Arroyo Grande child murderer denied parole

May 15, 2014

jailA man convicted in the 1979 murder of a 10-year-old Arroyo Grande girl scheduled to testify against a suspected child molester was denied parole Wednesday. It will be three years before he will be eligible for another hearing. [Tribune]

The parole board found Randy Dale Cook, 52, unsuitable for release for the seventh time.

In 1979, Tameron “Tami” Carpenter was in line to testify against William Record, 54, who was accused of molesting both Carpenter and her older sister. After Carpenter was discovered in a shallow grave near Avila Hot Springs, investigators learned Record had paid his stepdaughter, BranDee Tripp, her husband, Hilton Tripp, and Hilton Tripp’s friend, Cook, $1,000 to end the girl’s life.

In July 1979, BranDee Tripp brought the girl to Cook and Hilton Tripp who severely beat her. Each man then took one end of a rope they had wrapped around the child’s neck and pulled until they killed her.

For their roles in Carpenter’s murder, BranDee Tripp and Record were convicted of second-degree murder while both Cook and Hilton Tripp were convicted of first-degree murder. BranDe Tripp was paroled in 2008, Record died in prison in 1984, and Hilton Trip and Cook both remain incarcerated.


Doesn’t shock me. People on this planet prey on one another all the time-children or not. Church is no safer-and neither is school. Everywhere, every day people exploit one another. We sell humans, buy humans and rent them by the hour-children included. People are very undervalued on this planet-especially if they are fat, poor or disabled.

But children are easy prey. They are easier to exploit-and easier to intimidate. It is just the way of the planet. Hey, have a drink…forget about it.


This is one of the most disturbing crimes I’ve ever read.

But for the number of murders, this guy is worse than Charles Manson.