn beck, or rush limbaugh.. a bunch of mouth breathers that deny listening to anyone. ALL of their information is based on reading the facts as they’ve been presented, and Even though you can’t get a classroom full of people to come up with the same answers to a math question, it’s absolutely a miracle that republicans all independently arrived at the exact same conclusion about ANYTHING Obama has done. They are ALL concerned about his vacation time, feet on the desk, no tie, School records, birth certificate, community organizer etc. etc. etc. I’m in shock that all of these republicans don’t know the Lottery numbers.. They Demand he stop leaks, Then demand he stop spying.. They mock him for not closing gitmo but cry like bitches that those people not charged with anything are going to be on American soil in a maximum security prison. it never ends.

Ted Slanders


Listen, no one is ever going to change the mind set of the people who rely upon Glen Beck, Rush, Hannity, et al, for their info upon anything that this government is doing, or is trying to do for this country in the future. They are spoon-fed their Faux News, in the same vein as pseudo-christans are regarding their bible.

There is no doubt Republicans hate this President, but their deliberate obstruction of government informs that their animus logically has to extend far beyond the African American in the White House.

The Republican ineptitude and obstruction is approaching anti-American criminality. Their “agenda” is more important than the people, and the Constitutional mandate for governance they swore to uphold.

With their grasping at fabricated scandals at this time,instead of working together for the benefit of this country, they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they truly hate America every bit as much as they hate this President. What else can be said about their modus operandi since Obama became president? If the Republican ineptitude is not criminal, then it is certainly treasonous!

Where are those job bills the Republicans promised since 2010? To date, they have not brought forth ONE JOB’S BILL, but in turn, have vetoed all job bills the Democrats have brouth forth. Cool, huh?


Why did this turn into a political argument. The article is about Ms. Obama disgracing the title she has.


Someone said Michelle Obama disgraced herself? Talking like a moron to the First lady is a disgrace. would she have done that to Nancy Reagan?


everything turns into a political dem/rep/left/right argument nowadays and we lose sight of the initial conversation. my guess is that is the easiest thing to do, and the best way to divide us. having a party to back is like a strap on a subway.

thanks for your comment, of course no one will discuss that.

Niles Q

You think Obama SHOULD target conservative groups? I guess you really don’t believe in the First Amendment do you.

See the thing is that you don’t get to decide what other people are allowed to say. They have the God-given right (unalienable) to Freedom of Speech.

You on the other hand have the God-given right not to listen if you so want.

That said, the groups targeting Obama are NOT the IRS. The Infernal Revenue Service is an autonomous agency that is supposed to not be be directed by either Congress or the President. If our entire system of taxation is to survive, it has to be independent of such influences.

The President has absolutely NO RIGHT to have the IRS “investigate” conservative groups or liberal ones or individuals for that matter. Law-abiding citizens are not supposed to be living in fear of a predatory or vindictive government. Obey the law and you’re supposed to be left alone.

Nixon tried it and got his ass in scalding hot water.

Doing that for political gain is an impeachable offense, it’s called abuse of power and the violation of someone’s Constitutional Rights to equal enforcement of the law, plus about a hundred other violations.

If Obama is guilty, and I give him the benefit of the doubt because he isn’t stupid, he would indeed be the worst President at least in modern times, and should be impeached.

Given the horrible experience that literally millions of Americans have had with the IRS, I think it is unconscionable that the President, the Justice Department, Congress or anyone in a position of power and authority would sic those bastards on someone.

I do pray that Obama didn’t do this IRS business but whomever did, should be prosecuted or next time it might be you or me.


Obama DIDN’T Target Anyone. the IRS did. groups with political agendas wanting Tax free status SHOULD be investigated. The IRS Chief was deserter bush’s appointee.

Read it again. the PRESIDENT had nothing to do with it.


People like this are why we’re headed where we are. Period.


Oh so now you think Obama keeps secrets! What about all the leaks and his outing SEAL Team six about the bin laden raid and putting all those sailors at risk. And yes we all endured nasty comments when Bush was in office. Obama and his team will leak anything when it gets them elected. You need to open your eyes, worshiping a politician is unbecoming.


becoming.. I remember becoming.




: Mr Bush look at anything you like inspect everything you like, but PLEASE don’t bomb us! the dog Saddam said laying on his back tail between his legs begging for the lives of his people.

too little too late said mr bush

clip it to your car the flag

god is watching

US torture


Tell s the FACTS about what Obama leaked. And tell us how you know (watch this, there will be ZERO EVIDENCE) typical talking point. Outing Seal Team 6?