Paso Robles snowboarder in the Winter Olympics

February 7, 2014
Trevor Jacobs

Trevor Jacobs

The youngest member of an American snowboard racing team now in Sochi, Russia hails from Paso Robles. [Tribune]

Trevor Jacob, 20, grew up in Mammoth, where he learned to snowboard, but recently moved to Paso Robles. Jacob said he would snowboard daily in Mammoth but prefers living on the Central Coast and plans to live there for the rest of his life.

“The Central Coast is just my style,” Jacob said. “The people are great, much more laid back and very friendly.”

Lat month, Jacob became the first American to qualify for the snowboard cross racing team by winning the winning the World Cup race in the southwestern European country of Andorra. A year ago, Jacob won the U.S. national championship in snowboard cross.

“Everyday has been awesome along this adventure,” Jacob said. “I’m always excited to see new things.”

The 2014 winter games begin today.



Congrats and all that, but what got me the most was: I completely forgot about Andorra! I mean, Lichtenstein: sure. Luxembourg: ok. But Andorra? That’s as easy to forget as Nauru, Tuvalu and San Marino!

Who’da thunk it, little Andorra hosting the Snowboarding World Cup. Heck, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I love when I learn something new!

Again, congratulations to Trevor – we’ll be rooting for you and the rest of the US Olympic team!


Congratulations, Trevor, and welcome to the central coast! We have some great snowboarders and skateboarders (aka snowboarders on concrete) here and I wish you the very best at Sochi. Regardless of the outcome, I hope you will be available to speak to groups about your experience when you return!