SLO considering ban on pot delivery services

May 5, 2014

medical marijuan rxThe San Luis Obispo City Council will hold a special meeting Tuesday afternoon in which it will consider a ban on medical marijuana delivery services.

Last year, the city received several complaints about a medical marijuana growing operation in the backyard of a San Luis Obispo home. Neighbors complained of foul orders and pointed out that the backyard grow was located next to a day care center and three blocks away from a school.

In response, city staff crafted an ordinance banning outdoor cultivation of marijuana. But, the proposed ordinance would also ban the operation of medical marijuana delivery services within the city. Only delivery men who distribute to a maximum of two patients would receive exemptions.

The council will meet at 4 p.m. Tuesday for the first reading of the ordinance.

The proposed outdoor grow ban comes at a time when the state of California is adopting an approach of regulating marijuana cultivation to mitigate environmental damage. Governor Jerry Brown has directed the State Water Resources Control Board to develop a program regulating waste discharges from grow sites that can impact water and soil quality, as well as wildlife habitats.

Local water boards are now working with the state board to implement the program.


I wonder if Katie Lichtig smokes?


This should be choice since almost all of the city council have, er, inhaled or nibbled or whatever.


Why limit these proposed bans to just the lowly pot growers and dispensers ?

Legally prescribed drugs KILL about 200,000 people every year in the USA.

All sorts of reasons: side effects, overdose, adverse reactions from mixing meds, false diagnosis ….

Still, the people are dead irreversibly.

Isn’t this a Greater threat ?

Outlaw any pharmacies within city boundaries. Prosecute any doctors or other merchants/peddlers of these dangerous and fatal substances.

There is not one documented example of death by cannabis. Not one.

Don’t get me started on the conseuqences from the now legal alcohol and tobacco industries !

Ted Slanders

Brother Slowerfaster,

When you just now spoke, it was like Jesus opening the heavens and talking with pure logic and reason! Praise your godliness!


So, because people die from their medications all pharmaceutical drugs should be outlawed? If you can directly relate their death to the likes of malice, foreknowledge. criminal negligence or outright murder than by all means prosecute. If not, well, then not.

Surgeries that are legally prescribed and result in death from medical errors numbered almost 100,000 last year, so should we ban all surgeries as well. Put those doctors in jail for murder?

There were over 35,000 motor vehicle deaths in 2013, should we outlaw cars? 43 people jumped to their deaths from the Golden Gate Bridge last year, should we close it? And the owners and employees of these companies/locations have full knowledge that individual will die each year because of their product/location, should we prosecute them?

So, what would you have people do? When coming to the conversation with what you don’t want done it is only fair to bring your ideas of a better solution(s) as well. Don’t you think?


Yes, we should surely outlaw cars.


The answer to your first question is obvious. The pot growing industry hasn’t spent the cash for campaign contributions that the pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol industries have. Add the pressure from the feds to crack down on pot growers and distributors (or lose priority for all the fancy LEO toys they help fund), and nothing will get done even though the majority of Californians recognize the net negatives of outlawing marijuana.

Until enough people make support for legalization a priority in their voting choices, things will likely stay the same. (It would help if the potheads got off their slacker butts and went to the trouble to vote which I doubt that many of them do.)

BTW, I believe that Colorado recently got a documented example of a death due to cannabis — although an indirect one due to DUI. I suspect that there are other examples of the mind-altering effects of THC causing death through poor judgment as well. Don’t try to paint Cannabis as totally harmless — it isn’t. It just isn’t as harmful as many legal alternatives to both medication and “recreational” drug use. And the effects of the war against it are disproportionately harmful to any benefits that may have been gained.


Uh excuse me, but Google “driver high on marijuana kills pedestrian” and there’s quite a few examples of cannabis killing people.


Just what we need, Jan Marx sticking her nose into the business of others.


Ted Slanders


If you had children, would you want a distributor growing Mary-Jane next to you with the ramifications of seedy (no pun intended) individuals hopping over the fence in their attempt to run off with some plants? “Hey mommy, another man just jumped in our yard because he thought it was the MJ grower next door, should I bring in Timmy from play time?”


More chances of someone hopping over the fence of Timmy’s to burglarize his home than a “seedy” someone doing what you suggest next door, Mr. Slanders. Fear mongering; just another form of control, Mr. Slanders.


This is a fair criticism if the article was accurate in its description of the grow operation in question. However, legalization would make it easier for people to grow pot in places where they wouldn’t have an adverse effect on neighbors and it would remove much of the incentive for thieves.


