Prohibition ended over 80 years ago

May 3, 2014
Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter


Madam Mayor and Mr. Vice-President – Prohibition ended over 80 years ago.

The Mayor along with Cal Poly vice-president of student affairs have asked bars to stop opening early on commencement day. This is the mayor’s request, not the city’s and certainly not mine.

Our “leaders” should stop interfering with personal choice in the consumption of a product that is legally served in our community.

It’s most unfortunate that over-consumption is all too prevalent in the lifestyle of many students who pass through SLO. However, if these students are willing to expose this lack of self-control resulting in a “drunk in public” or “driving under the influence,” then it’s imperative that law enforcement have zero tolerance and promptly escort them to our county jail.That will have a more positive effect on the long-term drinking problem in our community than “asking” bars not to open early.

If Cal Poly has problems with “unruly behavior” during graduation then breathalyze each student as they enter the stadium. If under the influence insist that they leave immediately. Imagine the disappointment mom, dad, and other relatives will have when their graduate is excluded.

A final lesson in accountability could be the best gift from our “leaders” as they exit our city. Please avoid the obvious temptation to put the behavior of graduating students on the backs of bar owners. When is our government going to stop nannying its citizens and force them to take personal responsibility? Maybe when society sees the value in individuals reaping the consequences of their actions.

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GOD says NO !

Drunkards are an abomination to TRUE Christinians !

Prohibition ended indeed, stupidity and irresponsibility still runs rampant especially in the younger crowd, particularly students.Wanna get wasted,drunk, take a trip without the luggage, have at it. But when others die as a result of your selfishness and stupidity its not OK. Yet another student was found dead today in Santa Barbara. Think it was old age set in early? probably not. Was booze involved, very possible.

Regardless, government stats say 75000 people die from alcoholism every year. You really wanna embarrass or humiliate your family & friends, unless their alkies themselves, sit this one out and start your adult life the right way unlike your doing in your pubescence.

26 years ago I went to my nephew’s high school graduation. The last thing the Valedictorian said was “party on”. I was somewhat surprised (the feeling caused by something that is unexpected or unusual).

Ms. Marx should also support keeping the bars closed until 9:00 am on St Patrick’s Day, etc. to keep with her theme of controlling the behavior of people before going to work, going to school, etc. The City should just impose a local law to not open bars before 9:00 am and then we can see if that works for the downtown businesses.

These students are suppose to be the smartest. They can vote, die in our wars, leaders of our future. By the time they graduate they should be able to make their choices in life, both good and bad. These are now full pledge adults! Stop pandering to Cal Poly, this is their problem especially with another 5,000 students coming on board, let them deal with it.

Interesring words Mr. Carpenter has used. I agree totally. Dont punish the many for the fews negative behaviour. Perhaps this line of thought shouod also be used for smoking, as prohibition doesnt quite seem legal. Ahh well, not alot of what the city of san luis is doing these days is exactly constitutional. I guess with a name like Marx you just cant help but create labor militancy. Lol.

As a parent I totally agree with Mr. Carpenter. These parents and students are adults, if they want to break the law and get drunk at 6am then arrest and/or cite them. Cal Poly have the campus police at the entrance ready to pull out any obviously drunk parents or students. This isa tradition that apparently many parents and students like, few get drunk, learn to punish the minority vs. the majority. If bar owners are aware they are going to get cited for serving drunk patrons, and the patrons see people being arrested for drunk in public, or driving under the influence to graduation, they may think twice before having that third drink.

Dan Carpenter,

Yes, it is legal for the 21 crowd at Cal Poly to get “faced” prior to their graduation, but must the bars open at 6am to hurry this process along on the days in question? Do the bars normally open this early? No, they do not. Of course this action is supported by the city because of the extra income that it provides at the possible expense of the public.

If this earlier than normal opening time of 6am is allegedly responsible behavior on the part of the drinking establishments in town, since you say they’re not to be burdened, and we’re not to interfere with the students right to get sh*t faced drunk, then why not propose a new opening hour of 6am everyday since this precedent has been set?! Dan, you as a city council member, could be at the forefront of this action, notwithstanding, the Cal Poly students would hold you in high esteem in learning their accountability status earlier each day!

Your following quote is scary to read, to wit: “Please avoid the obvious temptation to put the behavior of graduating students on the backs of bar owners.” At the forefront, bars in town have the responsibility to meet their duty of care to their patrons AND the public at large, in not letting their clientele be in a known reckless and drunken state. (California Business and Professions Code Section 25602; section A). This fact runs contrary to your perceived notion as a leader in our city.

Remember, it was “asked” by the Mayor along with Cal Poly vice-president of student affairs to have the bars just open at their normal hours. Is this really an out-of-line request that would truly hamper the students personal choice in the consumption of a product that is legally served in our community, as during normal business hours? I think not, because, God forbid, the students would only have three less hours in town to get drunk.

“But this I say as my opinion, and not as an order of the LORD.” (1 Corinthians 7:6)


As you’ll soon be aware, when you start quoting factual scripture within context, that for the most part hasn’t been seen before by the pseudo-christian, you’re playing to a rough crowd. All this faction can do is to click away at the “thumbs down” button, as if this is going to make said passages disappear in the bible!

