Four hikers rescued near Diablo Canyon

July 3, 2013

trailFour hikers who were lost in the Diablo Canyon area were rescued Tuesday night.

The men, all from Riverside County, took off from Avila Beach on Monday for what they planned as a day hike. After becoming lost, they spent the night and tried to hike out the next morning, but were not able to find their way and eventually the men became separated.

At 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the men called 911. Approximately 50 people responded to the area including members of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, Cal Fire, Diablo Canyon Fire, Diablo Canyon Security and the California Highway Patrol.

One of the hikers, David Root, 54, was considered at-risk because he was reportedly suffering from leukemia.

Rescuers discovered Todd Wallace, 42, and Thomas Baumbach, 56, sitting under a tree at approximately 6:10 p.m. About an hour later, rescuers spotted the other two hikers, Ron Jennings, 52, and Root, walking beside a trail.

Paramedics treated the four for dehydration at the scene.


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How utterly embarrassing.

PLEASE if I ever get lost hiking, send maybe 5-10 people, but not 50, even if it means I don’t get out alive. I will rest peacefully with the knowledge it was my own damn fault and I didn’t make so many other people have to pay for my mistake.

I suppose you could try asking the 911 operator most anything you like with that rescue , you want fries with that?

What hiking area is this? Owned by the county or private property?

Yes, I like how they’re not telling us EXACTLY WHERE these people went and EXACTLY WHERE they were found. If they left Avila Beach bound for the Diablo area, they were on private property – either trespassing, or with permission from the landowner(s). But reporting the full story might encourage trespassing, so the story has to be censored, right, CCN?

Seriously? You a nameless anonymous toon is accusing CCN of censoring the reports for non-existent GPS data to protect some landowner?

Go tell Tony C that you have the right to know “EXACTLY WHERE” they went and “EXACTLY WHERE they were found” because it was not in incident report issued at the time.