I have recently lived in the northern parts of California and the southern parts of Oregon, in counties that allow medicinal use and growth of pot (and pot co-ops) and I can tell you that your discussion(s) are as prevalent there as they are here. There are many, many, many “neighbors” who do not want pot, of any type for any reason, grown next door to them, no matter the proximity. . And thievery? Just as prevalent no matter the geographical location; as a matter of fact the more rural the area the more likelihood of theft.

Jorge Estrada

I would be concerned about violating Federal ADA requirements. It would be fare to assume that many who use medical marijuana can not drive and in some case can not leave their homes. Denying reasonable accessibility to a legal, medically prescribed, substance for the handicapped sounds like big trouble for the taxpayers.


There is a hybrid type of cannabis that would solve both challenges; low THC and high CBD hybrid cannabis. From what I’ve read the higher CBD content hybrid has all the same medicinal traits as the high THC strand while it just doesn’t get you anywhere near as high, if at all.


You might be right if the FEDS recognized marijuana as having a legitimate medical use. At this time, they do not and so the ADA requirements would not be violated.

Ted Slanders

“Last year, the city received several complaints about a medical marijuana growing operation in the backyard of a San Luis Obispo home. Neighbors complained of foul orders and pointed out that the backyard grow was located next to a day care center and three blocks away from a school.”

This situation is inexcusable if the children were getting “high” from the fumes of this medical Mary Jane distributer while innocently playing in the sand box. Blasphemy!

If these neighbors were really concerned about their children, they should be nervous about any Catholic church within this same distance because of the possibility of there being a pedophile priest within said church. Unfortunately, their pedophile stories and coverups are not over yet. In many letters to Jerry Brown, I have proposed that any Catholic Church should be at least ten blocks from any school or day care center, and in this way, it will at least give the children a running head start!


Even though state school systems in the US has a considerably higher rate of sexual abuse than that of the Catholic Church? According to a report prepared for the US Department of Education “9.6 per cent of all students in grades 8 to 11 report educator sexual misconduct that was unwanted.”

Maybe we should keep the schools away from the Catholic Churches.

Control, Mr Slanders, control.


Mr. Slanders,

There is no scientific evidence that supports your notion that the aroma/fumes from the non-burning, live, growing cannabis plant cause one to get “high”, none.

Control, Mr. Slanders, control.

Ted Slanders


Yes, as Christians we know all about “control,”, don’t we? Therefore we need controls in the government in the same vein as our Hebrew God gives them to us. 2+2=4.

God’s control, not chance, decides what happens in human affairs (Proverbs 16:33; compared with Jonah 1:7).

Behind every circumstance is the Lord’s control (Amos 3:6).

He can control and shorten life or lengthen it (Job 1:21; Psalms 102:23).

The Lord brings control in both prosperity and disaster (Isaiah 45:7); success and victory in battle (1 Samuel 11:13) and the ability to get wealth are from Him (Deuteronomy 8:18), as too is the power to bring illness or to remove it (Deuteronomy 7:15).

Ordinary daily needs are within His concern and control (Matthew 6:30, Matthew 6:33).

The will of God’s control may be worked out in what appears to be a complete accident (1 Kings 22:28, 1 Kings 22:34).


Brother Ted …

Yes …we know that the unfaithful that spurn the wise administrations of an all-seeing, all-knowing GOD will turn to ‘other gods’.

…Subtances and other ‘men’ while conveniently being daef, dumb, and blind to the Truth !

At the same time, they make false devils of things they don’t understand.

Pitiful, isn’t it ? They’re miserable and NEED these false gods; because they are incapable of practicing TRUE faith !



Apples and Oranges, Mr. Slanders, apples and oranges… As I’m not speaking of God’s certain control but rather yours, or what you perceive as yours, that you dictate even in a secular discussion.

Control, Mr. Slanders, your control.


You forgot that Gov. Brown once spent 3 years in a Jesuit monastery. I don’t think that he would agree with your solutions even if they weren’t based on a half truth. (See GoneBabyGone’s reply for the full truth.)


Bugger off fascists!


“Jerry Brown has directed the State Water Resources Control Board to develop a program regulating waste discharges from grow sites that can impact water and soil quality, as well as wildlife habitats.”

I assume this is done for vineyards?


Actually, it is now done for most commercial agricultural growing operations. How well it is enforced depends upon County Ag Commissioners and their budgets/priorities.