You’re just mad because I’ve discovered your secret and can cultivate my own following at the expense of yours. rocks.


I have never seen the web site that you’ve shown, but use another venue of a “plethora” of notes over the years, which at times is as fast as Jesus’ Second Coming.

Thanks for the updated information.

I will be stockpiling weapons and having polygamous sex with underage girls in no time with the help of my online biblical thesaurus.

Ted as usual your point is mute. Alcohol sales are legal between the hours of 6am and 2am in the state of CA. Are the bars allowed to? Yes. Nuff said.

I’m laughing looking at the down arrows. What did I lie? Not the truth? Please provide proof that the hours I stated are not true and that the establishments wouldn’t be operating within the confines of the law. Sorry to confuse you with facts and not my opinion.




Uh, your syntactical sentence structuring and grammar is wrong, the correct term is “moot” and not “mute” because I am never silent upon facts. Barring this blatant grammar oversight of yours, your reading comprehension goes wanting again as well. Read what I proposed again, in that it matters not that the bars can sell liquor at 6 am in the morning, the question is; should they on graduation days because of the ramifications thereof, when they don’t otherwise? Get it?

“Enough” said.

Thanks for letting me know my point is right. I find that when someone can no longer make a valid point, they redirect (grammar) etc. So my grammar is wrong does that change the point? Should they or shouldn’t they? If one doesn’t like, change the law…………oh wait we did, it was called PROHIBITION!! Didn’t work. Do we have to change all are thinking to bow to the few without control? This boils down to PERSONNEL RESPONSIBILITY TED!!! If they aren’t big enough boys and girls to control their urges, then maybe they aren’t quiet yet ready for the working world

Oh and yes enough said. .

Oh and in typing fast yes I know

quiet should have been quite.


The typing fast excuse should only let one misspell the correct word to begin with, and not use the improper one.

Slow down.


I am sorry, but your assuming as a premise the conclusion in which you wish to reach to save face will not help you with your reading comprehension skills.

Your Dogmatism is getting in the way of your lack to understand what I proposed. Responsibility aside, your insipid statements of the urges of boys and girls, prohibition, etc., the point being made was should the bars open earlier at 6 am so they can have three more hours to get faced? Get it?

Oh, the correct word in your recent rhetoric was “quite” instead of “quiet,” although unknowingly by you, even though you used the wrong word, its apropos because they won’t be quiet if they are able to drink three hours earlier.

If this was proposed by a private individual, then maybe, MAYBE but when I hear an elected official proposing? I don’t think so. Also like another said, do you REALLY THINK that if someone wants to celebrate before the ceremony this will stop them? If you do then I have swamp land to sell you. Great price and location.

Ted we are regulated to DEATH in this country. Yes I more than understand your opinion. I actually like to read when you state an opinion rather than leaning on the bible to do it for you as usual.

Also going back to other individuals proposals here, how about instead of telling the bars how to conduct their business that has nothing to do with this, how about having a check point at the affair and they can decide who does and doesn’t get in? Why should the bars have to look after Cal Poly’s business?


Okay, I, as a private individual, propose that the bars should operate on the days in question at their normal business hours and not open at 6 am! Is this “maybe” good enough?

It matters NOT in who proposes a proposition, its the logic behind it that should take precedent. Yes, they can find other venues to celebrate earlier, but why throw gas on the fire by opening up the bars earlier than normal when it is known to be a problem?! The main premise is the bars opening up at 6 am which they don’t do normally!

When spreading the Gospel, I am sorry, but I have to lean heavily upon the Hebrew God’s bible because its the foundation to make statements of enlightenment to the otherwise ignorant of God’s creation, praise!

All the bars have to do is open at their “normal” business hours and not monetarily take advantage of the students at the expense of others in the downtown area. Then the bars won’t have the excuse to look after Cal Poly’s business other than NOT to serve them while drunk. Simple enough?

The students are everyone’s problem when they’re in a drunken stupor in the way of driving, fighting, their reckless abandon to the safety of everyone in their presence, the “male anatomy contests,” etc. To exacerbate the problem by the bars opening sooner than normal, is only making the problem a lot worse and quicker to a possible uneventful outcome.

BTDT, tell me if you’ve heard this insipid adage before, we agree to disagree.

What about a restaurant or other service that staffs up when business will be hot and carry you through the times when you’re paying staff and overhead and not making much? Will you require a Sunday brunch buffet with bottomless Mimosas to be offered the other 6 days of the week?

“Now when they saw that Peter and John were without fear, thought they were men of no education or learning, they were greatly surprised; and they took note of them that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13)

“For the works of the law no human being will be justified in His sight; for through the law comes the knowledge of sin” (Romans 3:20). Nuff said, be-yotch.

“…..then why not propose a new opening hour of 6am everyday since this precedent has been set?”

This just in: California’s ABC has allowed for 6 AM opening since prohibition ended. It is not a NEW law aimed at a bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids wanting to warp reality with a mind altering substance.


Uh, we know that. But, the question is, should the bars open at 6 am so the students can get faced earlier when its a known problem to begin with?

Are you related to BeenThereDoneThat?