Video shows thief grabbing packages from Grover Beach home

April 25, 2014

Grover ThiefThe Grover Beach Police Department has released surveillance footage of a thief stealing two packages from a house on Monday.

Just before 3 p.m. Monday, a driver and a passenger in a dark Honda Civic pulled up in front of a home in the 900 block of Rockaway Avenue in Grover Beach. The passenger stepped out of the vehicle, walked up to the front porch of the house, grabbed two boxes and brought them back into the car, video shows.

The driver and passenger, both males, then fled in the car.


Two vehicles and one pedestrian passed by during the theft but did notice a crime taking place. Grover Beach police are still searching for the suspects.

The police department is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact Sergeant Angelo Limon at (805) 473-4511.

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I was told about credit card fraud where people use stolen credit card information to order on line have the merchandise shipped to homes were they know either the house is vacant or the people are out during the day. They wait for the shipper to deliver the packages to the front door, grab the package, and are on their way. It just seems strange that these men would risk being caught unless they knew the home owners were not there, and also they were just in the the right place at the right time to see the packages being delivered…

Why is it that on TV shows they have facial recognition and the “perps” are in custody in 37 minutes? lol

could the police zoom in? I can’t see much on my computer. I’m sitting home waiting for some expensive wheels for my car, don’t want anyone to steal them!! Honestly, so many bad guys just preying on unsuspecting people’s homes!! Can trust anything these days!

note the clean unused work gloves clipped to the belt, thats somewhat unusual like a working man disguise for undercover work .

No, the police can’t “zoom in”. The video is what it is and detail cannot be extracted that isn’t there in the first place. The video would have been much better if the camera were better placed.

And to think this happened only one block from the Grover Beach Police Department!.

Great Job!

Would they have been caught had it happened a block from the donut shop on Grand? Are they going to take away Grover’s recent award, but then again the award didn’t address crime as an issue

Ah, there he is, still one “kayak” short of being a “kayaknut.” Frankly, I think the “cops eating donuts!” riff has been done so often that it now pegs its user as being lazy.

Since this is California, maybe I should have changed it to sushi, Gee come on, a sense humor is really a good thing, try it sometime.